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New 'Rurouni Kenshin' TV Anime Unveils Cast, Staff, 2023 Premiere

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Sep 25, 9:06 PM

Jan 2011
i thought this franchise was dead after the authors scandas, i just wished they animated the remaining arcs instead
Sep 26, 2:25 PM
Jul 2020
Having finished the original anime as well as Trust & Betrayal last year, I hope this is a good adaptation. Hopefully they don’t rush the already covered material to cover the Jinchuu and Hokkaido Arcs. It looks to be more gritty, which is is a good thing. I’ll miss Kenshin’s original VA, I thought she portrayed Kenshin’s “peaceful” life a decade into Meiji pretty well. Unfortunately Watsuki will turn away a lot of potential new viewers which is a shame, but understandable. RK is a really great beloved series that is overshadowed by the Mangaka.
Sep 27, 6:17 AM

Feb 2014
Takahashi Rie and Saitou Soma, this will be Genius Prince all over again. I love the dynamic between the two.

Rurouni Kenshin is my childhood, looking forward on this re-adaptation of a beloved classic.
Sep 29, 10:11 PM

Jul 2010
Why not, the new Shaman brought me a lot of happy moments and emotions, and he tested the old feelings for strength. The new version may turn out to be many times better and stronger than it will help not only and not so much yourself, but the original source.
May be some anime?
Oct 7, 10:42 AM

Oct 2010
It has promise. I am glad that some people see past the follies of the author and take the material for what it is.
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