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Second Season of 'Tensei Kizoku, Kantei Skill de Nariagaru' Announced for Fall 2024

Jun 23, 8:51 AM
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Overkilled Red

Aug 2013
The 12th and final episode of Tensei Kizoku, Kantei Skill de Nariagaru (As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I'll Use My Appraisal Skill to Rise in the World) announced a second season following its broadcast on Sunday. The official website also revealed a key visual (pictured). The anime will continue to air on CBC and TBS' 28 affiliate stations' Agaru Anime programming block in Fall 2024.

The anime series, adapting Miraijin A's adventure fantasy light novel, began airing on April 7. Crunchyroll streamed the anime with subtitles and later with a German dub.

Miraijin A began penning the novel on the Shousetsuka ni Narou website in October 2019. Kodansha published the first volume with illustrations by JIMMY under its K Ranobe Books imprint in July 2020. The sixth volume went on sale on April 2. The light novel has a cumulative 4 million copies of its volumes in circulation.

Natsumi Inoue began drawing a manga adaptation on the Magazine pocket app in June 2020. Kodansha published the 15th volume on June 7.

After passing away, a Japanese office worker finds himself reincarnated in another world as Ars, the newborn son of the noble Louvent family. The Summerforth Empire, where the Louvents rule over a small territory of a few thousand people, is a medieval-like land plagued by social inequality and political instability. As Ars grows older and learns more and more about his new environment, he becomes convinced that war will soon erupt.

Fortunately, though Ars was not blessed with unrivaled strength or extraordinary magical aptitude, he does possess Appraisal: a seemingly unique skill that allows him to instantly grasp someone's current abilities and latent talents merely by looking at them. In an effort to prepare his domain for the imminent strife, Ars resolves to enlist the most exceptional people he can find, paying no attention to superficial qualities like race or social status. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Official site:
Official X (Twitter): @kanteiskill

Source: PR Times

Tensei Kizoku, Kantei Skill de Nariagaru 2nd Season on MAL
VindstotJun 23, 9:33 AM

Jun 23, 9:27 AM
Apr 2013
So basically the whole thing was already planned for 24 eps, but they decided not to announce the s2 until now.

Kinda strange because the whole thing didnt seem that noteworthy to me before this.
Jun 23, 9:41 AM
Jun 2021
Eeeeww.. I watched until episode 7, and God this show it's so bad, I can't figure it out how god damn this shitty anime it's going to have another season... I've seen a lot anime of this season, and this is absolutely unworthy of watch.

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