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What's up with anime/manga titles being so long and weird?

Jan 24, 5:40 PM
Apr 2022
Is it for the bussiness or something? I mean there's ABSURD amount of these things that every time I see one it's completely different. It can range to simple to completely hilarious and ridiculous to the point that it sounds so god awfully stupid Like "Reincarnated as X started at level 99999 become so much powerful blah blah blah and met an hot elf gf blah blah blah" and the author's be like: "ohh you know what is going to happen right? Right?" and audience be like: "Hell yeah i'm into that shit.". Really? What in the- what is media anymore? Seriously, I don't get the hype and I don't get the author what's telling with them pls explain.
Ngl it sounds like one of those terrible mobile game ads you always see around on apps or social media platforms so ridiculous that no one plays. Tbh i'm kinda either scared or disappointed anime industry is turning out to be like this.
dumbandinsaneJan 24, 5:50 PM
Jan 24, 5:41 PM

Dec 2017
clickbait to get people to buy it and now its starting to backfire.

Jan 24, 5:49 PM

Jul 2021
Those are light novel titles, and basically they exist because nobody reads the synopsis, so they just put it in the title.
It'd be nice if they weren't so formulaic though.
Jan 24, 5:51 PM

Oct 2011
If it has a long ass title, I tend to pass over it and move onto watching something else. I've watched some I think and I don't think I've ever found a really long title anime that is actually decent.
Jan 24, 5:56 PM
Anos-sama's Wife

Feb 2010
I think this is mainly an isekai trope. Maybe it's done to distinguish these series from each other because the isekai genre is so oversaturated. I also think it can be kind of tongue-in-cheek, the authors know it sounds ridiculous but it's supposed to be funny I guess?
Jan 24, 5:59 PM

Jun 2019
They just cram to synopsis in the title to get clicks. 
Jan 24, 6:06 PM

Oct 2013
That's more of a light novel thing. For some reason they feel the to spell out the entire plot in the title. That'd be like if Batman was called "My parents died, so I decided to dress like a bat and punch bad guys; also I'm fucking rich"
Jan 24, 7:11 PM

Jun 2017
And what's the problem with that?
I mean, it's useful. Generally the length of the title is inversely proportional to the quality of the series.
You don't even have to read the title: if I see that it reaches the second line on my screen, I'm most likely skipping that shit.

Jan 24, 7:29 PM

Dec 2022
I don’t really know but I’ve mainly seen it done with isekai series so at least I know to avoid them :>
Jan 24, 8:03 PM
Jul 2018
It stems from 小説家になろう a Japanese website where many Isekai (and a bunch of other Light Novel type stories) as well.

The way the site is set up, you have multiple rankings.  Where these rankings are displayed, there is no plot description displayed.

So being as descriptive as possible in the title alone improves the chance of someone clicking on it.

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