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Jan 20, 9:24 AM

Nov 2011
Haha, Liseselotte can be ladylike and also unladylike at the same time.

Fiene is also starting to feel more like a breakout character from this anime, not just for her fighting talent but also open minded personality. She can also show anger too when pushed, a classic gag in these type of shows. 
Jan 20, 9:25 AM

Feb 2018
Endou and Kobayashi were watching a baseball. Flashback from Endou-kun, Endou-kun used to play baseball but he had to quit due to an arm injury... Hearing that, Kobayashi encourages Endou-kun once again not to give up. Next comes the part of Lieselotte and her friends, with the goal of getting "the happiest ending out of the best". In the game, tsundere Lieselotte gets into trouble again and not only Siegwald but even Feine starts to take an interest in Siegwald.

In the class flashback, Endou-kun was about to be selected as a baseball player. Kobayashi made to do something that the classmates wouldn't vote for Endou. Actually, Endou-kun never told me that he used to play baseball. Kobayashi knew this because Kobayashi had seen Endou play baseball. It was a sad story in the game of baseball.

Okayyy this is was surprised, since they could only play the otome game when they were together. Kobayashi had tried playing the otome game alone but it wouldn't open / played. Also, once they rolled the dice, they couldn't repeat the chosen path. So they only had one chance to avoid the bad ending.

It was the magic school scene. Siegwald was walking together with Lieselotte. It seem like Lieselotte looked happy when Feine used the stick that Lieselotte gave to her. But yahhh, in this game, using a ribbon on a wand is a sign that the person holding the wand likes someone with the same hair colour as the ribbon.

Feine used a yellow/blonde ribbon, which Lieselotte misunderstood. She thought that Feine fall in love to Siegwald, but Feine actually took from the book ribbon that Lieselotte gave to her. The uniform was also given by Lieselotte. Lieselotte really cares about Feine. Actually, Feine uses the yellow ribbon because Feine respects Lieselotte. This could be the yuri route.

Seeing tsuntsun Lieselotte is  so cute. Lieselotte uses a ribbon that symbolises Siegwald.

For some reason, I wasn't interested in the scene of Feine walking into the forest with Baldur. It seemed like they were doing some training. They also discuss futago/twins, which will later refer to marriage. By killing monsters, adventurers can get food and gold. Is that the appearance of the "black bear"? Baldur tries to fight the black bear alone but yaahhhh, is it a future? Feine can see the future... With Feine's support, Baldur managed to beat the black bear. Feine complained because Baldur ignored Feina's warning who had ordered him to retreat. Even Feine here makes an admission that Feine is stronger than Baldur.

Baldur's weakness is Feine. Baldur will not lose against monsters, Baldur will lose against Feine and only Feine.

Lieselotte sleeping outfit, kawaiii... Has the witch begun to move? Lieselotte's shadow seemed to turn into a witch.

the actor can control Feine as a player? I'm sure there will be a third player.

Jan 20, 10:43 AM
Sep 2015
I feel like this should be the time that characters other than Sieg can hear God's voice as well, it'd be quite boring if Sieg is the only character that can hear the voice-over through the whole anime.
Jan 20, 10:58 AM

Jan 2018
Lieselotte being really cute as always. Fine and Baldur getting some developments.
Jan 20, 11:15 AM

Jan 2018
Endo wanted to be a baseball player. But life had other plans for him. Good for him, he met someone like Kobayashi to inspire him and set him on a new path that's not too dissimilar to his original goal. Damn, I didn't come to this anime for feels...

That ribbon fiasco was hilarious. Especially Fiene and Lieselotte's reactions.

Seems like Fiene has some sort of precognition ability. And there's another person in the real world trying to interact with the game characters. This could get interesting.

And one thing. Aren't these alphabets the same ones used in the Re:Zero world? They might not be the exact same but they look very similar. Lazy, if the same.
Jan 20, 12:02 PM
Jul 2022
phantomfandom said:
I feel like this should be the time that characters other than Sieg can hear God's voice as well, it'd be quite boring if Sieg is the only character that can hear the voice-over through the whole anime.

Agreed, it would be a novel development. Instead we had diverging developments and not much, if any(?) direct trans-dimensional interaction (which is novel in itself) this time around. Now, if the gods could talk with everyone the drama might get too watered down. They could take it in so many directions from this point.
Jan 20, 12:34 PM

Dec 2021
this show is unexpectedly wholesome. Charecters are enjoyable but that prince feels like an NPC. Technically he is but he hasn't done anything but standing and admiring Lisse's cuteness.
"๐‘ต๐’‚๐’•๐’–๐’“๐’† ๐’Š๐’” ๐’๐’Š๐’Œ๐’† ๐’‚ ๐’“๐’–๐’๐’‚๐’˜๐’‚๐’š ๐’…๐’–๐’Ž๐’‘ ๐’•๐’“๐’–๐’„๐’Œ: ๐’‰๐’๐’•, ๐’‡๐’‚๐’”๐’•, ๐’‚๐’๐’… ๐’‡๐’–๐’๐’ ๐’๐’‡ ๐’ˆ๐’‚๐’“๐’ƒ๐’‚๐’ˆ๐’†."
Jan 20, 12:50 PM

May 2015
Endou seemed like a simple guy, but he was actually a sports protagonist before. I quite liked that backstory, no wonder he developed feelings towards Kobayashi. She noticed him even back when he was still in the team, that's really nice.

It was interesting to see Fiene and Bal story as well.

Lieselotte is cute indeed.
Jan 20, 1:16 PM
Dec 2022
Hmm... someone else knows about the connection to their world, but can't connect. Wonder if it has something to do with Ednou and Kobayashi being able to connect. Hmmmm
Jan 20, 1:57 PM
Sep 2015
0451 said:
And one thing. Aren't these alphabets the same ones used in the Re:Zero world? They might not be the exact same but they look very similar. Lazy, if the same.
Those runes have been an RPG staple since at least Ultima back in the 1980s. Though they're obviously using the royalty free version.
strayaliveJan 20, 2:01 PM
Jan 20, 3:16 PM
Ero Ojisan

Jun 2019
Wow. Baldur already confessed to Fiene and now Fiene is acting like a tsundere.
Jan 20, 4:04 PM

Dec 2013
So Fiene is on some sort of NG+, max stats and while faint she had a recollection of a route where Baldur dies, a welcome backstory about Endou and why he has feelings for Kobayashi.
Jan 20, 4:14 PM

Dec 2018
Got some nice backstory on how Endo and Kobayashi originally met, Endo’s backstory is tragic but it’s nice to see how much his life has turned around thanks to Kobayashi, I hope the two of them hook up by the end like Sieg and Lieselotte! And we also got some interesting info regarding the game, you can’t make new saves in case you mess up so there are no do overs and Kobayashi can only play with Endo present, what sorcery is this lol.

And there were some good Lieselotte moments once again, it looks bad at first with the wand fiasco but it quickly turned around once the truth was revealed, Sieg asking Artur if it’s too cute was great lol. And Fiene had a good bit with Baldur too, it’s interesting to see she could remember him dying but she thankfully saved him and she got her own tsundere moment lol. It was also nice to see Lieselotte’s younger sisters, the youngest was funny with that thumbs up lol. And we saw that actor guy at the end again, he’s trying to do the impossible and reach the game world seems like lol.
Jan 20, 4:17 PM

Oct 2022
Oh Endo's past :( It was cute when he got emotional with Kobayashi's words. And now Fiene is a tsundere like Lieselotte lol. The episode was good :) 
Jan 20, 6:11 PM

Sep 2019
That's quite dark knowing someone is defiling our characters. At least he didn't know about his power yet. But once he realize that he can influence witch it'll be chaos.
C6R5 Raiden
Jan 20, 6:24 PM
Apr 2012
Animation was a lot better in this one. I think I'll stick with it.
Jan 20, 7:25 PM
Aug 2020
I won’t lie, I love this concept, really original, and the story is really good, the tempo is perfect
Jan 20, 7:49 PM

Jul 2017
Endo and Kobayashi's time continued with baseball, the one thing that pushed the former's life forward, until a severe injury stopped his interest entirely, only for the latter to bail him out, thus saving him from sports. The only thing left now of him is his voice, which Kobayashi can make that useful through commentary. But the Otome game can only be played with both of them, so they have to stick close together ti save everyone from certain death.

That said, having a ribbon's color be the desired affection of the opposite sex, Fiene unconsciously declares war with Lieselotte. But the ribbon was actually used for a book bundle, so the misunderstanding is cleared immediately. Sieg learning the "yuri" aspect of Fiene and his own fiancé, plus the matching ribbon in white and gold, the "tsun de rais" easily shows through. Baldur chastising Liese for bullying Fiene, that's not the case though, and as much as he is wed to one of Liese's siblings with the sword-wand hybrid as a family heirloom, he doesn't want to, and goes stress-relieving with Fiene in the forest, facing strong monsters.

It's clear that Baldur loves Fiene just as much as he has a special weakness for her, what a smooth lad to enact another tsundere.

Other than Endo and Kobayashi, there is someone else trying to break into their world as well, but what's his motive? Chaos is coming...
Jan 20, 10:43 PM

Feb 2019
Awesome episode. Really no shock why Endo likes Koboyashi so much. Sticking up for him like that in front of the whole class was really cute. She’s got such a pure heart. Back in the game world, the Yuri teasing with Liese and Fiene was really cute. Seeing Fiene tense up and run away from Bahl like Liese would do was hilarious. A ship with them would be nice.

Another great ep.
Jan 20, 10:59 PM

Jan 2018
strayalive said:
0451 said:
And one thing. Aren't these alphabets the same ones used in the Re:Zero world? They might not be the exact same but they look very similar. Lazy, if the same.
Those runes have been an RPG staple since at least Ultima back in the 1980s. Though they're obviously using the royalty free version.
Damn, I had no idea. I guess Kadokawa didn't want to invest into stuff that don't matter much.
Jan 20, 11:37 PM

Mar 2020
I'll give it one more episode, but this will probably be a drop for me next week. If nothing else, just to hear the ED again would make it worth it. 

lucina main
Jan 21, 12:04 AM

Nov 2021
This show is literally the definition of cute, it reminds me of Love after World Domination from last year. I'm glad that Endou and Kobayashi are also getting development, they are a perfect match for each other. This show balances the serious and comedy tone well.
Jan 21, 12:27 AM
Mar 2021
This show is really good, honestly, this episode cements it with that really sweet, sad backstory for Endo. rarely is a romance show that convincing in establishing why one of the main characters would fall in love with another, but...anyone would fall in love with Kobayashi in that situation. jfc. an actual angel. 
also the ED is REALLY GOOD wtf.
Jan 21, 2:38 AM

Nov 2019
You da man, Baldur. That's right, say it to her face!!
Jan 21, 2:43 AM

Dec 2021
The ending scene kinda sus, next episode off we go
Jan 21, 2:46 AM

May 2015
Liselotte sure can shift from Tsun De Rais to Yan De Rais in an instant! Don't break her heart Sieg! That's not an expression you want to see! Also after that confession I'm totally on the Fiene and Baldur ship!
Jan 21, 5:34 AM

Apr 2016
what a boring episode. I mean, liese is cute sure but the plot just goes nowhere. Its just a constant cycle of random bullshit, liese blushing and the prince saying 'kawaii' and 'tsundere'. The bad animation isnt helping things at all too. Atleast we got some backstory on endou
Jan 21, 7:05 AM

Mar 2013
Adorable episode and I can't wait to see what's the deal with that cliffhanger as well. This series is getting interesting.
It's not that I dislike this genre but... to add unnecessary fan services to/in/for heroines
and ultimately destroys her character and personality; their purity tarnished because of it,
is the only thing I hope to not happen to them. For that sole purity is my fan service.
Jan 21, 7:38 AM

May 2018
Endou and Kobayashi are the best pair of the show :D nice to see Endou has overcome his lowest point. Now let's see how we save Liselotte :D
Jan 21, 1:05 PM
Jun 2021
Endo's backstory uncovered some of my old wounds regarding the passion & admiration for a sport but couldn't make into it further due to an unfortunate event, the pain that you feel at that moment is just immeasurable, the same thing which I had to face after a joint fracture & not being able to do 100% recovery

Though that being dead part felt something exaggerated to me but the love for his favourite sport definitely made me realise my own love for my favourite sport, they nailed this one for me & what Kobayashi did for him definitely helps us to get clue why he admires or actually likes her

Coming back to the Liese tan, she is adorable as always & prince is probably one of the most foolish characters I have seen XD! Although that doesn't makes him bad & yeah it won't make sense if the final confession comes too early than the scheduled runtime

Baldur pulled out a chad straight face 2 face proposal card, although it felt rushed to me, I don't mind too much as the other quality of this show won't let me stick on a single mistake for a longer duration

Some shows made you feel like "this is something which was made especially for me", and this is definitely one of those I can verify it was made for me, definitely has a lot of potential to rise even above

Hoping for it to get even more interesting & get some recognition in the community
Jan 21, 7:43 PM
Nov 2018
No wonder Endo's got a crush! Kobayashi probably gave him the kindest advice of his life. I'd be invested in these kids even without the otome plot (which is also still really cute).
Jan 22, 10:28 AM
Feb 2021
one of the surprises of this season. fun anime to pass the time.
Jan 23, 8:56 AM

Nov 2013
(yay time for best girl of the season)

Fiene taking paper from the trash, she doesn't want to waste resources lol i kinda expected Liese to give her some of hers, maybe later :D

sad moment when it's time to leave and go home, they want to stay and play forever :p

that dance part at the end of the opening song, Liselotte sure has a beautiful smile, wow

nvm they left the game to watch baseball, boooooo, boring :D
some backstory for Endou, he liked baseball (and i guess that's why he is trying to commentate over the game, maybe he wants to stay in the game even if he can't play anymore)
well, no it wasn't for that reason , Kobayashi made him join while trying to save him from the tournament
she has a cute Liselotte keychain tho, i want one
maybe it wasn't for that reason, but it ended up being for that reason, Endou now wants to be a caster, Kobayashi saved his life

as if it wasn't already strange that they can talk with the characters, the game also can't be played unless both of them are there, and no revives allowed, damn that's hard
let's not let anyone die, everyone shall end happy :D

senpais showing off to the juniors, and there's the little Fabian with a big pterodactil lols

next, we have Fiene with a golden ribbon, Liselotte going nuts thinking it was a declaration of war LOL
oh, i said earlier i expected her to give her some papers, and she did indeed... along with a ribbon, geez Liese, don't forget such a detail hahaha
Liese really giving Fiene a lot of love, even if she hides it under a ton of insults
oh yeah, i wonder why Liese would have a ribbon related to her fiance, how strange :D the best part, she made it herself, what a devotion of affection
now, as a commission, she will have to make one for him too, what an hassle (or not)

just like the ice magician from this season, we have the definition of tsundere "a sweet personality hidden behind a prickly behaviour" (or arrogant in the other one)

13:50 - i like that Fiene says stuff like "no one would ever go between the 2 of you when you love each other so much" when in the actual game she actually did exactly that

oh so according to Ball/Fiene, Liese is a cat who accidentally scratched a lion LOL i mean that's cute too, as usual she had to "gush" out of there in embarrassement

Fiene wants to hunt for food, and Bal has to follow (because of orders, not like he would want to be with her right? lol)
she hits the teacher and he smiled ... i thought he was somehow happy that Fiene had someone with her, but apparently he is sadistic so maybe that's not the reason of that smile...

16:34 a sword that also works as a wand, where have i seen that this season? oh yeah, Tensei Oujo <3
he is supposed to marry one of Lise sisters , 2 of them don't want it, and the only one who accepts it is probably the youngest one, too young to understand what she said LOL

entering the mountain, and they easily beat every single monster that appears in front of them, but i wonder how they don't get dirty from all the blood (if they got dirty, they should go visit Ryoma slimes hahaha)

if they hunt the monster, maybe they will get a ton of gold coins from the kingdom... (that reward would be helpful if they wanna gather 80000 coins for their retirement)

the monster came hunt them instead, Bal tried to act as a guard but that triggered some kind of memory in Finne (i wonder if those were her parents or something), so she went ahead and boosted him so he one shot the monster
she was really mad at him there, he knows he is weaker than her, and might die... again?
but what did she man by again? was that vision a few seconds before, of her and Bal?

lmao, so he loses every time, not because Fiene has maxed stats, but because he can't hurt a cute girl, or at least not this one :D is this a confession?
i guess Liese is not the only one who can get embarrassed by her partner in this anime haha
funnily enough, she admitted that she is acting like Liese, kawaii
too bad we didn't see the main duo reaction to this

meanwhile Liese is having fun making the ribbon but at the same time she is doubting the prince love, and turning into darkness, oh no

who dafuq is that guy at the end? is he trying to tsabotage the story that we have now?

the ending song, just like the op, also shows a cute smile from Lise at the end of the song :D

next episode... meat meat meat , don't miss it LOL
fav "new" girls winter season <3 (rip the other choices lol) click sig for more __________ delivery link
Jan 24, 10:10 PM

Apr 2017
@IgnatiusTheFirst would you mind giving me the source for your forum avatar/pfp?
Jan 25, 5:47 AM
Oct 2019
Endo backstory was so sad. 

Fiene x Bal starting?

Oh boy i knew it, that actor playing the game too.
Jan 25, 10:52 PM

Aug 2020
Some backstory on Endo and his gaming "buddy", who clearly likes him, at the very least subconsciously. Odd that the game can't be saved, is it really a game or a parellel dimension? Nice development between Fiene and Bal, Liselotte still can't see that the prince is really into her. Baka girl, turning to the dark side, if this continues...
Feb 3, 8:43 AM

May 2020
Yes you know tsundere syndrome is a contagious virus, I mean just look at Fiene. Getting more and more like Liese lol.

Also indeed that actor was the person who maxed the stats of Fiene when we saw them last episode.
Feb 9, 2:35 PM

Oct 2017
Sad backstory for Endo, he went through a lot but luckily he had Shihono there for him.

Lieselotte kawaii, once again she was really cute and really nice. Sieg can't help but love her. Baldur x Fiene was nice this episode, Baldur was smooth af. Seems like that guy from before is trying to connect to their world, he's the villain I assume?
Feb 11, 3:49 AM
Nov 2011
They should have named this one:

"My Fiance the Villaness can't be this cute! Help me Lord Endoh and Lady Kabayashi!"
Be thankful for those you have near who are dear
For time is not always kind to those who would be on your mind
Seize the day, some exclaim, but that which is past, no more shall have its day.
Feb 15, 8:17 PM

Sep 2010
Poor Endou. It's great that Kobayashi helped pick him back up once his baseball dreams were shattered.

Glad to see Fiene and Baldur get more development!

"to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world." -a magnet
Mar 10, 12:56 PM
Boss Level

Jun 2015
Soo cute! Fiene going all out on her inner tusundre
One day... I will kill you all. Just wait. I will not fail. I will kill you.... I wasn't there. I let myself be separated from you.

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