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Poll: NHK ni Youkoso! Episode 14 Discussion

May 7, 6:07 AM
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Kitsu-nee said:
Gotta love how everyone (excluding Satou, of course) basically got their happy endings right away - reuniting with their families, being forgiven, getting engaged, woohoo! Because that's how real life works xD This felt more like PSA than anything, but mmmkay.

Hopefully it get's better than that, because this arc was awful and unrealistic :|

Well I don't see it that way. They didn't get a happy ending, they got a promise of one.
After the dust settles and they come back to everyday lives, that's when it really plays out, and I'd like the show to come back upon at least one of the group.
Jul 26, 10:26 AM

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Ah shit, now I'm scared about what happened to the mom...
Aug 30, 6:28 AM
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wow that was so deep. wow
Oct 8, 7:15 AM

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Damn some of the writing has really disappointed me in this middle bit, with certain set-ups (like the exact cause of the discord between Satou and Misaki, and just what Misaki originally did so wrong (other than her house being on a hill, and her witholding information about herself--which Satou already knew) that warranted all the following, or Satou weirdly raising his fist for some forced reason--despite that mannerism/reaction not fitting his character at all--just to set up a part of Misaki's character, and then doing it repeatedly like three times--after seeing the obviously terrible reaction it caused from her...) and conclusions (an offer of marriage really being the/a great answer to Hitomi's obviously very deep-rooted issues, or the way too simply-written and cliché turnarounds for the other suicidal characters) really rubbing me the wrong way.

Can't help be sad that this didn't keep as perfect as it started for me, but that's an unfair expectation I guess. :( The comedy still worked though (dark comedy is always great, and this "group suicide" arc reminded me a lot of the similarly hilarious one in Paranoia Agent), and while the overall execution of this arc let me down, I did still very much appreciate its themes and ideas, and I had no issue with the core plot points themselves. Oh and it ended pretty nicely too.

Hoping it picks back up from these 4 or so episodes though. I really want this show to become a favourite for me, because it definitely can.
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Oct 30, 11:47 PM
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Please tell me Satou did not just try to punch a girl. What kind of fked up reaction is that???

That aside, Misaki wants Satou alive because she found a worse human being than her?

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