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Feb 21, 8:39 AM
Jul 2018
In an rpg game where you can choose 2 elemental to go with your character, which 2 elemental powers do you usually go for ? 

Feb 21, 9:31 AM
Feb 2023
Wind and Earth, I'm all about the Green and Yellow colored elements.
Feb 21, 9:33 AM

Feb 2017
Ice/Water, Earth. Since Ice magic usually has slowing property and Earth magic can allow for the creation of a favorable terrain.
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Feb 21, 9:39 AM
Jul 2018
I used to play Suikoden IV and Suikoden V a lot and well I mainly used Fire and Earth (great defence rune) this was way back in my teens so my memories a little hazy on this.
Feb 21, 1:26 PM

Oct 2017
If given the choice I go Light and Earth
But depends on the game really I like Earth element when it's more plant focused rather than rocks and if the game makes both Light and Earth elements support focused I might go Thunder or Fire instead for the offensive power.

Feb 21, 1:58 PM

Jun 2011
I like the orthodox fire and lightning.
Feb 21, 2:05 PM

May 2013
I choose water for healing and earth for throwing rocks.

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Feb 21, 6:45 PM

May 2019
Wind and Fire so i can cause as much destructive damage as possible.
Feb 22, 3:47 AM

Oct 2020
usually wind or ice

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KayKimiiFeb 22, 9:08 AM

est. [2020] セス / ミク
Feb 22, 5:15 AM
dust to dust

Dec 2012
fire / light (ning)

sometimes wind and water too

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Feb 23, 3:37 PM

Aug 2021
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For my setup in Kingdom Hearts, for example, he usually has the lighting and fire stuff set up and ready to go (along with the healing because hahahahahah who needs to BLOCK am I right gamers?).
Feb 23, 5:00 PM
Mar 2017
Anything but Fire, fire is boring and generic I prefer the others more use cases and more interesting look/design for them.

If Ice, Earth or Lightning/Thunder (however they present it) would be fine with that a good use of ice platforms, stunning, powering things, striking enemies, making vines be used to climb or stop an object/enemy in place. Probably reusing the earth to form whatever needed (if a game actually went that far to have dirt or clay or whatever be formed for magic platforms or magic attacks or something). Water to many things a breathing benefit, flooding the place, removing the water, manipulating it in many ways to swim in or just more around however necessary.

I like uses for them in level design not just combat (which as many RPGs focus on combat for elements I usually get bored with them).
Suntanned_Duck2Feb 23, 5:05 PM
Feb 26, 8:47 AM

Jun 2015
Feb 26, 9:14 AM

Apr 2019
Water and Earth/Nature for Healing, Buffs and Tanking Damage.

Feb 26, 12:05 PM

Dec 2015
The last time I played a game which forced me to have at least one element instead of going pure melee/ranged without elements than I guess Darkness is my top picked.
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Feb 26, 2:52 PM

Apr 2013
When it comes to elemental magic, in stories I like Ice and Shadow if available the most, followed by Lightning, though my favourite spell type when available is non elemental, it's Time.
Like in MS Negima the coolest mage kit was definitely Evangeline's (shadow/ice); in FF the coolest mage is time mage, in I am Setsuna my favourite character in the party was definitely Quon (only time magic user available), in warhammer my favourite lore of magics are Shadow and Kislevite's Ice magic, and so on.

In reverse fire is the most boring element to me, as it can usually only be used for damage purpose or close of it. I 'll never understand why so many authors make their protagonist with a Fire affinity when they pick an element. So disappointing.

Now, that being said, in RPGs and the like if I have to pick I will make the choice depending of what spells are available in each elements rather than picking just my favourite elements.
ZefyrisFeb 26, 3:06 PM
Feb 27, 12:03 AM
May 2012
Fire and earth, as long as earth spells are actually interesting about how you use the power of nature, and not just rocks and earthquakes. I love playing as a druid.
Mar 1, 12:55 PM

Sep 2017
I never use magic on RPG games but I did use the fire enchantment on long sword at Dark Souls 3 all the time
Mar 1, 8:16 PM
Dec 2010
2854 and light?
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