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Do you think the most requested anime remake in history of this world, second Tsukihime anime, will be announced on October 9?

Mar 18, 11:13 AM
Feb 2023
I mean, it will 20 years since first Tsukihime anime started airing, so...

Mar 18, 11:17 AM

Jan 2021
I'd watch it. 

Arcueid Carnival Phantasm GIF - Arcueid Carnival Phantasm Tsukihime ...

Arcruid deserves more anime
Mar 18, 11:21 AM

Feb 2020
Yeah, that would be pretty awesome. :3......
Mar 18, 11:32 AM

Jul 2022
Lol no.                                                        
Mar 18, 11:43 AM

Feb 2016
No, I don't think we'll get another anime until after they finish the game's remake.
Mar 18, 11:51 AM

Feb 2021
Lucifrost said:
No, I don't think we'll get another anime until after they finish the game's remake.

Yes, I also think so. Not after they do the second part of Tsukihime novel remake.
Mar 18, 4:43 PM

May 2019
The question we're all thinking is will it have neco arc ?

Mar 18, 4:51 PM

Oct 2010
what tsukihime remake? there is no anime to begin with
Mar 18, 4:54 PM

Sep 2018
I doubt it will get remade since Tsukihime was never about much action.  Besides that, it would get censored way too much if you know how the og story went.  
Mar 18, 5:01 PM

Jan 2020
They should finish the other side of red garden first
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Mar 18, 5:13 PM

Aug 2020
I want a nice Near Side route adaptation. And a certain lost route as well.

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Mar 19, 1:25 AM

Mar 2022
Chobits, Claymore, Battle Angel Alita, Reborn, Rosario vampire, yu yu Hakusho,
kenshin.. why fan want this is because the series only adapted some of the manga, then the rest was littered with fillers that weren't even entertaining. If anything, perhaps a movie or ova would be more expected than a new anime.
Apparently, I've discovered that I can take these yawn filled days & turn them into movies..
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Mar 19, 9:01 PM

Feb 2021
There's still Mahotsukai no Yoru and we don't know how many movies it will have. 

But a man can hope. 
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Mar 20, 2:07 AM

Dec 2013
It deserves to be announced at least. Especially since there was no hide nor hair of it, in the 2010s. It's high time they shine some light on it.

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