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Poll: Working!! Episode 13 Discussion

Dec 29, 2017 8:33 AM

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Instead of a schoolgirl running with toast in her mouth, we got a schoolgirl chugging soy milk before heading out the door. Interesting variation.

Why did they have to make Sota dress like a girl? There doesn't seem to be an actual, reasonable motive other than "it amuses us". Inami's never going to get over her fear like that.

Even though Sato forced Popura to get a kid's meal, it looked pretty damn good! Kid's meals in America are like reheated Tyson chicken fingers and Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Why is Soma being forced to pay for all of this stuff because of Sato? He could easily just say "no." I thought I liked Sato up until now, but I don't get turning Soma into the butt monkey.

"Seriously, this restaurant is full of weirdos." Finally, someone comes right out and says it.

I was going to get seriously upset and drop a whole point from the show if Inami ended up hitting Sota at the end, but...holy shit, she made progress! This show went somewhere! 7/10
"No, son, you may not have your body pillow at the dinner table!"
Feb 2, 2018 8:54 AM
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how bad do your motor reflexes have to be to just keep getting hit. learn a damn self defense class or just have common sense. I swear everyone in Japan is halffag masochist degenerates grow a sack.
Jun 8, 10:15 PM

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Hmm, I'm convinced. Every episode should be focused around the everyday adventures of Kotori!

Well anyway, a nice way to wrap up the first season. Inami still has her problems, but it seems like she's getting through to Sota, who is no doubt starting to have feelings for her. They make a cute duo and seeing them grow closer has probably been my favorite part about this show.

Overall, Working!! wasn't quite what I expected. Although, I'm not really sure what I was expecting. This was certainly wacky and eccentricity was the norm as far as characters went. Despite being over the top, it never got carried away with its bizarre antics. I think my only gripe is that the gags could get overused at times. This seems like it would have worked better with shorter episodes as I lost concentration a number of times. Though with that said, it certainly grew on me and I especially enjoyed these last few episodes.

7/10, I think I'll have to take my time enjoying the sequels.
Jul 6, 3:38 PM

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I really love Poplar/Popura, yet her screentime and the ship kinda got killed immediately around episode 2 or 3, while Inami the least funny character got most of it. Show started great but turned disappointing (at least Yamada brought some fresh air).
Description for season 2 kinda admits that everything stays the same (everyone running their one or two gags), reviews seem to range between "it's the same" and "it got improved", so maybe I'll try it, but...

Edit: well so far the second season seem much better / more balanced
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