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Jul 4, 2010 7:18 PM

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Back when Klayton was known for his first major solo project Circle of Dust, he had a touring band for live shows, much like early Celldweller. The live guitarist was known as Klank, and one year after Circle of Dust's breakup in 1995 (Disengage was a "farewell" album), Klank released his solo debut album, "Still Suffering". The album was produced and programmed by Klayton, while Klank handled the vocals and guitar, and this collaboration resulted in one of the best industrial metal albums of the '90s, with standout tracks like Downside and Animosity.

Klank later began working on his sophomore "Numb", which Klayton was set to produce as well, but he abandoned this and his other projects to form Celldweller. Numb suffered greatly due to the lack of Klayton's involvement, and Klank went on hiatus before releasing comeback EP "In Memory Of..." in 2007, which was once again not produced by Klayton. Klank has had trouble living up to Still Suffering, but his other albums are worth checking out as well.

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Thanks for the history lesson again. =D

Gonna check it out for sure.

Thx Kina.
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