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Apr 29, 2010 5:07 AM

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#1 - In the first scene after the OP, Rena is waiting for Keiichi with a smile on her face. Keiichii is probably unaware of the events he'll be facing in this world.
#2 - Rena in Oyashiro-mode is utter WIN!
#3 - She wields a machete!
#4 - She's a brunette!
#5 - She wears a creepy pure white virgin dress to wash away the sins of her past!
#6 - She isn't scared of getting dirty. Meaning she likes the garbage dump. xD
#7 - She likes to collect things that are cute.
#8 - As I recall, the thing that she wants to find in Episode 1 is a statue of Colonel Sanders.
#9 - Which must mean she has eaten KFC before, and KFC is win.
#10 - USO DA.
#11 - Gomen nasai, Gomen nasai, Gomen nasai...
#12 - <---------
#13 - she can cook awsome food
#14 - Complete personality change whenever Keiichi asks about the Hinamizawa murders
#15 - She likes to put needles in food.
#16 - Omochikaeri! Omochikaeri! Omochikaeri! Omochikaeri!
#17 - renas big blue eyes heheh
#18 - She can carry other lolis. (referring to #16)
#19 - Very good at stalking
#20 - She can even break free herself from the ropes so that she can carry a loli to her home
#21 - Able to turn a kitchen timer into a bomb
#22 - Specializes in explosives
#23 - Able to hold an entire school hostage
#24 - First out of the group to find out about the parasites
#25 - Can fight one-on-one on a roof
#26 - Able to stealthy knock out specialized military officers
#27 - Can protect her father from enemies
#28 - Can protect her friends
#29 - Able to find out information easily (See #19)
#30 - Has an awesome secret base in a garbage dump
#31 - Expert with water guns
#32 - Able to randomly disappear from sight and reappear behind you
#33 - is a expert at male handeling
#34 - doesn't give up trying to take something home after the first time
#35 - if starts something then ends it properly[if kills somebody then cuts and hides the body parts not just leaves the corpse somewhere]
#36 - in Kai has a straight talk with her dad about how hard is it for her and convices him to get a hold of himself and find a job
#37 - will bravely face the enemy even if she doesn't have almost any chance of winning.
#38 - Able to hold a Ironclad cleaver several times her size (See Higurashi Daybreak)
#38 - Feels no remorse for killing
#39 - Untraceable
#40 - Resourceful in battle
#41 - One of two people who survived the Hinamizawa purging (I.E. Poison Swamp Gas?)
#42 - Only one out of the group seen as an adult or lived to become an adult
#43 - redhead xD (well orange brown head)
#44 - her clothes have a split ñ-ñ
#45 - Enough Killer Moe to defeat Shana
#46 - wears that cute fluffy white hat <3333
#47 - cause she is smexyer in manga <3
#48 - "hauuu i gonna take you home" mode
#49 - The scene when she said "found you,Keiichi-kun" was priceless~
#50 - She can be the cutest girl on earth even covered with blood~
#51 - She's maybe even CUTER all covered with blood
#52 - For my first cosplay I (obviously) choosed her
#53 - Bloodiest Killer
#54 - Knows how to split skulls (Satoko's uncle scene)
#55 - Resourceful. She knows how to clean her garbage well(chop-chop)
#56 - Sends her enemies to dentist (Ritsuko scene)
#57 - Cute in every way (just remove the evil laugh, she scares me)
#58 - One who had a real weapon
#59 - Looks good in rain
#60 - Can't resist cute stuffs
#61 - Knows how to seduce male (EP1 of Kai)
#62 - Holy shit, I'm also seduced (referring to 61)
#63 - Hauuu sounds like Auu (I love Makoto)
#64 - Love her hair and outfit
#65 - I love her "kana"(if i spell it right) repeated at the end of her line (which means "I guess")
#66 - Makes me back off when she says "Uso da" (adding to 10)
#67 - Capable of handling her own dirty work if needed to protect those she cares about. See Tsumihoroboshi-hen arc.
#68 - More than willing to take total responsibility for bad situations, even if there were good intentions. See #67.
#69 - Only one that would look good in a white dress with long slits in the front and back.. :)
#70 - hauhau~ rocks! ^^
#71 - NOTHING can stop her quest to abduct Hanyuu.. Omochikaeri Mode FTW
#72 - She has two names.
#73 - We can't forget about how cute she looks in her bikini.
#74 - She knows the true importance of friends :3
#75 - The only one in the world that can keep her hair like that. Pure win.
#76 - She killed the woman who wanted to take advantage of her dad.
#77 - She also got rid of Sakoto's uncle just cause she's that awesome.
#78 - Her real name means Queen. How awesome is that?
#79 - Some guys tried to rape her, and what'd she do? Kick their asses and go around smashing windows at her school. NO ONE messes with Rena
#80 - Has dirty thoughts
#81 - Gets nosebleeds at the sight of kyuuuuute things
#82 - Sexy adult
#83 - Egao Happy Peace
#84 - Just try to dodge her RENA PUNCH!!! 100 times
#85 - The 07th Expansion logo is her in an Angel Mort outfit
#86 - She takes you home.
#87 - She's psycho.
#88 - She's scary.
#89 - Her laugh is awesome.
#90 - you wont be mad if she killes you
#91 - In Rei episode 5 turns takano lesbian
#92 - Mai Nakahara is one of the greatest seiyuu ever, and she fits Rena perfectly.
#93 - I'd go yuri for her.
#94 - Rena's "hauu~" is obviously superior than Hanyuu's retarded "Au au", which is just a mere copy.
#95 - She's indipendent, but she never forgets about her friends.
#96 - She's not a stupid Mary-Sue (unlike many female characters nowadays).
#97 - That hair style is the most amazing, ever. Periodesu.
#98 - The incredible amount of lovely Rena fanarts is a proof of how awesome she is.
#99 - KeiiRena is OTP & the best fighting duo ever.
#100 - Re-na-oh! is going to be the best game ever created, I tell ya.

*taken from Rena Fanclub*
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May 6, 2010 7:45 PM

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Love this.

May 16, 2010 10:10 PM
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#79 is zeh pwning bloody goodness xDD