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Hidden Leaf is one of the most powerful ninja villages in the world. The village was founded approximately 65 years before the start of the series when several ninja clans came together. These included the Senju Clan of the Forest, which included the brothers who would become First and Second Hokage and the Uchiha Clan under Uchiha Madara. In the beginning the gathered group was essentially a ninja unit; with the First's death his younger brother established the village infrastructure. By the end of the first Ninja World War, Konoha had grown and its citizenship diversified. Konoha has a strong tradition of protecting its own and the Kyuubi attack provided the best example. The villages Fourth Hokage gave his life by trapping the Kyuubi within Uzumaki Naruto. Later on the Third Hokage would also give his life in battle protecting the village. Over the years Konoha has gone to war with many of its neighboring countries, but new ties of alliance have been forged in recent years. Currently Konoha is allied with fellow Great Shinobi Country Sand, and lower shinobi countries Grass, Rain and Waterfall.

Administration Building:

This is the main Konoha administration building. The Hokage has offices here. The building has meeting rooms for the ninja and for the Hokage's personal advisors. It is located below the Hokage rock face monument.

Dango Shop:

Specializing in serving dango (sweet dumplings) this shop was visited by Itachi and Kisame when they came to Konoha looking for Naruto

Konoha Military Police Corps Headqurters:

Originally founded by the ancestors of the Uchiha clan, the Konoha Military Police Corps are responsible for maintaining city peace and law enforcement.


This local bookstore where everyone can buy any kind of books

Hokage Mountain:

Commemorating all Hokage who have served the village, the Hokage mountain memorial bears the faces of past and current Hokage.

Yamanaka Flower Shop:

This is the flower shop the Yamanaka family operates in the Leaf Village

Ichiraku Ramen:

Ichiraku ramen is a small food stand specializing in Ramen. The shop is run by a man named Teuchi and his daughter Ayame.

Konoha Hospital:

Serving the medical needs of the village, Konoha Hospital helps the injured ninja and civilians which live in the village.

Public Park:

This public park features trees and a long staircase. Lee and Neji were at this location when Shikamaru was building his team to chase Sasuke. Lee stated he wanted to be able to climb the vast stairs by himself to train after his surgery.

Hokage Memorial:

This large fire monument is a memorial to the previous Hokage. It is unknown whether the monument was dedicated specifically to the Third Hokage, or whether it is meant to provide a more accessible memorial than the general Hokage mountain monument. This memorial overlooks the graves of other ninja who fell in battle like the Third's son Asuma.

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