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Poll: Death Note Episode 37 Discussion

Aug 9, 2019 1:59 AM
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That was disappointing. I guess the build up wasn't there so when near won its just disappointing. It feels like everything went how near wanted it. And light being fooled is the most disappointing. #teamLight lol. I was really rooting for him.

Mikami ruined everything!!! Although i like how light's death sceme.
Sep 9, 2019 3:20 PM
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First half of this anime was pure gold, 10/10 for me. Second half was garbage in comparison, 6/10.
8 Overall. I wish MAL could've split the two; I hate having to lower the overall score just because the second half sucked.
Even I have to admit the live action movie delivered a better ending; the Japanese one, not the American flop.
Sep 22, 2019 6:49 AM
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You know it's a good anime when people are still writing about it 12 years later.

Like everyone else, I too am disappointed with this ending. I really hoped that he would win and that we would see him marry Amane Misa. This ending reminds me of the ending to
. Why must "villains" always lose if they are in the right and the good people in the wrong? Yagami Light ended wars and punished evil people only after they have done evil deeds. He doesn't hurt innocent people that aren't trying to find and apprehend him.
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Oct 23, 2019 5:14 AM

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It's over already :(

I wish the series was longer, didn't want it to end.

Light is always the winner, always so calm.. felt bad to see him going insane.. The flashbacks of him when he picked up the notebook as a highschooler, perhaps reflecting on his life, made me sad.. I did wish that he somehow outwitted and 'won' though, something is very likable about Light, I wanted to see him win despite seeing how diabolical he can be

Ryuk's gesture of taking Light's life was out of compassion? I felt it was so. Compassion not only 'cos he was going too mad but better to end it in dignity, whatever's left of that.

Does he smile seeing the image of L during his last breath????? He sure loves L, perhaps the only person he loved was L. This is one of the best things about this show, L and Light love each other :) Aaahhhh I love them. One of the best fictional characters I've seen so far.

I wish they had made another series with L and Light in the afterlife, still continuing their battle of wits, but now more as friends and in leisurely, now that Light's blinding ambition was out of the way?!!

The final calm made my eyes well up, from seeing it coming to an end after having had great enjoyment watching this show, seeing Misa, Ryuk.

I think I'll re-watch this until episode 25. The level of excitement, thrill, mind-fuck I got from this show is unforgettable for me. One of the best shows ever, even though a few episodes after episode 25 felt weakly written/directed.

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Nov 12, 2019 7:37 AM
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Anyone know what song is playing at the end when Light is running away?
I've been curious for a few years by it.
Dec 1, 2019 12:52 PM

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I was not a fan of Light being killed off. Well, I shouldn't say that.. but I didn't like the way it was handled, personally.

I feel like some of the middle parts of the story are unnecessary, and I also believe that L and Light should have died at the same time, kind of defeating each other simultaneously. 24 episodes instead of 37 and having that happen would have made Light's death easier to swallow for me.

Having L die, and then having some characters less interesting than L killing Light was a damn shame.
Dec 25, 2019 6:37 PM

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this show should have ended with L dying

decent show overall but this ending was an abomination
Jan 2, 9:11 PM
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This end was terrible. Near and Mello were forced into the plotline and very literally came out of nowhere. Light won against L, and its my guess the writer thought it would be a bad look if he were to end his story with some occultist god taking over the world. The writing very clearly fell off after episode 25 (L's death) and the plotholes are inexcusable compared to how pristine the show was before this. Light began acting out of character, being less cautious and not second guessing most of his actions. This is a poor excuse of an ending and is completely out of touch with everything the first 25 episodes stood for. They did not even provided a valid philosophical countermeasure to Kira's ideology, just "you kill people lol". Death Note's end could have left viewers with various debates and philosophical questions as to which ideology was better, but at no time throughout the show did they have any interesting argument against Kira. They ended the show not with justice prevailing, but just some kid with some big shoes to fill who's just picking up where his icon left off.
Jan 15, 10:12 PM
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Honestly this series would have scored a 9 from me instead of a 7 if it wasn't for how lazy and bad this ending feels. It's just so... Unsatisfying. L Junior busts him because an underling screwed the pooch... That's no conclusion to the intellectual showdown between Kira and L.

Also fairly unsatisfied with making the shinigami get L too though.

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Jan 21, 7:38 PM

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It's sad that the second half of the show had to be the way it ended because it was hard to even get through most of the second half. All of the fun of cat and mouse of the first part was gone in the second part. The show felt kinda lifeless after L died. I was initially really upset with this last episode but seeing Ryuk end it for Light saved it a little for me as it was a heartwarming scene.
Feb 12, 8:24 PM

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Just finished rewatching and still good but 2nd arc suckass

Feb 29, 6:31 AM

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On re-watching this years later, my perspective has completely changed. The first time I watched I didn't like Kira but this time around I can understand Light's thinking that led him to do all the things he did. This world certainly isn't a good place.

Mar 3, 2:53 AM

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One of the best things I LOVE of this series are the Maximum the Hormone openings...🤘
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Mar 11, 4:14 AM
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For all its flaws, I would have been okay with the ending if they at least gave us the catharsis of seeing Near killed off. Having his name written in Light's emergency note after he saw it when Near foolishly showed him all the true names that Mikami wrote would have been cool (seriously, Near showed Kira his true name after confirming he was in fact Kira, that's like the one thing you should not ever be able to get away with), but I also would have accepted Matsuda succumbing to Light's speech and shooting Near in his stupid idiot face. I don't like near very much, if that wasn't clear. Him and the other guy just showed up out of nowhere and never had to deal with gaining anyone's trust like L did.
Honestly, if Light had kept his stupid mouth shut about the "victory" quip, he could have reasonably talked his way out of it. Who is this Mikami? A guy Near found. Did he really find him, or set him up to frame Light? Do we have any reason to trust Near? Near himself could be Lora; he has a Death Note that he obtained under circumstances that we only know from his own word, which we can't necessarily trust. Alternatively, Near could be a major Kira supporter, seeking to destroy L as L was too close to uncovering the true Kira. We as the audience know that none of this is true, but not a single other soul in that room aside from Light or Near don't. Why does noone ever question Near's credibility even a single time? The kid walked up to the American President in his first appearance and immediately had him on his knees without any kind of background. Meanwhile, the original L was so mistrusted that he lost at least a hundred police officers from his investigation to it.
Frick Near, he got away with too much too easily and should have died.
Yesterday, 10:49 AM

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After all this time passed since I watched death note I still really like the ending, I’m happy that Light didn’t get things his way in the end and that Ryuk never was on his side but rather doing his job of being shinigami. Of course I could’dve been a masterpiece if we had L confronting him in the end rather than Near.
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