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Oct 26, 2022 12:15 PM
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Aug 2019

The official Twitter of Hiromu Arakawa's Hyakushou Kizoku (Noble Farmer) manga announced an anime adaptation on Wednesday, revealing a celebratory visual (pictured above).

Arakawa began serializing the slice of life manga in Shinshokan's Un Poco magazine in December 2006 before transferring to Wings in July 2009. Shinshokan shipped the seventh volume in October 2021. The manga has a cumulative 3 million copies of its volumes in print.

Arakawa, best known for Fullmetal Alchemist, worked as a farmer for seven years in Hokkaidou before becoming a mangaka. The manga is an autobiographical manga about Arakawa's life as a farmer.

Official manga page:
Official Twitter: @hyakusho_kizoku

Source: animate Times

Hyakushou Kizoku on MAL
Hyperion_PSOct 26, 2022 3:02 PM
Oct 26, 2022 12:33 PM

Jul 2015
Will FMAB fanboys manage to boost it into #1?

Oct 26, 2022 12:54 PM

Jun 2022
Nice nice. I actually haven't read the manga, but her other countryside series, Silver Spoon was so fantastic I have very little doubts about this being as quality.
TheNextDoorOct 26, 2022 1:22 PM
I'd like to make myself believe that Planet Earth turns slowly
Oct 26, 2022 12:59 PM

Apr 2012
Piromysl said:
Will FMAB fanboys manage to boost it into #1?

There should be a moment where a couple of rappers say "damn!".
Oct 26, 2022 1:12 PM

Mar 2015
Piromysl said:
Will FMAB fanboys manage to boost it into #1?
this is SOL comedy series. nothing like FMAB.
"If taking responsibility for a mistake that cannot be undone means death, it's not that hard to die. At least, not as hard as to live on."
Oct 27, 2022 11:54 AM

Aug 2008
Oh, didn't know she's drawing something. Well, I didn't care enough to check it after all, since Gin no Saji was really bland and dragged on for way too long. Though, this being autobiographical sounds interesting enough to actually check it out, despite poor landing when it comes to later part of FMA and whatever GnS was supposed to be. Not expecting much though.
Ii tenki desu ne...
Oct 29, 2022 6:05 AM

Jan 2016
Piromysl said:
Will FMAB fanboys manage to boost it into #1?
probably not,but they can always just rate bomb other shows.

"Get your tentacles off me or ill make calamari out of your manhood" -Mirai Nikki Dub
Oct 29, 2022 7:15 AM

Dec 2017
looking forward to watching it sometime.

Oct 31, 2022 12:39 AM

Jul 2010
OK, let's see
In principle, it can turn out mentally
May be some anime?
Jan 14, 12:47 AM
Jan 2008
I own the first 5 volumes of this manga (vol 6 and 7 not released in my language yet) and it's ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. I pick this up whenever I wanted to read something chill and funny for a break. Don't treat it as action and drama packed like FMAB, treat this as a slice of life comedy. 

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