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Original Short Anime 'KJ File' Gets Sequel for Winter 2023

Oct 2, 8:43 PM
News Team
Aug 2019
The official website of the KJ File short anime announced a sequel on Sunday, revealing a key visual (pictured). The anime is scheduled to broadcast in January 2023.

Produced by ILCA and yell, the short sci-fi anime aired in 13 episodes in Summer 2022.

The story is set in a world where unique kaijuus suddenly begin to appear in various places around the world. Members of the United Nations Monster Observatory will explore a world where kaijuus with great powers and humankind live together.

Official site:

Source: Official site

KJ File 2nd Season on MAL
Hyperion_PSOct 3, 7:14 AM
Oct 2, 8:54 PM

Oct 2018
Can't wait for 9 more seasons like Yami Shibai.
Oct 2, 9:03 PM
Jan 2016
Hopefully the first season will be subbed soon I enjoy this studios style with yamishibai and kagewani
I'd rather die a free man then live under the rules of idiots
Oct 3, 9:55 AM

Dec 2017
first time hearing bout this series today

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