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Poll: Angel Beats! Episode 6 Discussion

Aug 4, 2012 5:19 PM

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One of the better episodes for me. They should have done more with Naoi before making him all soft. Hinata x Otonashi forever.
Aug 5, 2012 1:13 PM
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I don't really like the hug at the end it was gay.
Don't like tk.
Aug 9, 2012 6:24 PM

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That hug at the end was very much uncalled for. I mean, who in his right mind would embrace the person trying to kill his friends?
Aug 25, 2012 11:11 AM

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The best episode hands down ! I really liked the emotion at the end . Seems all characters had a rough life :(
Aug 29, 2012 12:09 PM

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Ahah loved that Otonashi could talk a bit to Tenshi in cell.
I loved the part of Hinata, when after being rescued, he immediately said "you're into that, then huh?" ahaha
Ayato actually was another human like them trapped here ... We learned about this so-called god game (reminds me of Mirai Nikki)... Seems his father's voice is the same as Kotomine Kirei from Fate/Zero oO'
He's gonna disappear now as he got what prevented him to be happy: "acceptance" I guess...

Good episode overall. 5/5

Oct 19, 2012 12:08 PM

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Really interesting development with more people who are human showing up, thought it would be more boring if all the people who were originally human were known and not one was hiding amongst the NPC's.
Dec 7, 2012 12:14 AM

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well its pretty smart actually to hug the enemy, hug him tight! and try hit his SOFT spot looooooooool....well, we saw that effect work :P even if Otonashi didnt meant it as a strategy, especially when the SSS getting their assssss kicked like now, better than begging on your knees for mercy :3
Dec 7, 2012 8:49 PM

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Looking back at it, ITs Actually GOOD that Angel Beats made Naoi a SHORT term bad guy. He's actually PRETTY COOL! Just need to watch on...Good that he bad guy VERY short term so we don't end up HATING on his ass!
Dec 31, 2012 12:30 AM

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Damn I hate ayato for being fcked up but I also feel bad for him
Jan 8, 2013 3:31 PM

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Is Naoi giving up the antagonist role already?! Aww man! He seemed like a really badass secret villian!
Mar 21, 2013 2:33 PM

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Well, there are no gods or villains in this world - it's just something they made themself to deny its real purpose.
Mar 26, 2013 11:56 PM

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LOL @ the classroom scene..
I'm betting for Kanade x Otonashi now.. XD
Apr 11, 2013 11:03 AM

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I can't believe I can laugh out loud multiple times, and then by the end of the episode be completely drawn into the drama.
Apr 16, 2013 12:12 PM
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Finally an episode worth the watch.
May 4, 2013 8:41 AM

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Just wild heaven.

I thought something bigger was going to happen but whatever. Sad episode.

What direction is this show going to go in? There isn't a clear villain now.
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Jun 4, 2013 3:58 PM

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A pretty fun episode. The part when they where messing around in the class room was hilarious. It seems that Kanade isn't that bad of a person. The hugging scene felt kind of awkward.

The part when Takamatsu was doing push ups was cool.

Feel like doing some :P
Jun 6, 2013 8:37 PM

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This episode and the previous episode have really drawn me in. Was laughing at a couple parts and I am interested to see what happens next.
Jun 20, 2013 3:16 AM

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Naoi brutally "murders" dozens of students. Otonashi defeats him with........ a hug!
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Jul 2, 2013 8:25 PM

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such awesome school i'd mess around so much haha
Jul 6, 2013 8:38 PM

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as i expected, the fuku kaichou is not a NPC. so many flashback didnt interesting at all
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Jul 16, 2013 9:56 AM

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ibrahim2712 said:
such awesome school i'd mess around so much haha

hahahahaahaha me too XD
Jul 22, 2013 4:42 PM
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elkishly said:
That scene with Hinata and Otonashi made my day~
When Hinata says "korenanoka?" literally screams homo. I think I am going to ship HinataXOtonashi now.
But OtonashiXTenshi is pretty cute tooo. o3o

On the actually episode part... really rushed and the drama didn't really do it for me. Though I am glad they actually gave Naoi a backstory and all that.

I really wish Naoi disappeared after the hug... I really hate people like him. >c

Overall, this was a pretty crappy episode.
But since they added the Gay between Hinata and Otonashi it has been raised to tolerable. c:

What does Korenanoka mean?
Aug 2, 2013 7:55 PM
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Wow great ep. I liked the emotional moment with Naoi and Otonashi, i think all he needed to rest in peace was to be accepted, so i think he'll be obliverated now. I think Otonashi might play the role of god in this world. Rating went up a point. 8.2/10.
Aug 18, 2013 11:13 AM

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game8910 said:
this episode summarized in 1 pic

PS: yes I made it lol

I agree with you.
I feel very sad now about the angel,as i told in the past episode she is very cute :3
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Aug 19, 2013 8:42 PM
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The random hug kinda killed the mood. How can hilter turn into a softie after one conversation? and it was right after he massacred yuri's team
Aug 28, 2013 6:11 PM

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amazing episode :)

the first part was really funny XD

Yui was funny as hell!!

TK "I'll be back" lol XD

Tenshin being sleepy in a cell is soo cute!!

though i do wonder why Tenshin doesn't have a lot of friends? will she disappear?

and wow i knew Naoi's voice actor was Megumi Ogata!

and wow Naoi created a massacre on the field!!

then again Yuri and her group will recover :P

and wow Otonashi goes towards Hinata first!!! i'm sensing something here!!

Yui's pass is still haunting her, i do wonder why Otonashi only threw one punch O___O

still it's definitely hard trying to meet the huge expectations of your family, especially coming from a very master of the class.

so Naoi was really the one that died or survived? i'm guessing he died, and he experienced the hardships of his brother?

really like the switch from light hearted to depressing in the next episode.

can't wait for more!!!
Oct 17, 2013 12:00 PM

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TK's "I'll be back" is freakin' awesome.

Yay, Tachibana's eating Mapo Tofu.
She looks so cute while sleeping!
Aww, that's why she has no friends.
Hand Sonic Version 4 is awesome.

Noo, Otonashi! Don't hug Naoi! I'm shipping you with Hinata!

We learn about Naoi this episode. I wonder whose story will be next.
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Dec 6, 2013 4:41 PM

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Well, I didn't saw it coming, I really though Naoi was a NPC, acting annormaly. The killing was brutal. I got a feeling that he got erased at the end.

Also I wonder, how does the Angel get deleted? Maybe, instead of the other human, she get erased by going against the rule? Because when Naoi said that she shouldn't go against him, she stoped...
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Dec 7, 2013 6:36 PM

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Dec 26, 2013 4:55 PM

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McRib said:
Shit just got real.

That is all.

Mar 3, 2014 8:54 AM

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TicklingThoughts said:
Apr 24, 2014 7:39 PM
The Stray

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I'm unable to get over just how adorable Tenshi is.
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May 14, 2014 10:16 AM

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i liked kanade a lot..but..poor yuri and hinata..
May 15, 2014 9:47 PM

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This was a decent episode. The SSS's classroom hijinks were funny. Angel's and Otonashi's were fun to watch. I didn't like the last minutes of this episode. The transition from the massacre to the revealing of Naoi's past was too sudden and it made the scene of Naoi's past feel flat.
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Jun 29, 2014 11:23 AM

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This episode pushes my confusion about this world's system even further. Hinata's joke was a killer one, and once again I feel bad about Tenshi. But at least she remains in this world, right?
Jul 8, 2014 8:23 PM

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Lol@ TK's "I'll be back." He's cool.

I'm still wondering if Tenshi is human or not. It was cute how quickly she accepted the Szechuan Tofu treat. She even forgot the rules! I also thought it was interesting how open she was with her hand sonic abilities. There's got to be more to this.

Naoi isn't a good guy. He slaughters the entire SSS, claims to be God, tries to hypnotize Yuri, and then we get the excuse "he couldn't make pots"? Lolwhat? That's not a flippin' excuse for what he did. -.-;

I am glad that Otonoshi was able to settle things. It just felt a bit forced.

Okay episode.
Jul 15, 2014 6:54 PM

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My favorite so far! OMG so intense! The beginning was really funny :D and the part that Yuri was talking to Otonoshi one-way through the radio was awesome.

We're getting closer to Tenshi <3

I don't care how touching his backstory is suppose to be, Naoi is evil wanting to be God and hurting the NPC & SSS
Aug 1, 2014 10:50 PM

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So laid backed.

Pretty sad Tenshi doesn't make friends so they won't disappear on her.

Also this was so adorable of her

Aug 25, 2014 8:31 PM

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Spicy, spicy... the way to Kanade's heart. Everyone screwing around in class was just awesome.

Naoi is one sick dude. I wonder how long he and Kanade (and the rest) have really been there.
Sep 22, 2014 12:26 PM

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Oh my, TK. Hug that wall, hug it. I'm going to have to rewatch this show looking for him.

And then the show went all serious. The animation is still awesome.
Oct 2, 2014 10:06 PM

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kagura sisters' story from h2o, same thing
Oct 18, 2014 6:33 PM

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Even someone as heartless as Naoi has had it tough, this world is quite a wonder and yet a tragedy. Its hard to accept something you lost, but its even harder to try and get it back. Has Naoi found his reason to exist much like the guitar girl did?

So the feels train is coming harder every episode.
Oct 19, 2014 12:02 AM

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This is the only dramatic part of Angel Beats which didn't hit me at all.

I think the other ones worked because the characters they focused on were immediately likable, while it takes more than a 5-minute backstory to make me care about the eeeeevil Naoi and his retarded rapeface.

The worst scene is probably when Otonashi starts crying and screaming and he hugs Naoi as if they were best friends. It gave me flashbacks of the "gang arc" in Clannad After Story.
Nov 11, 2014 8:01 PM

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i just enjoy how i can predict anything about this show, its a cool mix of greatness
Dec 22, 2014 7:43 PM

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This show just went up from a seven to an eight, just because of this.
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Jan 10, 2015 9:40 PM

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Can feel much sympathy for Naoi for some reason..
Jan 13, 2015 9:32 PM

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Woah, two decent episodes in a row, don't spoil me.
Kanade seems to be the only care I like so if she can carry this show to be okay I'm fine with that.
Jan 19, 2015 1:12 PM

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