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May 13, 2010 2:43 PM

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This will be the official post were the members with Star Slots Cards, there gonna be the rules, members with SSC and more related about the SSC, if you have any question and not is in the F.A.Q please post it and i will answer you, thanks for being part of The Noizi Ito Fanclub.

0 Stars - Ningen
1 Star - Suspect Ningen
2 Stars - Uchuujin
3 Stars - Data Integration Thought Entity (D.I.T.E)
4 Stars - SOS Brigade Member
5 Stars - Flame Haze


1- What are the Star Slots Cards or SSC?
This cards are specially made for thanks all the members who support us, the cards will be like a prove that you have a rank on Noizi Ito Fanclub and will be like a mini-game for the users.

2- How the cards works?
The cards will be like showcases for the members who participe on the the activities in the club and they can show off his rank with the SSC.

3- How i can get a Star an a Rank?
One Star represent one rank, for example, if you got a SSC you are a 0 Stars Ningen Rank member, but if you won a star you will be a 1 Star Suspect Ningen and i will give you all the SSC that you already have with one star on one slot.

4- Theres only gonna be 31 cards?
No, we will gonna give away cards in conquests or posts, but it will be random so be ready.

5- All cards are valid for stars?
No, only the SSC.

Still Under Construcction
Working on: F.A.Q

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