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Aug 26, 4:16 AM

Mar 2016
Satan's detective work has finally led him to the cutest cat. <3

At least his brothers tried to help. lol
Aug 29, 2:40 AM
serial obsessive

Jan 2012
Lol anime Satan continues to ruin my image of the cool and collected game Satan, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I like both sides of him.

Poor Belphie, I thought he was very justified in expecting a little more horror and dismay at his "death."
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Sep 3, 2:41 PM

Sep 2007
I truly went speechless when he stripped at the end

XD [...........................................................]
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Sep 5, 12:13 PM
Jul 2022
I just really love how chaotic it gets
Sep 14, 10:54 AM
Feb 2022
This episode way silly as per usual but I would have loved to see Satan way more invested in the case
Sep 15, 11:14 AM
May 2021
Its literally a dogshit anime but somehow it manages to be a masterpiece.
Sep 17, 5:17 AM

Nov 2019
That was so kind of his brothers. Belphie was way too cute as dead xd and Satan did finally strip! xdd
Oct 1, 9:30 AM
Jul 2015
theyre age hundreds but willing to play along w satan antics like kids age 5 in jobs theyre interested 😭🤚

lucifer mc mammon meeting satan w only pant walking around 🗿

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