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Poll: Senkou no Night Raid Episode 13 Discussion

Mar 10, 2015 3:59 AM

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Interesting premise,very lousy execution.The script felt very disjointed and superficial ,downright inept at times. Story elements were explained either to much or to little to none at all ,nothing in between.
Overall presentation was good ,but everything else :story,characters,progression,ending..... were all very lackluster or rushed.
Dec 28, 2018 4:58 PM
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You know, this could have been a really good series if they did literally everything different to what they actually DID do it.

In all seriousness, this shit would have been much better if they just didn't put the 'superpowers' crap in there, which added absolutely nothing (or nothing that couldn't have been done with half-decent writing)

The writers came really close to creating a unique, mature, interesting story; They picked a fascinating, under-utelised time/place in history, they clearly have a base-level understanding of the politics and significance of the era, and a not-entirely-implausable hook to hang the whole series on ("what if nukes were invented 15 years earlier, and were used to try to unify East Asia?"). And they had the basic skills needed to create a decent anime- the art, pacing, direction, dialog, etc is solid. The characters are kinda bland and generic tbh, but passable. The OP is great, and ED is ok too.

They weren't MISSING anything they needed to make a memorable, interesting story, yet they still managed to turn it into forgettable, generic garbage, by ADDING pointless crap that was never needed. There was no *reason* to put the 'superpower' shit into this series, beyond an 8yo's logic of "but superpowers make EVERYTHING better!!".

Superpowers, magic, supernatural elements, magic-like scifi tech etc is fine, *if its needed for the plot* like in Death Note, or Ajin, or Mushishi or Kill la Kill or Haibane Renmei. But there are far, far too many anime series, like this one, or 'B the Begining' or 'Tanya the Evil'/'Youjo Senki' etc, where they just add superpowers/magic for no discernable reason, and actually go out of their way to make a semi-watchable series *worse*, and turn it into a forgettable car crash.

It's like cooking up a modest-but-passable hamburger, then deciding to dump a bunch of chocolate sauce on it, because who doesn't like chocolate? Chocolate makes EVERYTHING better!!!

No. Chocolate's great, in the right context., but some foods *don't need* chocolate thrown in for no good reason. All you've done is fuck up a half-decent burger.
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