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Jan 17, 6:57 AM

Nov 2011
Curran is starting to become my favorite character in the series, probably because she says what's on her mind and isn't afraid of holding back. We got a lot of her this episode too and seeing her fighting skills.

I wonder if this series will have a trend of focusing on every main character like this until we get a more complex story. 
Jan 17, 7:02 AM
Sep 2020
i really like the dynamic of the group . definitely a good episode overall I think ill continue watching
Jan 17, 7:05 AM

Apr 2016
Yeah, it kinda went without saying that the overly nice blonde dude is either gonna die or is a dick, as well as his group of people with no eyes and suspicious voices ... The betrayal was such a shock to our poor dragon girl, that she turned into a stalker.

And THANK YOU, really THANK YOU. For reminding me that fucking idols are part of this world.
Jan 17, 7:13 AM
Mar 2019
wholesome as always
Jan 17, 7:26 AM

Apr 2014
Curran's former party was fking terrible. Thankfully, her life now is getting better.
Jan 17, 7:31 AM
Feb 2021
Liked this episode, looks like they're gonna focus one episode on each character. Or the main story starts the next episode since there was a bit of teaser of "THE SWORD OF DE BOND". 

I love the ED. I absolutely love the song and the animation for it makes it even better.
Its "never fear" by Mao Abe for anyone wondering.
Jan 17, 7:46 AM
Mar 2021
This Episode flashback way too long :(
Jan 17, 7:47 AM
Feb 2021
Betrayal by her own teammate's it's really painful.
Jan 17, 7:51 AM

Oct 2017
Fifth seems like a nice guy, good thing Curran met him. Turning point for Survivors, let's see what happens.
Jan 17, 7:56 AM

May 2020
Okay but what about that monster gem Curran was so insisted to take back? She simply forgot? lol
Jan 17, 8:00 AM

Apr 2022
What's up with all these janky cg background characters that all look the same

Jan 17, 8:23 AM
May 2021
Curran's story was really good. Those scenes about her following that Fifth guy was so adorable ❤
Jan 17, 8:35 AM
Dec 2020
Finally, we get to see Curran's past. She is such an innocent girl.

But that Dragon King Gem, I think it's too important to just mention and then forget about it. Hope to see it got mentioned again with Curran's ex-party, so she can take revenge on them.
Jan 17, 8:41 AM
Jun 2020
definitely a sweet backstory for Curran and Fifth

I wonder if that idol is significant to the story or just another side character...?
Jan 17, 8:44 AM
Jun 2020
felixsifuri said:
What's up with all these janky cg background characters that all look the same

did you noticed this too? bro skipped lol

Jan 17, 8:46 AM
Jul 2022
This is a fun episode with solid cute dragon-woman background. Ugh, Curran's betrayal was heartbreaking, I hope she gets her stuff back, I have a feeling she will. The focus on her kind of shifted the momentum of the show a bit, like fiber in a well-balanced diet. I'm guessing it'll lead to a well-balanced overall story.
Jan 17, 8:48 AM

Jul 2017
Curran's backstory of the Dragonians, they're treated quite badly by the looks of it, that with her serving companion Calios, she's able to live on peaceful days and commit to the things that adventurers do: support and trust their party. Facing the pot snake with its immense danger, Calios and the gang have Curran's back, but it seems that the likeliest of companions become the biggest of bastards, and Curran definitely got the short end of the stick as a sacrificial pawn. Everything she believed in, it all came tumbling down in an act of brutal betrayal.

And just when things were getting tough for Curran, meeting the Solo Eater Fifs became her salvation, and she begins to mimic his every move to the point that she becomes a stalker. Fifs knows it, yet allows her to shadow him, which truth to be honest, is a heartwarming rags-to-riches story, that with food, needs money for support. This is the same for Nick, whp's trying to find a replacement pendant for Curran, which the advice from Agate to be who he is towards her, and Curran's good for whoever she is right now.

The Survivors are back to the same round table, only this time with heart and warmth, the fellowship of the betrayed. And their first mission: go to the Labyrinth of Bonds to find the sacred sword "the Sword of Bonds", I'm eagerly anticipating of their newfound party's dynamics.

A really good episode, the best so far.
Jan 17, 8:54 AM

Dec 2022
we finally got to know about the backstory of curren
Jan 17, 9:33 AM

Feb 2019
Curran best girl tbh. Her backstory really upset me, as nice as she is to be taken advantage of like that is horrible. Fuck calios. From the start he gave off “too perfect” of a vibe. It’s bad enough to betray someone but to finesse their valuables too, awful.

I actually really like the premise of this show. A group of misfits who’ve been rejected and betrayed coming together and believing in each other is really cool

Animation is extremely poor in this tho like did y’all peep fifs skipping thru the scene when he said excuse me lol
Jan 17, 10:43 AM
Aug 2019
This was a nice episode :D

Really happy we got to learn more about Curran's past, and I really hope she gets that stone back later on!

Third episode in and I'm loving this so far! Can't wait to see what's in store from here. Also I love that ED it's so cute!
Jan 17, 10:49 AM

Feb 2022
Hiruuu_ said:
felixsifuri said:
What's up with all these janky cg background characters that all look the same

did you noticed this too? bro skipped lol

The art and animation are definitely lacking, even last weeks episode had a similar funky scene, lots of close ups too. Never a good sign when it's struggling this early in production.

That said this episode wasn't terrible, it was good to see Curran's story. I can relate when it comes to drowning your problems and emotions in good food.
Jan 17, 11:01 AM
Jan 2023
tried but wasn't able to finish it. soooooooooooo boring 😓
Jan 17, 11:27 AM

Dec 2018
Curran character development episode. Not very exciting but she is very cute albeit not always sharp. I imagine we'll get more of this as the story progresses, which is fine by me, although first it looks like they're going to search for a sword.
Jan 17, 11:30 AM

Feb 2021
Poor Curran, how Carios and his group can do something so awful to her? It is horrible.

But I am so happy that she forgot all these misfortunes which happened to her and trust her new friends!
Jan 17, 11:32 AM

Dec 2018
lord_inosuke said:
tried but wasn't able to finish it. soooooooooooo boring 😓
starting to feel like this is a heavily character based story, as opposed to goal/action/adventure based although that's part of it obviously so don't be surprised if we get much, much more of this.
Jan 17, 12:20 PM
Boss Level

Jun 2015
I dont mind a little back story but I was hoping for some mad ass monster killing. As long as they spread eps like this out with mad ass monster killing inbetween I should be okay!
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Jan 17, 12:26 PM
Forum Moderator
Nov 2020
I'm enjoying the show more than I thought I would, Curran has been through a lot, I'm sure she will run into this blond guy again as the story progresses. I didn't like Curran that much at first, but now I think she's great. The narrator voice at the end caught me off guard, was there a narrator before? Can not remember anymore. I hope that Curran's magic stone thing will not be a plothole.
Jan 17, 12:48 PM

May 2019
So Curran almost got an entire episode dedicated to her background, I felt it went on a bit too long but it did illustrate that she was also backstabbed. From this she became a foodie (and stalker) and eventually met Nick and the rest of the team. I see why she didn't care that the pendant was cracked, in fact she was happy since that part of her life is done but I do hope she gets back the Dragon King's Jewel that got stolen.

I had forgotten all about idol girl but she ended up giving Nick some advice. Hope the action picks up in the next episode.
Jan 17, 1:16 PM

Nov 2016
While not quite as atmospheric as Grimgar, it definitely stands out among the fantasy shows we tend to get. Yet another enjoyable surprise this season.

The backstories of the characters could be considered dark enough, however

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Jan 17, 1:23 PM
May 2020
letting go of the past i see
Jan 17, 1:41 PM
Apr 2020
This show's main objective is to showcase that humans are scum and not trustworthy i'm calling it right now fifs will reappear as an enemy . 
Jan 17, 1:48 PM

Jun 2011
Curran is cute and was nice to see her do more, but this episode stunk on ice. Poor art and animation and jumped all over the place. Hopefully it gets better next week.
Jan 17, 2:01 PM

Sep 2018
There's really nothing about this show that stands out, three episodes of mediocre is enough for me.

Quantum ille canis est in fenestra
Jan 17, 4:42 PM
Jun 2012
Who is the blue haired girl? I might have fallen asleep last episode I'm drawing a blank.
Jan 17, 4:54 PM

Sep 2022
Ok that fifth guy was actually pretty chill but Kalios and his crew ain't it. Curran is slowly becoming my favourite in this series as well, it's nice to see her in a much better environment now with a much better group!! 

Jan 17, 5:59 PM
Nov 2018
Ya know, Calios, she probably would have been willing to tank that poison if you'd just let her in on the plan. Then you'd still have a terrifying Dragon girl on your side rather than hunting you to the ends of the earth. I mean, why bother fostering her loyalty for so long only to fuck her over? Was it xenophobia, or did you specifically want to rob her? Either way, looking forward to the vengeance.
Glad her fixation on Fifs (Fifths?) wasn't just the next step in a trauma conga line; he seemed good-natured. Curran becoming a foodie is really cute, and it's a (comparatively) practical coping mechanism/hobby.

It was nice to see the party members (at least Nick and Curran) hanging out and continuing to become friends. Nick earnestly wanting to make up for breaking the pendant, and Agate giving decent advice. Apparently they're getting a good reputation in town, too (details in the LN I guess?).

The animation quality seemed to dip in that last bar scene, but overall, a good time.
Jan 17, 7:18 PM

Mar 2016
The production's quality values are decreasing faster than I expected. 
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Jan 17, 7:29 PM

Aug 2016
Bro, honestly I think the writing on Carios betraying Curran made absolutely no sense or was it just me?
Whoever likes slice of life anime doesn't have any IRL friends.
Jan 17, 7:40 PM
Aug 2017
Wasn't there another quest/adventure before sword of bonds?
Feel like that was a bit later in the story
Jan 17, 7:48 PM

Jun 2011
I'm glad we were able to see Curran's own backstory, but I thought it was a bit strange. So she says that she's been adventuring with Calios for a while, and did everything she could for him. Clearly she's a valuable asset to the success of his party. Why did he just up and leave her there? I assume it's because he wanted that dragon jewel, but he never explicitly mentioned it. He just used her to defeat the pot snake, which I would guess he thought the poison would kill her. Sitting here contemplating the episode, I can see that he ultimately wanted the Dragon Jewel, but while watching the episode, I found it strange there was never any implication or hint that he wanted something from her. I feel like if it was shown that he had an interest in it, this would've made more sense. And did she just forget about the Dragon Jewel? Or did she just give up?

I also didn't understand the whole food thing until she explained that it filled a hole in her heart. And that reminded me that Nick used idols to fill the hole in his heart after the betrayal.

Curran is definitely best girl though. I think she's a total cutie.

Ultimately, I like the concept of this show, but the pacing is all over the place, the story feels aimless, and the backstories to each character weren't given enough time to develop which make them feel shallow. At least Curran got half an episode. The other two members got around 5 minutes. The whole show is built around the idea of characters who don't trust anyone due to a previous betrayal, but the story didn't do a good enough job to really hit home and make us feel their despair and anguish. And now seeing them all trusting and getting along with the locals? It just feels like things have moved too quickly without showing or explaining much. I'm hoping that they can start showing the team working together and gaining each other's trust, because I like the party and the concept, it just needs to be better executed.
Jan 17, 7:49 PM

Nov 2011
Curran's backstory could have been a little more drawn out imo. Like they seemed to put a big emphasis on that Dragon stone so I thought there would have been a bigger deal trying to find him.

But instead she just stalked some dude lol.

Good episode interested to see where this Labyrinth trip will take them.

They also made it clear that Dragon folk are meant to serve the Hero and Nick is clearly the hero which makes my Nick and Curran ship even better.
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Jan 17, 9:07 PM

Nov 2018
While the animation was still a bit scuffed, this episode was somehow way better than the previous 2. My hopes for this to be an OK show after all are slightly raised.

Fuck Calios or whatever his name is. I'm glad I have a real reason to care about one of the characters finally. Let's hope this continues!
Jan 17, 9:16 PM
May 2017
So this ep we found out how Curaan got betrayed, feels like I've seen this one before. Anyways this episode was good 7/10
Quanda1eDing1eJan 17, 9:21 PM
Jan 17, 9:43 PM

Feb 2016
tfw no Curran gf x.x
Sorry if my english is bad (っ˘▽˘)っ~~~
Btw, cry about it.
Jan 17, 10:11 PM
Dec 2022
Stark700 said:
Curran is starting to become my favorite character in the series, probably because she says what's on her mind and isn't afraid of holding back. We got a lot of her this episode too and seeing her fighting skills.

I wonder if this series will have a trend of focusing on every main character like this until we get a more complex story. 

Facts man shes been one of my favorites while reading the manga
Jan 17, 10:52 PM

Apr 2012
u know what? in a generic anime they will take the quest.... so surprise me by not taking it

Jan 17, 11:47 PM

Jul 2016
Droebie said:
Hiruuu_ said:

did you noticed this too? bro skipped lol

The art and animation are definitely lacking, even last weeks episode had a similar funky scene, lots of close ups too. Never a good sign when it's struggling this early in production.

That's GEEKTOYS (The king of inconsistency in animation quality) for you, so it's hardly any surprise at all. Lol
Jan 18, 2:26 AM
Apr 2020
It was moving, first seeing what Curran went through, only to emphasize the "almost last moment" of the episode. Seeing the characters develop seems to be the glue sticking my eyes on the screen.

Also, it seems more and more like this anime is trying to tell us something, like giving a helping hand in situations in life. For example, the broken pendant and the reason behind our "Stray Dog" wanting to give a replacement for it can be also applied in situations of our own life - even if we don't usually break the pendants of Dragonoids.

Buut, long story short, it was a great episode, really recommend it!
Jan 18, 3:56 AM
Sep 2022
Yeah, it was a little boring the backstory of Curran was a little long, I wished it came along with the backstories of the other characters
Jan 18, 4:15 AM
Viking Gnome

Dec 2018
We finally get to delve into Curran's backstory and how she was betrayed. She was left with a gaping hole in her heart that she, in turn, filled with food. I mean hey, who hasn't been there at one time or another?

Further into the episode, we get to see that our party is slowly growing closer. Laughing with each other and perhaps starting to feel some sort of kinship with each other.

It's nice to see that our main characters are starting to grow on each other and perhaps start healing old wounds, but there is still a long road to walk to get there.

These first 3 episodes turned out much better than I expected. Somewhat grim yet lighthearted and warming to watch as it progresses.

I assume the anime will continue having a focal focus on the bonds of trust throughout this first cour, with perhaps our heroes reaching some sort of serenity by the end.

Looking forward to seeing more of this anime.

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