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Poll: Haibane Renmei Episode 5 Discussion

Nov 10, 2016 7:16 AM
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Tengai said:
CheekyKunt said:

Actually she is a girl

Yeah, now I know for sure.
By the way, nice profile!

I was also confused at first, didn't even know till late in the story
Thanks :)
Nov 11, 2016 1:33 PM
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CheekyKunt said:
Tengai said:

Yeah, now I know for sure.
By the way, nice profile!

I was also confused at first, didn't even know till late in the story
Thanks :)

It was confirmed the episode after this one.
You're welcome :)
Feb 27, 2017 11:05 AM

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So far I'm not enjoying the anime, it's an ok slice of life so far, i dont understand what's the main point of the show? Can someone explain?

Seems like another cute girls doing cute things.
Jun 9, 2017 7:39 AM

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• I think I should restate my thoughts on the OP. I like listening to it. I really like the piano bit at the end. However, now that I’m listening to it with full attention, I don’t think it would be easy to automatically associate this OP with the show.
• I can’t remember the angel’s name, but I’m assuming the episode’s going to be about her. She’s slow and careful.
• Rakka looks angelically (see what I did there) adorable with her unkempt magnetized hair. I think I know what desktop wallpapers to get next.
• The Angel of the Day’s name is Nemu. Nice name, I guess.
• Sumika gives Rakka the classic pregnant woman philosophy talk. Well, she didn’t really give her any talk. Sumika just asked Rakka something that alludes a lot to her pregnancy.
• There was a moment there (when Rakka places down a stack of books on a dusty table and dust flies everywhere) which could have been far more expressive (and adorable) if they didn’t draw Rakka in such an off-model way.
• The fact that even the humans don’t know what’s beyond the wall brings up a lot of questions. Sure, they may not have left the town ever, but surely they have passed down information from the founders of the town, right? The answer would be that something stopped the passing-down of information. It was probably the Haibane Renmei because they’ve been depicted as real sinister-like. However, I have the strange feeling that the show won’t actually answer the question. Far too many anime have done that.
• Of course, it also brings up the question as to why they’re stuck in the town in the first place. It could be an Attack on Titan situation, or it could be something to do with their religious beliefs.
• The applause after Nemu reads the story sounds really fake to me. It’s not that they don’t sound like actual claps. It just feels artificial. I can’t put my finger on it.
• Nemu seems to be a mature adult. I was actually surprised by this. I thought Nemu was going to be one of those sleeping dunderheads or something. I like her calm-and-collected adult maturity, though. It adds a touch of variety to the cast of fairly lively characters.
Suddenly… Haibane biker gang.
• So there really are male Haibane that aren’t the religious type.
• Well, I guess we got some Reki backstory. Nemu narrating this backstory adds to her believability as an adult.
• Now, we see Rakka reflecting on her life there so far. Again, it shows her skill in introspection and interpersonal observation. Also, it tells us that she’s happy however she has doubts on whether she deserves to be happy. I like the aesthetic of the wings in the dark.
• “The Beginning of the World” book they’ve been talking about was probably the Book of Genesis or something.
• Is Nemu attracted to Sumika? Those are the vibes I’m getting here. Probably not, but still.
• Although her enjoyment of making up the rest of “The Beginning of the World” does shed light on some sort of desire for fantasy and imagination within her, she probably enjoyed it so much because of her friendship (and attraction????) to Sumika and getting to hang out with her.
• “You won’t laugh?” It seems that Nemu, despite her maturity, still has a sense of insecurity.
• The way Rakka acted during her sort-of “confrontation” with Nemu seems to be very mature, being able to read through a layer or two of Nemu’s character, smiling (in a somewhat smirking way) playfully the whole time. Honestly, she really didn’t do anything special, however the whole thing gave that vibe to me.
• This show can get very off-model, but Rakka riding with Kana at 17:40 is just really ugly.
• “You take it easy, boy.” Kuu’s a GUUUUUYYY!??
• The continued “Beginning of the World” depicts Haibane as lesser to humans. What’s interesting is that Nemu, a Haibane, wrote that herself. Interesting.
• However, one could say that the Haibane were depicted as superior to humans because they were more LIKE God.
• It was a nice legend, but I can’t tell what Rakka added as the ending. None of it sounds like something to really be laughed at. My guess is the part where Haibane escape from God’s head and inhabit their own world was Rakka’s addition but it’s hard to tell.
• It would’ve been nice to see Sumika’s reaction to the thing, but I guess they didn’t consider that part of the point or important enough to be kept in. Maybe it’s in the next episode.
• I guess the legend was supposed to say things about how the Haibane view their places and the humans’ places in society, separate from each other and one, in some sense, being superior over the other.
• Overall, a more eventful episode, more than just a characterization episode for the Angel of the Day. There was the fleshing out of Nemu’s character who, despite her adult maturity and calm collectedness, has a somewhat insecure side to her, especially towards Sumika who she may or may not be attracted towards. However, there was also Reki’s backstory with the cool biker gang kids (a classic) and a bit more exploration of the Haibane’s place in society relative to the humans’ and how the Haibane themselves view them. We also get to see a more mature Rakka, skilled in some way in understanding others and helping them out. Again, just like most of the previous episodes, it flew by quick to me.
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Jun 24, 2017 1:49 PM

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This episode kind of slowed down again. But also really resonated with me. Nemu was more interesting than I gave her credit for. Her story with Rakku (both this episode and the literal narrative they wrote within it) struck a chord. When it was playing the instrumental of the ED while they were reading it out loud, I was once again struck by how masterfully this series handles atmosphere. I do kind of wonder if it's almost done being a slice of life though. Maybe one more episode about Kuu?

Reki continues to be the most interesting character in my eyes. Especially after we heard about her rebellious past. The confrontation with the guy on the bridge was kind of awkward and strange. But I wonder how much of the angry girl who ran away, is still inside the chain smoking bemused Mom. It hasn't been all that exciting for the past few episodes. But this series still has me firmly hooked.
Sep 21, 2017 1:15 AM

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so there are male haibane. Huh. And they live somehwere else (but the group looked mixed) I wonder when they will tell us about them again.
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Nov 8, 2017 1:23 PM

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Cute and interesting episode, even with the slight dip in visual quality. I wonder if this episode was outsourced.

Dr-Eyes said:
So far I'm not enjoying the anime, it's an ok slice of life so far, i dont understand what's the main point of the show? Can someone explain?

Seems like another cute girls doing cute things.

Implying that's not enough.

But even so, this episode provided several things to think about. The parallel between Rakka, the newborn, and Sumika's pregnancy. Why is the other Haibane nest coed, and why is Old Home all female (except for the young feathers)? And just what the heck is outside the walls, anyway? Why are the Toga keeping the townspeople and the Haibane in the dark (even the imported books contain no information about the outside world)?

And then there's the little story at the end, which tells us about how Nebu and Rakka look at their world.
Apr 8, 2018 7:34 AM

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Clocks, then books! This anime does a good job of picking jobs/objects for Rakka to explore, each allowing for some nice symbolism. It's crazy that they've got so many tomes in that library yet none of them contain anything about the outside world. Maybe this walled world of Old Home is bigger than we think (we did just find out about another whole side of it after all).

Also I second yatsuslave, I love how the ending Rakka came up with is mostly a tribute to Nemu, and I love that Nemu is worried it's disrespectful even though she made up the rest of the story. "You're jointly responsible" lmao, it's really nice how a story about God and creation can come into being just for the purpose of being a gift to a friend (a friend who is about to give birth, too).
May 12, 2018 11:03 AM

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I liked that story, it really seems like a "believable" creation myth. I love good worldbuilding like this. Even though not much really happens, which is something I usually can't stand in shows, I am getting more and more invested!
Oct 30, 2018 3:16 PM

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It's relaxing but so far this feels like Aria in a different setting. Whereas Aria never claimed to not be a utopia, this show is dropping hints of the flaws of the town, but not expanding on it. World building is incredibly important but we're now 5 episodes through a 13 episode series, and still in the slice-of-life stage.

Mar 7, 8:37 AM

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Wow. Just wow.....

Utterly terrible, but wow....What do people see in this show?

Honestly, it's just awful.
Mar 7, 8:39 AM

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First person to hate this episode (according to the poll). Woooooooo!
May 12, 11:30 PM

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^ Lmao, what a legend
May 12, 11:31 PM

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"Quit smoking you stupid girl"

Jun 22, 5:08 AM

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Seems like Kuu have a little bit secret about herself, I wonder what
The way she said "sayonara" is worrying me
Usually sayonara is for last goodbye

Awww that was actually a pretty nice ending
I'm not sure if Rakka is correct about Haibane, if it's true what about the communicator and Toga

It should be Kuu's episode next
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Jul 14, 5:18 PM

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Hm... I wonder if Rikka's (and maybe Nemu's) inclusion of the Haibane being God's mistake reflects how they see themselves in comparison to the humans.
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