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Sep 7, 2022 10:43 AM
Apr 2013
Hmm. Well interestingly they seem to now be focusing more on one match per game, compared to the first half. Though it still took up quite long, so it felt a bit strange.

I was wondering if they would change the op now that ryoma is back on japan but its still the same, I guess they didnt have enough budget for that.

Feels weird that we're already at the semifinal. For the match itself, it seems they've gone back to a three set match aaand of course japan loses in straight sets. First set was kinda lopsided, but shirashi actually made an interesting comeback in the second set. I wasnt expecting france to BOTH be ambidextrous, thats quite uh.

I was actually kinda expecting shiraishi to win since he did defeat fuji in his first ever match back in nationals. Maybe I need to rewatch genius 10. I think he had an offscreen match back in 2012, which may or may not have been in the manga but eh.

Otherwise, japan has now lost the first match, so if they want to win they're going to really work hard. Feels weird if they lose though.
Looking at the preview I cant tell if they're going to just lose or its another fakeout. Yanagi in doubles. If they lose the doubles they're gonna need to win all their singles.
Ryoma is probably going to win (has he actually ever lost a match?), but the others hmm.

Looking at the lineup, singles is gonna be watanabe and sanada. But you never know.

Seems like it's a translation error. In EP9 byodoin says "quarter final", but this ep they said "semi final". Clearly one of them must be wrong.
CocoaGalaxySep 7, 2022 10:48 AM
Dec 14, 2022 6:51 PM

Jun 2012
Probably the weirdest match to give an entire full episode too, but also because of the dedicated time its the best match in the season thus far. I can't be mad at more Tanegashima time anyways. Cool to see all the high schoolers have their juniors that they all want to train and are fond of; even Byodouin.

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