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Poll: Angel Beats! Episode 5 Discussion

Feb 12, 2018 11:02 PM

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The "humor" is so cringy, ugh.
Feb 18, 2018 9:42 PM
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Kanade in pain! and Yuzuru care for her.... in the end new school president doing some dirty work
Mar 22, 2018 1:46 PM

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The comedy in the first half of the episode was all brilliant! I especially love how they try to distract everyone, only to be launched into the ceiling.

For the second half of the episode, the tone drastically but smoothly changes into a more emotional one. Tachibana lost her position as the president and her reputation has begun to fall. The moment when even her food ticket was blown away, you could see her most emotional face so far... Otonashi seems to have a different view on Tenshi (angel), he's the only one to call Tenshi by her real name(Tachibana) after all. I think Yuri also has begun to think that Tachibana is not the main enemy too...

I still question the fact that how can even the NPC not be worried of the SSS who are armed with guns and other kinds of weapons? Also, how did Tachibana not hold any resentment or reaction when talking to Otonashi. She killed him once and he shot her once too!

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Apr 14, 2018 4:58 PM

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This episode was certainly interesting... Looking from the preview, removing the angel from the student council president position was a bad move. Maybe the position is special in some way or at least it holds quite a bit of power in the purgatory. Now that the NPC got it I think it got worse.
Aug 10, 2018 4:21 AM

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that was probably best episode so far
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ちゅっ ちゅっ キス (´。✪ω✪。`)

I hate it when anime/manga that I enjoyed ends, especially when there could be much longer plot and when I love main heroine :P

I wish I had magic glasses that let me see real world in anime colors ;)
Oct 15, 2018 6:06 PM
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That testing scene with the rocket chairs & the “date” request plus pec reveal made me laugh harder than I have in quite a while in an anime! Too funny! Then the whole concert scene & meal ticket became quite touching / emotional. Best ep of the series so far, hands down.
Jan 3, 8:37 PM

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the replays cracked me up so much, mainly because of the song that played each time they got blasted off.
Jan 31, 1:58 PM

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Eh, unfortunately I don't like this anime at all, I expected it to be more serious, but at the end it's just endless messing around... Well, Kanade is a nice girl, yet they're taking her as some Devil, at least they know her a little better now.
Sep 4, 12:37 PM

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Funny episode. ;) Poor Tenshi, though. :(

Her successor, as seen in preview, seems to act in even more radical way than her.
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