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what type of anime fans you hate
Those who hates my fav anime
Weird Anime gal(waifu or whatever the f they are) fans
Yaoi and Yuri worshipers
'My TasTe is basT' fans
I hate anime fans in genral
i love them
374 votes
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Feb 3, 7:34 AM

Dec 2021
None of the above. The first three points are just opinions/preferences, the fourth doesn't really exist or, to be more precise, most of the times i've seen people accused of this they were actually just discussing as it's normal in a discussion group. You need to realize that NO ONE (really, no one) cares about your taste. That being said i could be interested in the reasons WHY you disliked or liked something. So why wouldn't you discuss taste? What exactly is "toxic" about it? I find more toxic to shut down every discussion with "it's just my taste touch grass" than actually criticizing other people taste, as long as said criticism is done in a thougthful manner.
I dislike:
1- the one spreading disinformation and misleading concepts, usually out of a refusal to accept that their "western fan lens" doesn't always apply to japan culture and anime industry. Some examples: the budget myth, studio culture (studio culture = the idea that studios have their personal "style" or that which studio makes the anime influence the quality)
2- the ones talking about anime as a sort of "genre" or separated medium. Those are usually the people saying stuff like "anime and cartoons are different things" (or, probably even worse: "I know they are technically the same but ackthually anime have different targets/a different art-style/whatever bullshit stereotypical reason") and also the same persons that in 2023 still feel the need to write essays about why anime aren't for children (usually looking very childish in the process), or recently the new hip thing to say is that "anime is better than western entertainment because there's no wOkE cUlTuRe/le evil SJW". This cathegory is also the reason why a lot of people not-watching anime are convinced that anime are all similar, likely either perverted or childish.
3- This is not really an "anime fan" thing, but seems very prominent in anime fandom: people that autonomously decide that a genre or a branch of the medium is trash without ever seeing anything of it or even worse: maybe they've seen something, liked it a lot, but they decided that's "not like other in the genre" for no reason at all. Classic examples are mecha and majokko, i'd say CGDCT (i genuinely don't like the genre much too but i've actually tried to watch at least the most revered shows in it, like K-On and Euphonium, and i even liked Bocchi a lot, but still i wouldn't say something as stupid as "Bocchi is soo different from the rest of the genre" because i genuinely don't know much about it)
4- (thanks people for reminding me of that weird subgenre of anime fans) the reactionary ones believing anime somehow confirm their reactionary bullshit (often even when talking about shows with literally the opposite message, for example Gundam. There's specifically a dumbfuck YT channel i have in mind, i don't want to publicize that idiot by saying his name but if you've seen some of his video you know who i'm talking about)
Oznerol7Feb 3, 7:40 AM
Feb 3, 7:42 AM

Nov 2016
Trolls, haters, elitists, fanboys who can't stand any criticism, chronic nitpickers, delusional shippers you name it. All of them are unlikeable. Instead of singling out one specific type it's easier to say that in general we would be better off without people competing for the online cancerlympics. But people being dicks just because they can is something we have to live with.
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Feb 3, 9:46 AM

Dec 2021
I dislike arrogant people in general so "'My TasTe is basT' fans* is what I voted. But the people I most hate in anime fandoms are those who talks about "Subjectivity" and "Objectivity". Just using some words that sounds good doesn't make them critiques in any level.
"𝑵𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒂 𝒓𝒖𝒏𝒂𝒘𝒂𝒚 𝒅𝒖𝒎𝒑 𝒕𝒓𝒖𝒄𝒌: 𝒉𝒐𝒕, 𝒇𝒂𝒔𝒕, 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒇𝒖𝒍𝒍 𝒐𝒇 𝒈𝒂𝒓𝒃𝒂𝒈𝒆."
Feb 3, 9:49 AM

Sep 2014
This thread is already full of these people. I absolutely despise the behavior of people making up scenarios in their heads and categorizing a group of people for doing things that they deem toxic. Meanwhile they are the most toxic people in this situation.

Basically all the anti-mobs

Just a bunch of delusional dickhead who can only see their conspiracy theories while rejecting every facts thrown at them. Because it's easier for them to demonize people around them rather than having an informed opinions about various topics. They may not agree with different politics, but it's not a reason to be a dick about it and to make up conspiracy theories when it's brought up to them. However it's always the same thing over and over again whenever there's a thread that dared denying the holy status quo for a brief moment.
Feb 3, 9:59 AM

Jan 2021
People who don't have a basic understanding of what they're watching (like expecting some thought provoking plot in Non Non Biyori, expecting deep romance is every battle shounen, or expecting drama in every romance)

People who think only one type of anime can be good, and everything else is trash

People who watch one anime and think they're the epitome of analyzing anime

Most of casual anime twitter

There's more, but I think this is enough for now
AcctraFeb 3, 10:09 AM

Feb 3, 10:09 AM
Feb 2014
I voted Yaoi and Yuri worshippers easily.
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Feb 3, 10:10 AM

Jan 2023
I voted I love them although shippers are annoying.
Feb 3, 10:13 AM

Aug 2022
Hate is a strong word, but regardless, what's with the hate for shippers and non-canon shippers? I get that it can be annoying if someone is gaslighting people into thinking that certain characters are dating or should date, but where do you even meet these people? Seems like a very insignificant and easy to avoid problem.

Feb 3, 10:15 AM

Sep 2010
I mean my taste is by it's very definition the best and so is everyone else's. People just can't separate between objective and subjective. But for me it's probably elitists who are the most annoying ones.
Feb 3, 10:16 AM
Dec 2021
- whoever hates romance and watches battle shounen
- whoever spits hate to me just becuase I loved eromanga sensei (this happened on r/anime a few times when I recommended it lol)
Feb 3, 10:38 AM
Jun 2020
i hate anime fans that watch bad anime but they call them good anime even though i know the anime is overall bad and if we take a vote with all anime fans in the would the majority would say that im right with my opinion
Feb 3, 10:54 AM

Oct 2013
Elitists. I guess they fall into the "my taste is best" category.

Also the "hurr durr if you don't watch this old-ass anime that came out before your grandma was born you're not a true anime fan"
Feb 3, 11:04 AM

Jul 2017
I'm going to sound like a broken record, but oh well lol. For me it's:

Death threat fans - fans that attack and send death threats to studio members, and it's usually over some very trivial issues.

Spoiler fans - sadists that intentionally go around spoiling major plot points for the newest and most popular shows. They'll go to the most unexpected and random places when saying or posting spoilers so that people will be caught off guard.

People who claim to have a very strong distaste for "plebeians" and are extremely condescending and disrespectful to those who have different tastes than theirs. Fortunately, they are like rare unicorns, so it's quite hard to encounter one. I was going to say "self-appointed anime elitist" but then realized that there's around 10 different definitions for "anime elitist" and no consensus definition that I could find, so I guess I'll hold my horses for now lol.

I'm pretty sure there are a few other types of anime fans that I dislike as well, but these are the three big ones that I could think of.
Feb 3, 11:37 AM

Jan 2015
Ceiling fans, they never refresh the room enough to the point of being comfortable, it's either too cool or not cool enough.
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Feb 3, 8:38 PM

Oct 2012
Since it was brought up, I really can't stand the "anime is fiction... but it's objective.... but it objectively aren't inspired by people who exist in the socio-political context of the real world... and it's fans don't need real life experience to know what's realistic..."

Well, okay then, why don't you have your cake and eat it too. Go on.
My subjective reviews:
Feb 3, 9:24 PM

Apr 2022
I don't hate them. I dislike some things they do/say:

1: Someone complaining about ecci: It's literally soft porn, what were you waiting for? Action, drama, deep meanings? I think ecci means pervert in japanese or something like that (I'm not sure), so yes, people watch it because they want to get turn on or sometimes for the plot or sometimes because they find it funny. It's no different than pornhub, except it's softer than actual porn.

2:Someone who hates any anime that is not ''masculine'' or whatever that means. You know not every anime fans are men, and as a man myself, I do not want every single anime to be ''masculine''. I know it doesn't apply to everyone, but you have plenty of 80's/90's shounen to watch with big buff men, so why are you even complaining?

3:Pointing out other people fav's when you're in an argument. Yes they like Demon Slayer, no you won't die.

4:It's okay, anime can be childish, and it's not so different than western cartoons. They're both different in their own ways, and that's perfect. You're not watching anime to prove anything, are you?
“I won’t rely on anyone anymore. I don’t care if no one understands.” – Homura Akemi
Feb 3, 9:25 PM

May 2018
Yaoi supporters.
Miss me with that gay shit! 

If you're gonna do ANYTHING gay make it exclusivity hot anime waifus making out and allowing me to watch or join lol
Feb 3, 9:28 PM

Apr 2022
nishant0 said:
Weird Anime gal(waifu or whatever the f they are) fans(your vote)

You hate the fans that don't hurt anyone and are mostly nice on this forum, I don't understand you. Is that because you despise them for being perverted? Don't you think you're already degenerate enough to enjoy anime to look down on them?
“I won’t rely on anyone anymore. I don’t care if no one understands.” – Homura Akemi
Feb 3, 9:37 PM
Jun 2020
Anime Fans are inherently trash.they all need to touch grass.
Feb 4, 12:41 AM

Nov 2021
Usapz said:
nishant0 said:
Weird Anime gal(waifu or whatever the f they are) fans(your vote)

You hate the fans that don't hurt anyone and are mostly nice on this forum, I don't understand you. Is that because you despise them for being perverted? Don't you think you're already degenerate enough to enjoy anime to look down on them?
I find most of them funny but some of those waifu obsessed fans/simps are really annoying and cringe. 
Feb 4, 2:00 AM
Sep 2021
Those fans who shit on my own opinion on the show, the fans that hate isekai anime and think that isekai anime is killing the industry when it's only helping it grow, and fans who only care about one character in an anime which will not be the protagonist most of the time and shove it down others throats while ignoring other characters, seriously though, there's more to just one character people.
Feb 4, 3:12 AM

Jul 2020
Fans who cry over those who prefer dubs.

Fans who think an anime is bad because it's illogical.

Scordolo's Recent Reviews
To your eternity
Vanitas no Karte
Feb 4, 3:28 AM

Nov 2022
I do not like those whose tastes are different from mine. There could be exceptions in some exceptional cases but overall it is a rule.

If they broadly like different things, then they have different aims and values in life.

Also I do not like those who criticize me, especially those who are rude and do it from position of values, ideology and such. Making personal attacks against my in any way, or laugh at me in a mean way.

Maneki, RyuRabbit and Uneducated_weeb are good examples of people I hate. All on block list

I can have meaningful discussion with people who might not agree with me 100% but can talk about the topic and the issue rather than attack me if they keep on topic and do not switch to personal attacks.

EyeAmTheI perhaps good example of person I can reasonably debate things. He is on friend list

Finally I approve of people who agree with me.

Niall727, Erebus25, MasterTasuke are good examples. Also on friend list
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Feb 4, 3:41 AM
Dec 2022
The one who pretends to be an anime lover
Feb 4, 3:51 AM

Nov 2020
One Piece fans, they're obsessed with proving it's the best thing ever created and start malding when someone rates it 8 or below
Feb 4, 3:54 AM

Nov 2020
Mantron said:
To be honest, I'm not bothered by what anime fans do but I do hate those guys who want to pretend that their great taste by having low mean score and having Monster in favorites when Monster itself is far from being a perfect anime.
Kinda funny that you also have a low mean score
KitsuFreeze said:
Boring elitists. They are all the same.
I swear, their favorites are always the same - PPTA, Eva, Lotgh, Monster, 3-Gatsu, Princess Mononoke, Rakugo...
Feb 4, 4:13 AM

Aug 2020
MarkVijet said:
Mantron said:
To be honest, I'm not bothered by what anime fans do but I do hate those guys who want to pretend that their great taste by having low mean score and having Monster in favorites when Monster itself is far from being a perfect anime.
Kinda funny that you also have a low mean score
KitsuFreeze said:
Boring elitists. They are all the same.
I swear, their favorites are always the same - PPTA, Eva, Lotgh, Monster, 3-Gatsu, Princess Mononoke, Rakugo...

Not only them but also Ping Pong, Tenshi no Tamago, Jin-Roh and such. It's kinda funny to pretend being different when they are all like one another.

Nijigahara Holograph is the most overrated piece of fiction of all time.
Feb 4, 4:51 AM

Mar 2016
Either elitist or gate-keepers, both equally bad.

just wanna feel wanted by someone other than the police 😫
Feb 4, 5:11 AM

Feb 2014
The ones who seek to measure another's fandom. You don't unlock trophies while being a fan.
“The reasoning man who scorns the prejudices of simpletons necessarily becomes the enemy of simpletons; he must expect as much, and laugh at the inevitable.”

Feb 4, 5:16 AM

Dec 2018
Yuri-Crusader said:
Not a specific fan group. But the one I dislike the most is the homophobes and ship police

People who can't handle some people love Yuri and Yaoi . They are so insecure they start to cry over any gay ship or interpretation they see. Desperately trying to police other people's opinions and tastes. Often being extremely abusive and aggressive if you don't comply with their hatred  

It's fucking pathetic that some people crying themself to sleep because I love Yuri 

And they should use the ignore function because I will NEVER back down from their little hateful outbursts 


nah, it's more like two guys can't be in the same room together without a bunch of comments and ships that get thrown in your face. fans forcing their proclivities. i don't personally care, i just don't want conversations derailed by that nonsense, particularly when it's well outside of the genre.
Feb 4, 5:19 AM
Jan 2023
Anime fans who when shitting on other people's taste use slurs to be ''edgy'' (mainly talking about ableist slurs)
Feb 4, 6:18 AM
Jan 2019
the people who are ''AnImE AddiCTZZZ'' after watching some new mid-tier hyped anime smh.
Feb 4, 7:07 AM

Dec 2018
Fans who over something meaningless like "which waifu is the best" or smt like that. 
People who cry when "West" ruined their anime even though the whole media of anime/manga was inspired by so called "evil" "West". 
And those who made anime their only personality trait.
Also those who post those unfunny anime memes on facebook or r/animemes.
Bless y'all ðŸ™
Feb 4, 9:25 AM

Sep 2018

I don't care about 1
2 is just sad
never seen 3
and I ignore the 4th option.
Feb 4, 9:58 AM
Oct 2021
Elitists  Suck ,(it’s funnier when they have One Peice in their favorites)

So basically Eva fans (seriously why are most elitists fans of it ? )

MAL has stupid rules ngl
Feb 4, 9:59 AM

Jan 2010
Let see for me:

Sub elitists (uh yeah, well I don't like people hating on dubs.  Also, the same sub elitists that hate on English dub, I've caught them playing Skullgirls and Ghost of Tsushima both American-made video game in Japanese dub over the original English audio despite they're supposed to hate dubs)

anime elitists in general or not being open-minded to other anime fans

Anime fans that are not open-minded to retro anime (I mean come on, your favorite anime can be traced back to older anime.  So a person who is watching a current Isekai anime is not willing to watch an older isekai anime like let say Aura Battler Dunbine, or Orguss)

Hardcore elitist J-pop fan that are openly racist to other Asian musical act (Believe it or not, before K-pop act like BTS and Blackpink took over the world.  There were group of J-pop fans back in mid-late 2000's that like to shit on K-pop and going as far as to be openly racist toward Koreans and other Asian in general because they're not Japanese or they think Japan is the only master Asian race out there.  Also, because when K-pop started to gain more high-profile popularity from it's niche fandom that originated in late 90's/early 2000's, so there were cases of J-pop fans that were being racist toward Koreans in general because of that.  Although the J-pop fandom have started to be reduced because of K-pop's popularity due to many J-pop fans left the fandom for K-pop, there are still pocket cases of hardcore J-pop fans attacking K-pop fanbase and attacking them by being openly racist towards Koreans.  Many hardcore J-pop fans that do this tends to be hardcore anime fans)
Feb 4, 11:21 AM

Jun 2016
Those that degrade others for liking stuff not related to anime
Feb 4, 11:59 AM

Nov 2022
people who judge others for liking anime that are “bad” or judging others because they dislike an anime that is universally loved by everyone.
TheHeliadsFeb 4, 12:04 PM

Feb 4, 12:15 PM
Jun 2019
I hate fans who abuse and threats creaters
Feb 4, 12:35 PM

May 2018
- Elitists who think they are superior to others because of their "different" taste (the same goes the other way around, for NPCs who actively hate any show that is not hyped by a community or Anituber).
- The Fullmetal Alchemist fandom, the most toxic fandom of all time, they have the most immature meltdowns if you dare to point flaws in their beloved work and resort to namecalling and any sort of ad verecundiam.
- Shills for corporations, like Mother's Basement for example.
- CGDGT or Moe lunatics. Try saying to them that you find these cute things annoying and voilá.
- The absolute fucking retards who resort to sending death threats to Studios when they find one little thing they disliked in the show (when they most likely ran out of their medications), these people really don't need to exist.

Bear in mind that I'm aware that there are some people that fit into one of these fandoms but that can be nice and respectful (except the shills and death threat retards, these people are a problem). It's just that the majority of them are incredibly obnoxious.
"No one hates anime more than the anime community, which is composed of some of the most spoiled, immature, pessimist and ungrateful people on Earth."
-Anonymous anime watcher
Feb 4, 12:39 PM

Feb 2021
I like them all, I think that every person has their own right to like or dislike something, it is normal. We are all different and it is great!
Feb 4, 12:58 PM

Feb 2020
people who base their entire personality off anime and anime discussion with nothing else to offer

there is no pain so great as
the memory of joy in present grief

Feb 4, 8:47 PM

Jul 2021
fans who like to spoil the show, i'd kick their ass if they did
Feb 4, 8:53 PM

Sep 2022
One who starts whining just because others don't like there favorite anime.
Feb 4, 9:06 PM
Jun 2022
dumb trogdolytes who say "Oh Shit you dont like x anime wow you are a retard opinion invalid" 
Feb 4, 9:10 PM

Feb 2017
the ones on reddit anime meme subreddits, and the anti-sjw culture wars crowd
Feb 4, 10:01 PM

Aug 2016
the "i am an elistist starter pack" type of fan and the arthouse fanboys.
Feb 4, 10:07 PM

Jul 2021
evangelion, berserk, and naoki urasawa (works in general) fans. not that these anime/manga are bad. there great, evangelion is one of my favorites, but more often than not the fans are just pretentious 14-year olds that dunk on anything that isn't scored 8 or above (they dickride popular opinion) or skite about how cerebral their favourite anime are, and just generally act all high and mighty about their 'peak' taste, when most of them couldn't even tell me what makes there favorites so good anyway. Like I thought that I was a little pretentious, then I see the 14 y/o berserk fans. id rather talk to a moeshit lolicon than them

Feb 4, 10:25 PM
Feb 2021
probably weird anime girl's fan and the ones who just watch anime so that they can hate on it
Feb 5, 3:04 AM

Jul 2011
The one that are way too fixated with realism, the one that complain about bad animation without even understanding when it's bad, same for CGI
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