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Jan 21, 5:28 AM

Nov 2011
Ah the past affecting the present...

I do like how this anime does its world building this way. Still, Dariel should hopefully move on from his past and realize that in the present, he has a decent future too if he can make it work. And heh, this anime does make Marika look a bit clumsy at times. Wonder if that's a recurring gag.
Stark700Jan 21, 5:36 AM
Jan 21, 5:28 AM

Feb 2018
Marika-san really cares about Dariel-san. Several questions arose and Dariel decided to ask the village chief. Dariel know something that the village of Rakusu, which was once a prosperous inn town, is destined to die because the nearby mine has been captured by the demon tribe. However, the mine is Dariel's old workplace, the Mithril Mine. After a long absence, Dariel goes to the mine, where he is reunited with his former subordinates and his changed workplace...

Dariel tried to visit the mithril mine, it was a castle. Although it was the former territory of his former subordinates but Dariel had to be vigilant because Dariel had not joined the demon tribe. Dariel disguised himself as a box and Dariel realised that the situation of the mithril mine seemed suspicious.

Dariel entered the mithril mine cave. There Dariel met dwarf friends who were working as miners. Dariel was really welcomed warmly, even the dwarf had to queue in order to shake hands with Dariel.

It seems that the big boss has arrived. The boss demanded that the dwarves work even harder in order to get a lot of mithril. The boss is bastard, the boss actually doesn't know the situation that happened in the mine. This is interesting because the dwarves are on strike. That's a cool rebellion.

The big boss's army is on fire, the boss orders his army to kill all the dwarves. Dariel tried to protect the dwarves. Pantsu? seems interesting, lol... Hentai-san. It was an intense fight, Dariel-san really beat them all. To activate the magic, the magic caster needed time to cast the magic. Dariel-san planned to defeat them before they finished casting the magic spell.

Although Dariel-san couldn't cast magic but Dariel-san used to be the general of the demon army so there was no doubt that Dariel-san could defeat them all. The big boss is not a demon leader but the big boss is just an aide to run the mithril mine. The punishment that Dariel-san gave to the big boss was balding the big boss's hair.

It seems that the dwarf is worried that there will be another big boss who is more cruel to lead the mithril mine, but yahhh the dwarf can rely on Dariel-san.

Dariel-san and Otou-san, it seems like everything has gone smoothly. The Mithril Mine issue was also resolved with the guild. After the Mithril Mine was reconciled, as a result many miners came to Rakusu village.

Rakusu village has really triumphed. Marika-san came and invited Dariel-san to eat together. This was the first time Dariel-san called Marika-san by first name. That's a awesome hug, lol...

End ~

Jan 21, 6:03 AM

Apr 2010
Marika is a bit careless with her power when greeting Dariel she has a hard time controlling her power when she is enthusiastic.
Well at least it shows she cares about him.

Dariel facing of his old employer was nice and it seemed he learned them a thing or two, the question is will they take the lessons to heart.
It's also nice to see the village reviving a bit tho that doesn't always have to be a good thing.
Jan 21, 6:58 AM
Oct 2021
Marika has become an annoying running gag
Jan 21, 7:28 AM

Dec 2020
Dariel shows his skills to defend the knockers and he really is good at fighting.
Lol how he really knows every name of the knockers.
P O S I T I V E V I B E Sシ

Jan 21, 7:30 AM

Dec 2022
this is great the story is developing and even darial managed to save the village
Jan 21, 7:53 AM

Feb 2019
This was a really good episode for some world building, also followed up on last week’s 4 general meeting by continuing to show how much Dariel is respected by the demon king army.

I love how marika is obsessed with Dariel calling her by her name without honorifics yet she still calls him with one lol
Jan 21, 8:27 AM

Sep 2009
I fear for Dariel if he and Malika ever decide to have sex...
Jan 21, 9:05 AM
Jul 2021
This would have been an alright episode. The beginning of the excursion was atmospheric, and the mine plot itself was decent, if uninspired. The fight being a barely animated slideshow however completely killed my enjoyment. I realize these generic power fantasy animes get churned out at an unbelievable rate with shoestring budgets, but they could've allotted some more attention to these kinds of scenes and cheaped out on the filler.

This is still my favorite of the many many generic fantasies this season though, so I'll keep watching. 5/10.
Jan 21, 9:08 AM

Jun 2015
Nachtwandler_21 said:
I fear for Dariel if he and Malika ever decide to have sex...
rest in peace, pelvis 🙏
Jan 21, 9:35 AM

Jul 2017
Man, Malika has the feeling of the last Farming Isekai show's mom, EXACTLY.

The problem that plagues Malika's Lux Village: its bustling population grown stale thanks to a mythril mine that attracts demons, and for the longest time, has not been reclaimed by humans. And for Dariel, the mine is his old workplace to go back to help the people out and talk to the Knocker demon minions that he recognized. Sadly, the minions were part of the economic restructure of the demons under a new commander that Dariel doesn't recognize and serving under Lord Bashbarza, and Dariel came in full clutch of their aid.

Against Dariel and the Knockers, the non-combatant commander being a lackey of Lord Bashbarza, Dariel easily wins in this 1-vs-1 fight. With the Knockers following Dariel regardless of human or demon and the successful reclamation of the mythril mine, leaving tasks to Dariel to once again fulfill Lux Village back to its former glory, it's a dream long come true, and Malika definitely is infatuated over Dariel.

A good episode, for once.
Jan 21, 10:27 AM

Mar 2016
justmadness said:
Nachtwandler_21 said:
I fear for Dariel if he and Malika ever decide to have sex...
rest in peace, pelvis 🙏
We'll remember as a brave knight, with an ugly face in the key visual.
No tomo malas decisiones, solo me gusta apoyar causas perdidas.
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Así de jodido es mi gusto en anime, ¡Y estoy pinche orgulloso de ello!

Jan 21, 11:26 AM
Aug 2015
Dariel says he wants to protect the knockers. Is that a double-entendre?

Jan 21, 12:06 PM
Dec 2022
It was sweet of Dariel to care about the Knockers, they are pretty cute. It was interesting to see soldiers from the demon kings army to not kill those who don't fight, I assumed they'd be merciless like all the other in anime. And man Malika has gotten more aggressive with her love, and at the end she was this close to confessing! I love it!!
Jan 21, 12:38 PM
Jan 2023
A pretty good episode so far. The main character has a little bit of development in this episode along with a little bit of the history of the world is shared in this one. I didnt feel like watching this was time wasted.
Jan 21, 1:30 PM

Feb 2022
The knockers lining up one by one to get praised by Dariel was very cute, and him knowing all their names is crazy. Marika needs to chill a little, I would love for her to have more depth than obsessively in love and super strength. Even so she's growing on me a bit, great to see the village thrive and for Dariel to get some proper thanks.
Jan 21, 2:29 PM

May 2019
So it looks like Dariel is now protecting the knockers.... both the ewok looking miners and Marika, yeah.

Now that the humans have control of the mine the village is now more bustling with more people around which is nice. By the way, was that a huge bento box that Marika was carrying at the end there?
Jan 21, 4:05 PM

Aug 2014
He getting back the mithril mine like it was nothing XD
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Jan 21, 5:07 PM

Sep 2018
This is that average filler fantasy show of the season, nothing amazing, but nothing too off-putting (other than some slideshow fighting). 
Jan 21, 7:28 PM
Jan 2023
I'm glad it feels like it's starting to take off.
Jan 21, 7:31 PM
Jan 2023
Nachtwandler_21 said:
I fear for Dariel if he and Malika ever decide to have sex...

he's gonna have to go full adventure mode for sure 😄
Jan 21, 7:39 PM

Sep 2022
Marika is actually causing more damage to him than anyone else so far lol.

Also once again we are shown how well respected Dariel is in the demon king army and also how powerful and smart he is.

Jan 21, 9:45 PM

Mar 2013
I finally get to see those little cuties in the OP!!!

It's not that I dislike this genre but... to add unnecessary fan services to/in/for heroines
and ultimately destroys her character and personality; their purity tarnished because of it,
is the only thing I hope to not happen to them. For that sole purity is my fan service.
Jan 22, 4:11 AM

Oct 2017
The knockers are so cute. Poor Dariel, wonder how long he'll be able to handle Malika.
Jan 22, 3:27 PM

May 2018
Dariel secretly loved those panties
Jan 22, 5:02 PM

Oct 2022
Oh my god, those fantasy Jawas were so amazingly cute. I need a Knocker plushie asap.
Jan 22, 8:11 PM

May 2015
I was liking the episode until the one man army fight. I didn't like it.

When protag brought up protecting the Knockers to the Chief I thought he was going to argue his case at least a little, maybe saying they had been treated horribly and were open to working with the humans instead. But nope, he just bowed and said "Please!"
I face palmed, because convincing the Chief was important and he couldn't expect just a "Please!" to work.

In other anime where these kind of "Just believe me" situations appear, protags saying "just believe me!" is more understandable because most of the time they can't explain the situation (for various reasons). But here there were enough potentially convincing reasons that he could have told the Chief while also omitting he used to work there.

costmuffled said:
Dariel says he wants to protect the knockers. Is that a double-entendre?
Jan 22, 8:35 PM
Mar 2020
It seems that the main mission is "will the main character survive until the end of the story against Marika?"!
Jan 23, 3:37 AM

Aug 2013
At this rate, Marika might just end up killing Dariel lol.

It's funny how Dariel single-handedly took back the mine like it was nothing. It would be interesting to see how other people react to that.

Jan 23, 11:25 AM

Nov 2013
Gashita for sure is having fun annoying Dariel haha
wow, as cute as Marika is, she really needs to control herself, wtf was that hug? holy shit dude, i thought they were gonna destroy that tree
at least she was thinking about that accident by sitting in the corner lol

guess he needs a map to explain why there's many empty houses, couldn't he just say people left or died? i guess they needed an excuse to show the map :D
the village is close to the mithril mines, so once the village had a lot of people, but the demons stole the mines (wonder if Dariel was part of that), so the village became almost deserted and will probably die soon (unless Dariel and Marika have 20 kids lols)

Dariel using a crate with a small hole was funny, i'm sure he would still get noticed if there was anyone there at all

entering the mine, there was a line of little demons and they all wanted some pats, how cute (this reminds me of Ayakashi Triangle, there was a scene like this in ep1)
LOL them calling him idiotbaza and uglybaza, nice one haha

lmao seeing the little guy hit the guy in the head was deserved, but at the same time it's bad news, Dariel can't watch anymore as they get into a fight

LOL uff that mask being dirty pants is kinda funny but ok, he can't even take them off now

there we go with the not wanting to hurt the enemy at all, he even sealed his sword, is he looking down on those soldiers?
i mean, he know their spells and stuff so he easily stops them all, and then jumps that guy, imagine calling himself non combatant when he was throwing spells at them like a piece of... look at him running after losing his hair haha

when i heard them talking about going whereever Dariel was, i imagined they would fill those empty houses, nice
the village is getting more people from outside since the mines are on human side again... Dariel already easily saved the village, even tho the village chief had already given up
meanwhile... Marika is at it again, Dariel back to sleeping lol
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Jan 24, 11:56 AM
Aug 2019
Third episode, and I think I'm going to see this one through :D

The knockers were adorable ^_^ I love how they all lined up for headpats. They're so cute! I need a plushie of them lol

I also love how despite Dariel was called useless, he's actually the one who made everything work properly in the demon army and I assume we'll be seeing more examples of how useful he really was.

And well there really isn't much I think I dislike about this anime so far, apart from maybe Malika. Like seriously I don't think I would mind if she wasn't in this, but I also don't mind her too much I guess? Idk it's just something I've been thinking about since she really doesn't add to the story apart from fanservice but whatever, I've seen worse. Either way though, loving this so far, and it's honestly better than I was expecting!
Jan 26, 1:37 AM
Oct 2019
Dariel took back the mine like it was nothing lol
Jan 26, 5:20 AM

May 2015
Those knockers are pretty adorable. Also imagine being promoted to commander of a squadron because you can breakdance! Hopefully Bashbarza makes better decisions. But I doubt he will. I'm glad Dariel was able to restore a decade long loss and recover the mine!
Jan 28, 3:15 PM

Nov 2012
Bakabaka-sama just didn't like Dariel because of his father obviously. "Father liked you best" sibling jealousy. Dariel seemed like the shit. 

Malika is gonna kill him if he doesn't start dodging.
dragynfaerieJan 28, 3:20 PM
Jan 28, 6:23 PM

Feb 2019
of all the things to grab and use as a face mask, he had to grab someone else's undies lol no wonder it smelt funky lol
Jan 31, 3:19 PM
Jun 2012
Lost his hair lost his pride.
Feb 2, 5:55 PM
Nov 2011
well that kind of escalated quickly didnt it?
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Feb 4, 11:34 AM
Boss Level

Jun 2015
Cant help lovin the nokkers. This story is showing promise as I sense its one of those where MC is epic but trying to lead a quite life, which never actually happens
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Feb 15, 7:10 PM
Jul 2017
Feb 17, 4:16 PM

Mar 2010
Every wagie boss needs to watch this fucking anime, it really opens up ya'lls eyes.

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