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When do you stop considering someone an anime "noob"

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Jan 21, 8:04 PM

Jan 2021
In terms of shows watched 50? 100? 150? 200? 500? 1000?
Jan 21, 8:08 PM

Jul 2017
I think you're going to get skewed answers from the most hardcore fans on MAL. But somewhere from 20-50 full series is probably my answer.
Jan 21, 8:09 PM

Sep 2019
Personally for me it's somewhere between 50-100 in order for someone to not be considered a noob at that point.
Jan 21, 8:14 PM

Jul 2016
i guess when they finish about 30-50 series.
Jan 21, 8:18 PM

Dec 2021
In terms of lists on MAL I'd say the cutoff is 100 entries since at that point anyone's established a solid range of shows and movies 💯
Jan 21, 8:26 PM

Nov 2020
When they stop saying "This x anime copying my favorite x anime, cancel it".
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Jan 21, 8:28 PM
Jun 2022
No such difference between N00B and L33T, just those who need to see more anime and those satisfied with what they have watched. So long as you are reasonable with the scores (if you score anime) and will admit faults as well as give credit where credit is due.

I will say that there is a difference in what anime people choose to watch, if I introduced somebody to anime with something like Naruto (which out of its sheer length, I would not do), that is one thing. If I were to introduce someone to anime with something like Area 88, that is another. How a lot of people are introduced to anime creates a lot of distinctions between N00B and L33T. In the days when blocks like Jetix, 4K!DS TV and Toonami were active, people were given a variety of anime that they had easy and quick access to. For example, in a span of 24 hours during 2006, you could see Dragon Ball Z Friday night, Sonic X and Oban Star Racers Saturday morning, then that night see Inuyasha, Rave Master and a host of other series, with the odd sprinkling of other series like MAR and Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo during the day. Now, it is somewhat restricted in that someone needs an account to a service or navigate a sea of advertisements, plus there is no "sampler" like there used to be when it came to anime. In other words, people have access to what is popular and popular has "replaced" good in a sense.
Jan 21, 8:37 PM

Oct 2014
I'd say at either 100 anime completed or 20 days watched, whichever comes last.
Jan 21, 8:46 PM

Oct 2010
I'll stop considering people noobs when they stop using these sentences
- dxd is the best ecchi
- monogatari is ecchi done right
- kaguya-sama is the best romance
- kimetsu no yaiba is the best battle shounen
- one piece has the best fanbase
Jan 21, 8:50 PM

Feb 2020
Fischer77 said:
In terms of shows watched 50? 100? 150? 200? 500? 1000?
When they're willing to watch actually good shows like Boku no Pico, Shoujo Ramune,
and Monogatari

it's also a plus if they're willing tostart big good series like Fate (visual novels of course)

if they can't handle these sorts of conditions they're definitely a noob

Jan 21, 8:54 PM

Sep 2020
I think maybe around 100 completed.
Jan 21, 9:02 PM

Jul 2013
When they graduate from college and/or when their brain has fully matured from a biological perspective
Anime fans

Jan 21, 9:13 PM

Apr 2019
I think 20 completed series is more than enough to not call someone a noob. Anybody would have a pretty decent idea about their taste by that point so they can't be considered a noob anymore.
Jan 21, 9:34 PM

Jul 2016
I consider "noob" an offensive, disrespectful term when refering to someone who lacks experience on something, I would use newbie instead. 

Also in my view, being a noob is not about the amount of experience/anime you have on your back. I would rather use this on someone who fails to adapt, comprehend what the anime media can actually offer, even after gathering a considerable amount of experience. To me, a noob is someone who fails to get over it, someone who keeps spreading nothing but hatred, toxic people.

When does a newbie becomes experienced? I would say between 50 to 100 titles.
Jan 21, 9:50 PM
Apr 2020
id say 100 with a good amount of more "niche" shows
Jan 21, 10:20 PM

Aug 2011
I would say roughly 100 anime. I wouldn't consider someone super experienced at that point, but they're definitely not new anymore, either.
Jan 21, 10:26 PM

Jul 2019
At time of writing i've completed 194 shows so maybe my opinion isn't worth much to you. 

I think someone stops being new once they

1. Have some semblance of cultural context
2. Have an eye for some of the technical aspects of creation like how film buffs start paying attention to things like cinematography
3. Develop their own set of tastes

Or, alternatively, when they can recognize the influence of anime outside the medium. Like the people who refer to Pacific Rim as a mecha.

Jan 21, 10:31 PM

Apr 2018
Honestly very surprised none of the hardcore fans have popped in to say 500-1000 yet. 
Jan 21, 10:48 PM

May 2019
when they understand the history, value and importance of anime in the current culture.
Jan 21, 11:02 PM

Feb 2020
Maybe 100 or something like that. I'm not sure.
Jan 21, 11:03 PM
Oct 2022
After you watched a combined total of 200 episodes of any anime. I can be from the same series or a combination of many different shows but you spent your time watching that many episodes you are no longer a noob.
Jan 21, 11:03 PM

Jan 2010
Let see for me:

-If they watched at least a minimum of 15-30 anime series minimum.

-If they read at least 5-10 manga.  I'll also accept maybe 5-6 light novels.

-If they've been a anime fan or been in the fandom for about 2/3 years.

-If they're familiar with all current events & trends in the anime fandom as in they know the culture of the anime/manga fandom, read news from ANN/MAL, etc...  Also added: if they studied up their history of anime, the history of anime/manga fandom, etc...

-If they have basic or at least proficient knowledge in Japanese culture.

If they do maybe at least met 3 or 4 of the requirements I stated above, then they're not noob to me anymore.

Jan 21, 11:04 PM

Dec 2012
It's usually when newcomers stop flexing their superficial expertise with entry level titles. This can happen at any time, but it may also never happen as well.
Jan 21, 11:25 PM

May 2022
I still consider myself a noob with 166 completed, of those, only 88 are TV. I'll stop being a noob when I pass like 175-200 TV completed, that's my personal cut-off point.

Jan 22, 12:31 AM

Apr 2018
Obviously, someone who has seen at least 500 anime, not all ova or movies, isn't a noob so maybe that.

Jan 22, 12:32 AM

Dec 2020
When they've completed 100 decent anime.

Jan 22, 12:36 AM

Jun 2016
Obviousky when I don't give a zero fuck. Do you tell people "you are a live action series noob when you watched less than 50 series"? They most likely watched them because the individual experiences they provide, not to fulfill a certain number.
Jan 22, 12:36 AM
Aries Saint

Sep 2022
I don't care for this community's self-made hierarchy when it comes to experienced watchers. You should be watching however many anime you do for enjoyment. Because no matter how much anime someone watches, I can't consider them a fan of the medium if they dislike most of the ones they've watched.
Jan 22, 12:42 AM

Sep 2010
When they stop calling every new anime the best anime of all time and every new season the best season of all time.
Jan 22, 12:43 AM

Mar 2021
I think 30-50 but also a decent variety of shows not just the top 30-50 most popular anime.

Jan 22, 12:50 AM

Dec 2021
I believe that browsing MAL Forums when you have completed less than 500 Anime or those who have only popular Anime in their favourites to be futile

It's like venturing in a battlefield with less than one month of training
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Jan 22, 12:52 AM

Aug 2022
The number of anime has nothing to do with it. It's the taste that matters to me. You can watch 2000 anime if you want to, but if your favorites list still consists of mainly battle shonen, generic romcoms, etc, then you're still a "noob". Everyone has a different opinion on what an anime normie or noob is tho, so it really doesn't matter if you're hardcore or not as long as you enjoy watching anime. 
Jan 22, 12:54 AM

Mar 2021
Maybe one who has completed 10-20 different anime series
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Jan 22, 1:23 AM
Jun 2019
Parataxicalis said:
Honestly very surprised none of the hardcore fans have popped in to say 500-1000 yet. 

Maybe because it has nothing to do with how much you watch but whether or not you understand it in a deeper level.
haerinaJan 22, 1:27 AM
Jan 22, 1:37 AM

Nov 2022
When they develop a certain taste.

-They know what kind of shows they’re inherently attracted to
-Don’t change their favourite show every month
-Don’t change their favourite character/waifs/husbando every week or every new season
-Don’t let seasonal show hype affect their taste to a large extent
-Couldn’t care less about the community in general and will continue to consume their preferred shows
-Have a basic understanding of the industry 

The aforementioned qualities can usually be seen when a person has completed 100-150 TV Shows
Jan 22, 1:54 AM

Jul 2021
When they've watched enough anime to start to realise their preferred or disliked genres/themes. But If had to choose a number, then probably 50-100 shows watched.
Jan 22, 2:11 AM

Sep 2020
100 completed entries and 20+ watched days is more than enough 
Jan 22, 2:14 AM

Mar 2020
Once they watch any title NOT in the top 500 most popular

lucina main
Jan 22, 2:17 AM

Sep 2016
I don't know that I could put a specific number as to where the line is drawn to no longer be a "noob".
If all they've ever watched were shows that were more mainstream/popular and on TV/cable, they could have watched 100 and still be a noob.
If they've branched out and watched a mixture of more obscure shows, older shows (pre-2000), non-dubbed shows, and from multiple genres, then perhaps as few as 20 shows could graduate them beyond a noob.

So it's more a case of variety than just raw completed count, IMO.
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Jan 22, 2:22 AM

Feb 2022
Atleast 50 complete shows and few below 7 rating shows
Jan 22, 2:29 AM

May 2018
Numbers are not important. What you need to stop being a noob is understanding. 
Mean score over 7.5 means you are a noob who is still unable to distinguish things.
When you have nothing in Dropped section, you are definitely a noob.
When someone's list is abundant with cheap braindead muck like ecchi, harem, romcoms, cry baits, moe baits, battle shounen, and nothing else, they are noobs. Even if they have 1000+ completed.
When someone's favorites are only those from top 50, they are noobs.
When they haven't watched anything aired before 2010, they are noobs.
Nemo_NiemandJan 22, 3:17 AM

Jan 22, 2:51 AM

Sep 2018
When their favourites aren't all battle shounen or among the top 100 most popular (even if I like them too). Some people will reach that point after 100-200 completed anime, some others later. I don't mean "noob" in an offensive way, since everyone used to be a noob at some point.
NirinboJan 22, 2:54 AM
Jan 22, 3:19 AM

Aug 2018
100 sounds about right. But of course just because you watched 100 battle shounen or cheap romcoms doesn't mean I will respect your opinion. I expect to see some variety there, some of sign an actual human intelligence. If you only follow the trends then you'll always be a noob.
epidemia78Jan 22, 3:29 AM
Jan 22, 3:41 AM
Apr 2022
More than 4 should be enough I think.
Jan 22, 3:44 AM

Jun 2017
I consider them to not be one when they delve deeper into anime, past the "Super Popular Shonen" entry level tier and go a little deeper. The big 3 and other super popular shonen like them are pretty much where everyone starts and once you get past that, i consider that to be the end of "Noob" Territory.
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Jan 22, 4:22 AM

Jul 2021
tomasowa said:
Never realised watching anime was a profession.

It isn't, it barely even qualifies as a hobby, as it's just consuming mass media entertainment.

So I guess you are no longer a n00b if you worked on 5 seasons.
Jan 22, 4:30 AM

Sep 2021
I don't know, maybe when they've watched like 50 anime and have their own tastes and preferred genres I guess, at that point it's not really just watching what's popular at the moment it's just watching what you wanna watch, I think 
Jan 22, 4:32 AM

Jan 2017
After 30-50 completed series. It also depends on the type of shows they watch. For instance if they only watch the most popular show at any given time but have been doing so for a while I would consider them a noob.

Jan 22, 5:05 AM

Aug 2020
We call it newbie and they must have at least 100 completed with at least 50 serials and 25 movies from many different franchises, studios (can't have everything Ghibli and/or Sunrise) genres, demographics, source materials and from min 3 diff decades to not be considered one.
Jan 22, 5:25 AM
Laughing Man

Jun 2012
If your knowledge of anime extends back further than 5 years, I think you're at least on the way to graduating from being a noob.
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