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MADHOUSE and Warner To Produce an Anime of US TV Drama Supernatural

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Dec 26, 2010 8:05 PM
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i like the original series....i mean that original US Show

and since MADHOUSE is animating this..

I'm in...\m/
Jan 2, 2011 3:41 PM

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Nice. Let's get a Vampire Diaries one soon too.
Jan 5, 2011 7:22 AM

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EricScissorhands said:
renjikuchiki1 said:
this is kind of sad, they're are seriously running out of ideas that they are ripping off American ideas? they have the creative power to do better.....very sad....

Supernatural itself is NOT an original idea, most of the episodes are directly taken off already established legends, myths, movies, music, and comics. But its still an awesome show nonetheless, one of my all time favs infact.

Lets face it, most things have already been done (to death) and originality is pretty much dead, everything is taken from something that already exists, we can only "borrow" stuff, tweak it, and hope it improves over the original.

Look, everyone with half a mind knows that nothing on this planet is original any longer. Unless you wish to do a massive trace back through the roots of history and establish a copyright.

The reason why I do watch anime, is my love of the Japanese creators' personalized style of bringing their characters to life on screen, solely from their POV. Plus the huge multitude of original ideas, with a mixed fusion borrowed from other places, but always with that unique Japanese twist.

If I want to see somthing from an American creator's POV, I will just catch the original TV series, movie or cartoon! The X-Men franchise being my favorite. A darling gem of my heart. It's why I wouldn't catch Wolverine, the anime series. And a lot of people seem to think the Japanese continent is a blank sheen of everything only Japan. The truth is that they import a variety of stuff to their TV/Cable channels, from french movies to even lesbian American drama series.

So I really don't get this whole copy/pasta idea. Mostly likely, as a poster above suggested, the key aim is to generate more in terms of profits, by marketing to a larger brand of viewers. However, it could possibly be due to a change in the taste of it's local audience.

Data from this and both the Ironman/Wolverine series will definitely be interesting. Especially the real viability of the purchasing audience outside of Japan.
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Jan 5, 2011 12:48 PM

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Hay guise I'm late to the party.

I like the idea (I personally love to see Eastern take on Western Material)
but gotta admit I'm a bit apprehensive over the execution.

PTW regardless.
Jan 6, 2011 11:09 AM

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lol@ dean and sam in anime ver.
oh well , but its madhouse after all.
Jan 7, 2011 8:00 PM
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It was announced that Gackt will dub Andy (one of the special children).
Jan 9, 2011 5:59 PM

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Looks interesting....I'll probably end up watching it....
Jan 17, 2011 6:24 AM

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I'm not too sure if I'll like this adaptation..nevertheless i want to see the additional never seen eps of their childhood :)
Jan 22, 2011 10:07 AM

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known about the anime for about 2 month now, can't wait to watch it.
wish they draw Dean more cute though.
Feb 16, 2011 11:58 PM

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I almost fainted when I heard the news. Hell yeah! So excited!

Now have to find a place to watch it simulcast since it comes out this month.
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