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Jan 17, 7:27 AM

Nov 2011
Oh boy, we got familiars, guilds, cooking, pretty much every JRPGish tropes you can find in a fantasy anime.

Feru seems like a good familiar to have around though and he seems even intimidating by looks. We also got food gimmicks too with the meat and cooking. 
Jan 17, 7:28 AM

Jun 2019
Feru just got his name since he didn't like the doggy names by Mukoda. LOL. But, he's a good boy. He waits for his own meal and then Mukoda feeds him. On top of that, he brings meat which is another one of his plus points. Nice. Other than that, your usual isekai stuff with guilds, etc.

It's so nice to see both Feru and Mukoda hanging around like it's nothing unusual. It's so funny and comfy at the same time. I'm enjoying it so much and man that food looks so delicious. The chibi ending was cute and funny. I feel bad for them. LOL.

Pre_YumJan 17, 7:33 AM
Jan 17, 7:28 AM

Feb 2018
Finally Mukouda had reached the town, Feru to become a contractor. It was time for the adventurers to part ways, the task of escorting Mukouda was over. It was a sad farewell because they couldn't taste the delicious food anymore. There was nothing suspicious but wasn't the fee to enter the town too expensive? I mean without the adventurer's badge Mukouda had to pay 5 gold coins?

Feru seems to be a legendary fenrir as a result they are feared by the townspeople. It was a delicious steak, really liked seeing Feru's expression when eating various kinds of meat. Even though it is meat but the seasoning used is different. Still, Feru likes meat the way he used to.

Didn't expect that salt could sell for that much. Maybe in isekai salt isn't that white, so yeah.... Looks like it will sell for a lot and expensive. Mukouda joined the guild, even so somehow this receptionist was not very friendly to new players, lol. The explanation about guild rank was too fast. All new player quests always started with finding herbs.

Jan 17, 7:32 AM

Feb 2020
It's time to get hungry again.

Very entertaining episode like the first one.

10 copper coins became 17 gold coins. Not a bad deal. :P

SerafosJan 17, 10:26 AM
Jan 17, 8:36 AM

Mar 2013
I feel like this episode was too short or I simply enjoyed this episode so much that I forgot the IRL time... lol

Fel is one heck of a character, he simply forced Mukoda to make a contract just to eat... lol...

This series is really interesting and shopping online for cheap really is a helpful skill (unlike those heroes who didn't get the real value of Mukoda's skill).

P.S. Fel is the name from Bilibili's translation of Feru.
It's not that I dislike this genre but... to add unnecessary fan services to/in/for heroines
and ultimately destroys her character and personality; their purity tarnished because of it,
is the only thing I hope to not happen to them. For that sole purity is my fan service.
Jan 17, 9:22 AM
Nov 2022
I need more anime with bright colours like this one, it's so nice on the eyes. Other than that standard isekai formula, it's building up
Jan 17, 9:27 AM

Mar 2021
Another enjoyable episode Mukoda is such an amazing cook and Fel is such a great familiar for Mukoda to have
Jan 17, 9:42 AM
Apr 2020
I really enjoyed the ep
Jan 17, 10:10 AM

Feb 2022
Usually shows with crazy powerful familiars like this make them shrink down or hide their power it's actually pretty neat that they're just letting him be a legendary beast. So far they haven't really explained the familiar contract I'm curious what benefits come from it, I'm sure we'll learn more later.

Loved that the adventure guilds receptionist isn't super happy and overly friendly like most shows especially when you see the regular patrons of it
Jan 17, 10:18 AM
Jan 2015
good soup yes very good
Jan 17, 10:29 AM

Dec 2007
I love this anime. Everything looks so tasty!

Jan 17, 10:37 AM

Feb 2019
This show makes me so hungry lol. That steak and rice bowl looked scrumptious. The garlic sauce was a perfect accompaniment. Just waiting for Mukodha to get close enough to Feru to start giving him head pats and good boys
Marinate1016Jan 17, 10:41 AM
Jan 17, 10:58 AM
Jan 2023
felt relieved after watch it. finally some good shit 🤠
Jan 17, 11:29 AM
Jul 2022
I'm loving this show. I do hope it keeps up with the chill vibe.
Jan 17, 11:36 AM
Aug 2021
really liked the second half of the ep, the steak bowl got me drooling
Jan 17, 11:41 AM
Oct 2017
Quite enjoyable. As a bonus, it opened my appetite.
I'm drooling.
Jan 17, 12:22 PM
Oct 2021
i’m envious of the food these characters get to eat
Jan 17, 1:04 PM
Boss Level

Jun 2015
I sense a hidden gem. Really enjoying the feel of the show
One day... I will kill you all. Just wait. I will not fail. I will kill you.... I wasn't there. I let myself be separated from you.
Jan 17, 1:15 PM
Aug 2019
Fel is awesome!

It's just the second episode and I love this so much! Really my only complaint is that the episodes seem short because I just enjoy them so much!

Also man the food looks delicious 🤤
Jan 17, 1:20 PM

Oct 2015
I am really loving this one so far 🥰 Feru loves the food so much that in his own way he respects Mukouda’s decisions and instructions. I love seeing what Mukouda will cook up next, and I’m excited to see how his business model plays out. I think the King won’t love that the Fenrir threatened his lackey. We’ll see how that one plays out. ⭐️
Jan 17, 1:48 PM

Sep 2018
It's my first merchant isekai since Honzuki and I'm enjoying the feel-good vibes of this way more than I expected so far, maybe I should've sought out these kinds of shows to begin with to get into the genre? I like how Mukhoda's power is the kind that never lets the viewer forget that he's indeed from another world unlike the majority of isekai which just turn into regular power fantasies after the first episode. How come he's so open about the foreign ingredients with Fel though? I suppose he has no reason to go around blabbering about it, his meals would be at risk after all. I love the gap moe with him being super powerful, majestic and intimidating but at the same time just a total sucker for the meals Mukhoda makes (no wonder 'cause that stuff looks delicious, MAPPA ain't playing with those sizzling animations). Overall, the characters are really charming so far – I can't wait to meet the adorable slime shown in the opening! (⁠人´ ▽`)
– Let's prove to 'em, with our everything, that
the lives of outsiders like us have value too! Gyahahaha~☆

Jan 17, 3:45 PM

May 2019
Warning, do not watch this while hungry. I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would and, besides the food, I like the comedy bits such as when Fel said he is not a dog, when he stared at Mukhoda when he was eating rice and then demanded some, etc. Also, it's good that Fel can hunt for his own food to free up Mukhoda to cook it and do other things.

Selling the salt and peppercorn was interesting as it has been used for trading hundreds of years ago (at least with the peppercorns) and was coveted for providing flavor to food. I've seen a few animes where the MC starts at G-rank and has to collect herbs but this anime is unique so I'm looking forward to that now that Fel is involved.
Jan 17, 4:08 PM

May 2018
ok that adventurer's guild lady was just a vibe lmao
Jan 17, 4:10 PM

Jul 2017
OST is quite decent.

Of all the names, treating Fenrir like a dog is a no-no lols. So Fels it is that Mukohda managed to tame, but this presents the same problem as it was back then when he was summoned. It's super easy for Fel to find monsters that are exquisite and have meat so tender worth cooking hearty meals for. Reaching the Kingdom of Veenan...and as expected, they get surrounded at the border, and Fel has to be tightly leashed together with Mukohda, otherwise it gets no meals. That said, Mukohda hasn't really applied for his adventurer status, but wanting a merchant status as well, so having the best of both worlds would actually benefit him in the long run. Getting stopped by a royal marquess servant requesting his and Fel's presence reeks the usual marketing sense but in nobility that they manage to avoid, and Mukohda's job with the Werners's party is done for escort.

Fixing the merchant side of things, and cooking meat with different sauce variations each and every time while cooking his own steak gyudon with the unnecessarily glistening food, it's a treat for the eyes. Going back to the Merchant's Guild to sell his findings, and all these items need the interpretation of the guild master himself, because it's fine salt and pepper that is bet and sold to high heaven because Mukohda didn't understand how to haggle, so 17 gold coins it is.

With that out of the way, it's to the Adventurer's Guild next, and the reception itself is the exact opposite. Mukohda's first quest to gather herbs, and seeing Fel's stats shouldn't really be a surprise. Well then, it's off to solo quests.
Jan 17, 5:04 PM

Jul 2012
One of the best anime this season!
張大です for 張大勇督察
Jan 17, 5:05 PM
Dec 2020
Cool chill episode per usual I really like the 5 hero members I hope they're gunna be a part of the main cast throughout the season.
Jan 17, 5:54 PM

Jan 2021
My dude found an infante money hack, now he can truly live a chill life in another world.

Also I just now realized Mukoda looks so different from the rest of the party. Other people are draw a little more realistically, meanwhile he's more cartoonish. You can literally tell he's from a different world, that's so neat.
Jan 17, 5:56 PM

Feb 2009
gyanburubii said:
How come he's so open about the foreign ingredients with Fel though? I suppose he has no reason to go around blabbering about it, his meals would be at risk after all.

Yep. He only cares about food. They skipped it her but Fel actually has Appraisal skill too. He saw Mukouda's stat board and learned that he came from another world. Mukouda made him shut up about it but Fel doesn't care about it as long as he gets food.
Jan 17, 6:48 PM

Sep 2022
pretty nice episode!!

It was funny seeing all the reactions to Feru and Mukouda just walking together in town, I honestly hope we see those adventures meet up again, they were pretty chill!!

Also from 10 copper to 17 gold, Mukouda is gonna make a killing in this world!

Jan 17, 8:00 PM
Feb 2021
This was a comfy watch, really looking forward to thr next one
Jan 17, 8:29 PM
Oct 2022

Jan 17, 9:06 PM
Aug 2020
I eat when i watch it, it was a good episode
Jan 17, 9:27 PM

Feb 2019
Man, I can't believe the episode's over in a flash! Can't they be longer?
Jan 17, 9:39 PM
Nov 2019
Good thing i was eating dessert while watching! Food looks delicious, they really put a lot of effort to make the food look appetizing to eat! 

I will now prepare food and eat it while i watch the episode next week. Can't wait
Jan 17, 11:00 PM

Jan 2021
good ep today with the fire dishes he cooking up 
Jan 17, 11:58 PM

Nov 2019
I feel sorry for those escort adventurers. Once you have tasted such delicious food, you could never go back to dried meat and thin soup.
Jan 18, 12:54 AM
Jul 2021
Nice finally a food restaurant will be established
Jan 18, 1:26 AM

Dec 2011
Watching this with an empty stomach is so cruel. I am so hungry now..
I love how chilling this episode was and it is going to be quite like that this whole show.
Jan 18, 1:52 AM

Oct 2016
Holy shit man, those meat are looking mad delectable. Now I am hungry and not just anything can satisfy my stomach, damn it show.

Mukouda's skill might not be good for battles, but boy is it busted for living.

Hope we see you again too Werner team.
Jan 18, 2:10 AM

Apr 2016
Nice episode.
The Fenrir has a new name, Fel!!!
Gold Pepper!!!


Hello, my litte boy!

Jan 18, 3:18 AM

Mar 2018
Man, watching this anime
is torture.

Jan 18, 3:29 AM
Apr 2018
it was good, i liked it
Jan 18, 5:10 AM

Dec 2015
The chars are nice and the comedy in this is jus tso great: No stupid slapstick/gag stuff. Not too over the top.
And nice with Fell and the other chars and their reactions + then the main having thoughts and inner monoloque on this.

The "battle" vs. the merchant guild master ... basically was totally fun because of this. Though (or because of it!) the main just thought about stuff and stayed silent - while the other guy increased the price. Then their butts falling down to the seat/bench - to further show that this was hard negotiation for both lol. :D (Main had to try to keep hidden that he got that stuff pretty easy.)

The main also is clever - not trying to make tons of money. He knows that others would get suspicious if he suddenly brought tons of salt and pepper from the online store to sell it - when that is considered super rare there.
Jan 18, 7:36 AM
Sep 2022
The food looked delicous, makes me hungry.
Jan 18, 7:49 AM

Jul 2019
How can they make such attractive food? Like this is art
Jan 18, 7:49 AM

Jul 2019
Renkini said:
Man, watching this anime
is torture.

I have been quite sick so I haven't eaten anything for over 30h so watching this was fun
Jan 18, 8:46 AM

Dec 2018
I’m a bit late to my Tuesday shows due to watching a concert but I finally got to them lol, this was a nice one. Food is looking extra scrumptious, the Fenrir is now known as Fel and I loved his attitude about people attacking him lol, and so far folks have been smart to not mess with him. And now Mukouda is a merchant and an adventurer, was kinda hoping he’d just be a merchant to assure SoL goodness but I guess having a massive wolf friend alluded to some action anyway lol. Those merchant girls were really pretty too, I also loved how uncaring the adventurer one was lol, definitely a realistic portrayal.

And the OP was really good, looking forward to meeting some characters shown, and I really liked the song too. No ED visuals yet but you could kinda hear it at the end, and I also liked the after credits segment featuring the party Mukouda traveled with, I like the cute art style too.
Jan 18, 11:36 AM

May 2015
That's cute.

Although, all these store-bought products look kinda weird and out of place in the fantasy environment. I wonder what he does about recycling. All the boxes and plastic. He can't be just throwing the trash away?! Or does he keep it in his magical storage place? If he has another ability to properly dispose of everything, that would be wonderful.
Jan 18, 5:36 PM
Jan 2023
greatest piece of literature
Jan 19, 4:26 AM
Jan 2022
Good story build up ! great job
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