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Poll: Haibane Renmei Episode 13 Discussion

Sep 23, 2018 9:52 PM
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Nilismo, existencialismo, religião tudo nisso aaaa
Feb 15, 12:26 PM
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Very pleased with the final episode. I was afraid it will be a rushed ending, but I have to admit the pacing this time was perfect. My only complaint is the sudden change of focus to Kuu midway. The show could use more episodes to explore the relationship between Rakka and Kuu a bit more in the first half. Overall, definitely a show that dares to be different, touches on serious themes, and does it very well. Worthy to be called true art. Loved the music, don't mind the animation quality.
Mar 30, 7:51 PM

Joined: Sep 2017
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Surprisingly, I enjoyed a good chunk of this episode; particularly when Reki revealed her "feelings" toward Rakka (quite the unexpected occurrence). But then it was all ruined, when the staff elected to go for the feel good, happy ending.

I feel like this show should have featured Reki as the MC. Her jealously toward the other Haibane would have been far more entertaining than plain Jane Rakka simply being happy for everyone.
Apr 20, 10:41 AM
Joined: Oct 2018
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Really loved the show, very emotional at times and generally warm and welcoming. It's one I've watched a couple of times before joining MAL as it helps me ride out really low moments due to my MH.

9/10, would highly recommend but can see it not being for everyone if your not into some of the slower just nice episodes.
Apr 25, 12:48 AM
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They raised so many questions throughout the show, but barely answered any.
Is it considered good storytelling when you leave it to the viewer to figure everything out with barely any information given?

I found it rather frustrating that they set up so many mysterious elements but didn't bother to explain anything.
May 13, 7:00 PM

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Safe to say that this Anime was extremely disappointing. Bad characters, lifeless narrative, sluggish pacing, stiff animation, distasteful music and a plot that leaves too many answers to the viewer. I liked Reki a bit, but the rest of the cast was abysmal. The plot was uninteresting and gave too many answers instead of letting the viewers figure it out for themselves.
May 13, 7:04 PM

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I do not know what score I should give this, for now I will leave it without a score until I can decide.
Jun 11, 9:42 PM

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Beautiful animation, I joined sentimentally with this anime and more in the end I could not help but cry and feel completely captivated.
Jun 15, 2:43 AM
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I'm not sure what to think of this anime...
One thing is sure, this is not a masterpiece. The finale might be one, but the series as a whole doesn't deserve that 10/10 rating.
Tooooo many questions & the animation was shit.
Well, it's good for a 2002 anime, I guess.
I enjoyed the message and the symbolism (since I'm a Christian) but that's it.
First episodes were boring af :/
Jun 16, 6:56 AM

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I don't know, I'm not a big fan of the finale. I wish they explained the actually mystery rather than focus on some characters. I still liked it tho.

Jun 23, 7:42 AM

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Reki is a stepping stone instead run over
It's all kinda made sense in a way, why Reki being Reki
Almost too real for me, the jealousy, the stubbornness of a "stepping stone"
They can't ask for help, it's too much for their pride

I'm glad Reki could go away instead of being run over
I guess it's symbolized reincarnation or heaven, we'll never know :P

The ending still not quite a click for me
But maybe it's because the episodes are too short :(
"Signature removed"
Jun 25, 12:13 PM

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What a beautiful ending to a great show. I'm relieved things ended well for Reki.
Jul 21, 5:56 AM

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What a good show !!

Indeed a beautiful show. It is one of the anime that will make you go 'hmmmmm'

While i do not fully understand this anime, but i think the questions left unanswered are supposed to be left unanswered. But as you can tell, the show is mostly about the concept of sin and salvation.

Since it is a philosophical anime, there many different interpretation about this anime.
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