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Do you believe there's an age where if you haven't become an anime fan yet, you never will?

If you didn't get into anime as a kid/teen, does it make you less likely to get into it as an adult?
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Feb 8, 11:38 AM

Jun 2017
Axerix_DeezNutz said:
I mean fuck I fucking loathed anime seeing it as some overrated stupid shit after seeing DBZ scenes with my hispanic school friends but no after I saw parasyte:the maxim when I was 17 fucking hell I finally genuinely liked it 
Parasyte got me into anime too! Good old times.
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Feb 19, 4:28 AM

Mar 2022
Not true.. You can start watching anime at anytime in your life... That's the great thing about anime unlike American cartoons
Apparently, I've discovered that I can take these yawn filled days & turn them into movies..
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