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Company Page Edits Released; People Comments Closed

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Oct 12, 3:12 AM

Jan 2011
Out of sight out of mind. Not like rule breakers get punished anyway.
Oct 12, 6:52 AM

Dec 2016
lest build uprising rebellious alliance this is the resistance @genocyber
Oct 12, 5:08 PM

Feb 2014
I think this change goes too far. Comments under people were casual and didn't require a lot of commitment. Having to join a club seems counterintuitive. I liked seeing the random discussions under a person's page and that style of discussion will die in a club format.
Oct 13, 6:41 AM

Mar 2018
Genocyber said:
holy shit mods even removed my reply on this thread lmao how sad can you be I literally just said "truly 1984" as a joke reply to the comment about Kano's page. What rules did I break lol? It's been like this the entire year with a lot of my posts

just how many ppl's harmless comments are you removing? you guys clearly have enough nerds to pull triggers here, how can you not have enough for people pages? this is bullshit

There was also a comment from someone named VanishinKira below mine and now is gone! Someone is loving to delete comments for no reason it seems.
Oct 13, 8:53 AM
Forum Moderator
Nov 2020
Thread cleaned, spam and uncivil posts removed.
Oct 13, 4:48 PM

Dec 2021
removed-user said:
Lmao, you've just lost me. I quit this website for good.

RIP :'(

Only been using the site for a year but this feature definitely enhanced my experience a bit. I love to scour creator's past works, see the historical ties that bind oeuvres together. Seeing at a glance what random commenters thought of people's life works was pretty interesting and entertaining. (I would have suggested expanding the comment limit past 10!) This and the review update both feel restrictive and out of touch. With users of course, not out of touch with the never-ending waves of cyber authoritarianism that seemingly splash every facet of internet life. Fits right in :/

Oct 13, 7:10 PM

Aug 2020
I really hope that closed doesn't mean deleted and really doubt that the decision is temporary, really long-standing comments being closed instead of cleaning them, now is it our fault that you're understaffed?
Why not add options such as reporting spam and inappropriate comments like in the forums?
How are the comments different from the forums?
The next step is to close the Anime & Manga News comments because of the lack of moderation and then general discussion forums? Lots of questions, few (no) answers.
A dystopian future would be that neither reviews nor scores are displayed anymore.
Those people who use MAL mainly as a social network will be really annoyed, update? more like downdate.
We should be thankful that we still can comment here.
Please reconsider the decision.
Literally 1984...
KobotaOct 13, 7:17 PM
"My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined"
Oct 13, 7:11 PM

May 2021
I think that doing this move shortly before Kanye anti-semitic remarks is quite sus. Can MAL give us an explanation for this coincidence? Is Kanye part of the MAL team?
Oct 13, 8:59 PM

Apr 2021
First you close CE and now comments section on People pages.

what next? I enjoyed reading some of comments and some were informative

Gween_Gween said:
I think that doing this move shortly before Kanye anti-semitic remarks is quite sus. Can MAL give us an explanation for this coincidence? Is Kanye part of the MAL team?

what anti-semitic remarks???

martiantarhead said:
removed-user said:
Lmao, you've just lost me. I quit this website for good.

RIP :'(

What was the name of user that deleted his account? seems he/she was active here with 570709 posts forums
Oct 14, 10:57 AM

Feb 2019
Rip people comments

Only because of trolls the comment section is now gone.
Oct 14, 2:59 PM
Mar 2018
L update. literally never saw anything bad and i was constantly checking seiyuu's profiles. comments were typically praise for a seiyuu and supportive comments, along with listing their big roles which can be helpful. plus like how people can self-manage the comments on their profile, they can also do the same thing and report anything bad on a person's page....
strollasOct 14, 3:13 PM
Oct 15, 1:13 AM

Mar 2018
Peepsqueeker said:
I never really saw the use of the comment section on the people pages, the majority of the comments were:
- I love you!!! or I love you in [Show A] or I love [Character A] from [Show B]
- You are so pretty
- Happy birthday x9999 (Every single year)
- Get well soon
- Random puns from played characters

But then again I think the same about the episode threads where a bunch of people recap an entire episode in their comments without adding an opinion to it.

I used the comment section in a different manner. Instead of making an actual comment, mostly I went to certain accounts just to interact with the user and have a nice talk of the things we like in common, or any topic that came to my mind.

Now that is gone.
Oct 15, 10:28 AM

Dec 2015
It certainly is a great change - since that section did not really contribute anything + comments for animation studios (they don't even have an own page I think) and characters ... were still missing - and they would have been needed more.

Then again: We still have the forums. For characters they can be discussed in the anime-specific forums and the studios and people can be discussed in a normal thread. Those "comments" weren't really discussions. Basically the young people doing their spamming and 1-line comments nobody cared about.

Great change to the site. Let's hope they never come back - at least not before also adding comments for the other stuff. :D I never really liked how they treated things differently giving stuff that is less in need of such a feature ... the feature. When other things do not have it.

Better improve the other sections maybe? (I actually saw companies have an own page instead of the link just listing all the anime created by them? And they can be added to favorites? Did not notice until now.)

Also: Even news do not really have "comments". (Technically it is a forum t hread that gets created.) So ... forums seem the way to do things. If they wanted something for people they actually should have made them their own sub forums.
Oct 15, 7:51 PM

Mar 2021
i can't comment gorilla anymore on sorachi page :(

Oct 16, 4:57 AM

Sep 2010
@Peepsqueeker and @Luthandorius got this. +)

There is such thing as shit taste. Only idiots think that every "work of art" should have the same value.

Persona anime are good. Deal with it.
Oct 18, 1:43 AM

Jul 2016
man. now how am i supposed to find fellow fans with my taste on the most obscure people pages
Oct 18, 2:28 AM

Feb 2014
The People comments section was pretty useless anyway. You could only see like a dozen of them at a time with older ones being replaced, so it didn't foster any discussion. And most of the comments were users wishing the industry people happy birthday. It's not like those people visit MAL to see them. Which is why 95% of the times visiting the comments section used to be pretty disappointing and fruitless.
Oct 19, 1:01 AM

Sep 2017
Oh sweet, a trash update nobody asked for!
Oct 20, 5:03 PM

Mar 2018
Aw man I'm really sad to see it go : ( I loved the comment section for individual creators, it was one of the things MAL had over anilist..
Oct 20, 6:49 PM

Oct 2020
casual mal L, shit was honestly one of the best things on this site.

if only they stayed for a couple more weeks, would've been nice to see the kanye comments lmao
hzrdsOct 20, 6:52 PM
Oct 21, 6:40 PM

Sep 2020
Damn. always the minority that ruins it for us
Oct 22, 2:01 PM
Pretentious Snob

Mar 2020
MAL actually add rather than take away features challenge ( IMPOSSIBLE)
Oct 23, 7:14 PM

Apr 2016
Yet another feature removed for no reason other than internal incompetence. Great job.
Oct 23, 8:37 PM

Jun 2020
second worst thing to happen since the old favorites layout massacre
Oct 25, 5:58 AM
Feb 2018
Please give us back comment section T~T
Oct 25, 7:13 AM
Nov 2019
What a shame....
Oct 28, 8:40 AM

May 2021
really missing this rn. i personally found it really useful. can MAL pls add it back already lmao. (with rizz)
Oct 30, 11:25 PM

Dec 2012
Elon Musk needs to buy MyAnimeList
Oct 31, 6:07 PM
Apr 2013
I was so used to read the comments at the end of people's pages that I always scrolled down and few days ago I was like "Wait... something is missing"
I'm honestly going to miss it and it will take some time to get used to it. In my personal experience I never really found any proposterous comment, just a few mild offensive ones, but nothing major,
so I never really hated reading them. Well, I guess I'll read comments on seyuus somewhere else
Oct 31, 10:57 PM

Jun 2014
RIP all of AngeloUchiha's "happy birthday" legacy
Nov 7, 4:55 AM
Mar 2021
knktzvra said:
Finally addressing the comments section ban, for dumb ppl we lost something good.

Sums it up. I just noticed now & it's really a shame.

I've seen some trolling on some People's pages, along with the harmless but spam filled "Happy birthday" posts, a lot of good comments getting pushed down.

Still here hoping Hanazawa will hit 100k members by the end of the year โค
Nov 7, 12:57 PM
Sep 2012
Pretty weird that you didn't have a dedicated moderating tool to inform you about new comments under People section, but your team had to manually check every page separately, if I understood it correctly.

Comment section under VA was a good feature, and I've never seen any toxicity there (although you report that there's been a lot of those).
Nov 15, 5:33 PM
Jan 2020
so when are you cowards going to censor the rest on this site?
Nov 21, 11:55 PM

Aug 2008
kizumi91 said:
Kineta said:
People Comments Closed

I'm not really satisfied with this update. As there're many toxic and trolling comments, there're also many useful ones either.
Why don't you try making it to be like user's comment section, not only can it solve the spamming issue but also allow us to trace the old comments.

Same here. I just found out about this when someone posted something to a post I made inquiring what happened and saw this. I definitely do not understand why it has to happen, there's always going to be trolling of any kind, it's up to the community to report the toxic comments made on people's pages.
Nov 21, 11:57 PM

Aug 2008
Aizix said:
Lmfao. First they remove Nami from anime database and now close the people comments. This site is changing for worse.

Indeed. Someone should hire a PI or attorney for this kind of stuff. We can't have actual nice things these days because of the limits they're imposing on things like this update. I'm just being upright honest, and it's not even trolling/messing around at all, this is serious stuff that people really liked and expressed their interest and show support toward an actor or band/artist.
Dec 2, 8:53 AM

Nov 2013
Being able to link people to clubs would be an actual improvement to the site, for a change. Anyway "there were some unmoderated comments" is a poor reasing to nuke an entire function.
You all need to watch Nami.

Dec 2, 2:42 PM

Jul 2019
this site slowly killing off the old community for the larger new community. i guess times have changed fr.
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