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May 6, 2010 12:46 AM

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ok for judojon

Ladd: Haha alright, if your gonna be evil, then you might as well enjoy it at the same time. Ladd is essentially the epitome of sadism and that is what makes him a truely enjoyable character.

L: A yes L, the mastermind in charge of capturing kira. Always found him to be more annoying than quirky but his mind games with light are very interesting to watch

Taiga: ya this is the only person (that i know of) that I really dislike... Not gonna really rant on why, just gonna say that I think shes an annoying little thing and move on

Haruhi: Ahh yes, the slightly crazy, and very animated high schooler Haruhi Suzumiya. Say what you like, but she's probably one of the most well know characters of anime in existance. She really does drive the series and is a great character.

Alucard: Ya the ever known carmen san diego impersonating vampire. Hes pretty cool... over rated I think, but still bad ass.

Souichi: Ahh yes the gentle mannered by day, heavy metal by night, protagonist from DMC. He was always a fun character to watch, as DMC was, but will always be a good character.
May 6, 2010 8:48 AM

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Kyon: The only sane character in the Haruhi universe. Probably my favorite as well.

Isaac and Miria: It's hard to comment on both in a separate way, so I'll put them together. They have great chemistry and are very entertaining
May 6, 2010 4:51 PM

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@cowabunga - ill put as much effort you did to lien god:
Mechizawa - hes cool
Alucard - He shot alot of people I liked the girl with the sniper rifle imo.

Kyon (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu) - He did so many facepalms. And he was the hitting stick of Haruhi. I like haruhi better than Kyon, but he was a rather likable male main character. And he portrayed more of a typical RL guy rather than some guy thats stupid and is afraid of seeing girls in their underwear (although he did flinch a few times)

Mogami, Kyoko (Skip Beat!) - Wow skip beat first time i've seen this here! Dont know much about her but 1412 points? I must be missing something good ^_^ (goes to DL)

Harvent, Miria and Dian, Isaac (Baccano!) - Not a fan of these two in baccano. The comic relief.. Very very VERY unessessary for a series such as this. This would have been 1000 times better if they actually took this as a serious anime. But of course they have to cover all the bases of being an anime... and comedy relief among all the busted teeth and missing eyeballs is a perfect place to put miria and isaac. Ugh...

Harima, Kenji (School Rumble) - He's another pretty good male main character that i can tolerate, although his stupid levels are very high and he does get nervous around bras and panties... He's still relatively hilarious. A similar character who I prefer more would be Junichi Nagase (Akane-iro)

Metherlence, Reverie (Elemental Gelade) - Sounen anime, not a big fan of that but its on my PTW list i'll get to it eventually but the priority is pretty low.

Takano, Akira (School Rumble) - Oh wow, one i totally agree with :) Intelligent and beautiful and quiet... pure win. I love Akira and Yakumo. Made me enjoy the show that much more with them in there. I could care less about Tenma :)

La Flaga, Mu (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed) - Are all gundam pilots bishie? I'll pass...

Arisaka, Hatsune (Tonagura!) - Just read her bio... dont have this anime in my archive im downloading it right now thanks :)

Anchors, Ashton (Star Ocean EX) - More bishie >_<
Thats it...

"What happens when we die?" I know that the ones who love us will miss us.
May 6, 2010 6:10 PM

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Hmm I only know 4 but meh here goes:


Nagato: Hands down the best character in Haruhi, badass with a really stunning seiyuu as well, gotta <3 Minori Chihara's "robot" voice.

Holo: I havent seen too much of Spice and Wolf as i'm struggling to find a site where I can see it but from what I've watched so far, I love Holo's confidence and she has a certain cuteness to go along with her intellect.

Mio: No No No! Hands down my most hated character in all anime, a blob of moe that pushes all the wrong buttons for me and thats me putting it politely. I could go on for pages but I'll just say I find her the worst of a bad bunch of characters.

Canaan: I liked Canaan, her ability made her a very unique heroine. However I have to admit I preferred Alphard overall in the series though I have no grievances with Canaan either.

Yep thats about all I know.
May 6, 2010 8:23 PM
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@ SuperKyou (btw, I like your avatar XD )

Ayu: She's my favorite character in Kanon. I love her "Uguuu" catchphrase.

Lelouch: My ideal man. Hands down the best anime guy ever. <3

Taiga: I find most tsunderes annoying, but I really don't mind Taiga. She's cute and not overly-tsundere. I like how she changed in the end and throughout the series.

Satoko: She's cute. I like her cleverness.

Kyou: She's great for comic-relief in Clannad, and I liked her in Afterstory. A little too tsundere-ish for my liking though.

Sunohara: He's so silly... Great for comic-relief, and I liked how he manned up to protect his sister in Afterstory.

May 6, 2010 9:19 PM

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@ Mystere.

Lelouch: F**K YEAH! He's a douche, but he makes douchebaggery AWESOME! From what I've heard though, I fear for his sanity.

Suzaku: For someone who does cop flak from the consensus, I kinda like him. I see him as a nice guy who just is forced to do bad things. I kinda hope he doesn't become evil in the last 13 episodes (same goes for Lelouch, but I'll soon see).

Kyoya: Awesome character. Suave, smart, secretly has a heart of gold.

Koizumi: I don't mind him, though he does seem a little smug at times. Does he ever frown? Of the two male members of the SOS Brigade, I find him the more attractive.

Kyon: I don't mind the guys snarkiness. Definitely has the best lines in the series.
May 6, 2010 11:10 PM
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@ autisticanime

Tamaki: He's my second favorite in the Host Club (Kyouya is my first). He's a little dense and silly, but that's what's so cute about him.

Mikuru: I don't like her because she's a "moeblob"... She's cute, but they overdid it with her helplessness.

Hiwatari: My favorite character in DNAngel! I love these cool and intelligent types of characters.

Ami: I liked her a lot when I used to watch Sailormoon as a kid. She reminds me of myself.

May 6, 2010 11:16 PM

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Lulu- Hate him. Supposedly intelligent, but most of the things he did made me think he was just a stupid gayass. All the comparisons between him and Light is a major insult to Light! It's like comparing shit and gold.

Archer- He was the only tolerable FSN character, but didn't make much of an impression. In fact, I can't remember much about him. I can only remember that fucking asshole Emiya because... well, because he was a fucking asshole.

Light- Yep, he's definitely awesome. Badass, evil, a true genius...

Hei- Read the manga and I think he's cool. Seems like the emotionless type. His love for eating is funny as well.

Kaname- Ugh. Annoying as hell. I can't explain why.

Suzaku- You seem to like characters I hate. Oh well, not that I mind, everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Suzaku is an annoying idiot who should shut his mouth up.

HIbari- Okay.. at least he can fight. Better than all the females in KHR.

Kyouya- The only okay character in Ouran imo. Not annoying, emo and over the top like some of the rest.

Itsuki- Seems to have a crush on Kyon. Uh, my least fave in the series along with Mikuru.

Kyon- His seiyuu's awesome. I like his thinking.
May 6, 2010 11:57 PM

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Light- well, he's one damned genius with twisted sense of justice and he is way smarter than L.
Alphard- my fav from Cannan. She's strong. both mentaly and Phisicaly.
Alucard- true badass.
Gintoki- hmm he has nothing that usually main characters do have yet he has everything what they always lack!
Genjyo sanzo- aaah, stubborn to death. funny as hell.
Sougo- his looks plus his personality make him quiet scary. if i were Hijikata the first thing i would have done is : ditch shinsengumi
i don't know any other character from your favs. though all of from above are to my liking ^^
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May 7, 2010 12:03 AM

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Graham Specter, Toshiro and Kagura - bad ass characters are bad ass. Really good characters, even though Graham doesn't have really enough screentime he managed to pull it off good.
Satou - Mm. I really don't like/dislike this character. So-so. But he's sometimes annoying.
Grimmjow - Blech. Sorry.
Rika - Even though I dropped Higurashi, she's really cute.(except when she's in scary mode) ; A;
Madara - Natsume Yuujinchou is love. Natsume is love. Madara is lo- LURVE. Loving both his forms.
May 7, 2010 6:28 AM

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Ciel- yeah, the kid is bretty and in some ways usless too. usually i dislike this kind of characters but on other hand it would have been weird if he had soft personality after experiencing so much and being just 12. (btw he used to be on my fav list but Madara took his place)
Firo- have no feeling for him. he was like a normal character for me.
Gintoki- same what i said before.
Nate- NOOOOO i really hate him.

Sougo- his looks plus his personality make him quiet scary. if i were Hijikata the first thing i would have done is : ditch shinsengumi

don't know others.
May 7, 2010 6:48 AM

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Mugen - Can't say I dislike him, I can't see anything special about him either. He and Jin made a good comedic duo, though.

Toshiro - Nothing special, parody of a hotblooded, overly combative badass character. Didn't impress me.

Tatsuhiro - Too much self-pity to my liking, but I suppose that can't be helped when he's meant to be an accurate portrayal of a NEET.

Rika - Nipa~☆ Currently watching this, Rika is a good girl.

Grimmjow - no, no, no

Kagura - Yeah, no thanks. It's mostly her and Shinpachi's fault I couldn't bear watching this anime despite Gin's awesomeness.

Madara - Since yokai are born from emotions, I guess the essence Nyanko was born from great, condensed cuteness with a hint of badass.
yeah, I know those aren't emotions, but don't mind the details.
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May 7, 2010 8:59 AM

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Extendable. I haven't read a lot of OP, but the little I have read suggested he's your typical shounen lead: a young man with a dream, determined to make that dream into reality; with plot no justu, if the need arises.

A laid-back dude. He's the sort of guy who tries to avoid using his high IQ in order to stay out the spotlight. Easily likable because of his personality, and not at all intimidating for those around him. Very different from Reinhard; almost the exact opposite.

In Azumanga to look spacey and make daft comments, or to point out the obvious... without knowing it's obvious. Executes her roll well enough, but nothing special as a character.

A man with one eye, who travels around; getting involved in the supernatural problems of others as he discovers new types of Mushi. He's an excellent lead, always coming across as warm-hearted but never to the point of being a weak person, and there's something very cool about his look and style.

A tomboy with big breasts, who happens to have something of a sister complex. It's amusing whenever she gets involved with Yotsuba's silliness, and gets angry over being called only as 'cute', while her older, long-haired sister gets all the love. Probably my favourite Yotsuba character.
May 7, 2010 10:14 AM
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Spike-- Incredible character, complete badass, definitely one of the reasons why Cowboy Bebop is one of the best and most iconic anime

Onizuka-- watched only the first few episodes...been meaning to pick it up again, but really I can already see that he is a great character

Holo-- Definitely one of the reasons Spice and Wolf was so great, she and Lawrence play off each other perfectly, and she's so cute... the best female anime character ever in my opinion

Light Yagami-- depraved self-righteous hypocrite... but he has such unbelievable charisma that people can't help but get swept up by it, he is so much fun it's kind of scary, a character I truly love to hate

unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the rest of your favorites
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May 7, 2010 1:05 PM

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@ sophy4ever

Yuuko: I really like her, exceprt for when she's drunk. I don't like drunk people..

Lain: I've only read the one shot manga so far, so I can't say much about her. At least she has a nice haircut!

Fai D: He is my favourite character from Tsubasa! eeh.. what more to say.. He's cute. :]

Hitagi: Meeh..Weirdo, unfortunately in a bad way.

Re-l: Hot girl wiith nice hair and makeup! I'm kind of jealous, even though she's an anime character.

Haruhi: I don't like her, k?

Urahara: I love him! A funny guy with a smexy hat. Mmhmmh <33 Too bad he doesn't appear that much in Bleach.

Optime olere occisum hostem!
May 7, 2010 1:52 PM

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Lind_L_Tailor said:
Also, if you don't know at least three characters on somebody's favourites, please wait for someone else to post.

Good thing I know three. XP

@ Fahlaine

Grimmjow: My favorite Espada and one of my absolute favorite Bleach characters. His lack of respect for authority, impulsiveness, and bad-ass "I-don't-give-a-crap" attitude remind me of myself. So my opinion of him is extremely biased...

Mayuri: By far the creepiest character in the Bleach (so far I should say :/), but I rather enjoy the creepy ones. He's not one of my favorites but I don't dislike him so I should say my opinion of him is neutral?

Pain Nagato... whoever:
May 7, 2010 4:23 PM

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@ blackskulldragon
Mello - I don't necessarily like him, nor do I hate him. Idk.. I like him more then Near, at least.

Hatori - Hm, I like him. I do. I've just never really thought about him.. if that makes sense <.< The whole relationship-eye-thing was sad, though.

Yoh - HELL YEAH! *cough* I love him sooo much. Only thing I don't like is his name. Every now and then I read it as "you", obviously very annoying. But yeah, I _love_ him.
May 7, 2010 4:46 PM

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Lelouch - WHAT A CUNNING EVIL GENIUS. He's my favorite character in Code Geass aside from Shirley.
Izaya - He's mysterious, somewhat evil, and hot. Nice choice~
Gray - Oh yes, I fangirled over him so hard when I first started getting into Fairy Tail. ;D
Shion - The only character in Higurashi that I like! Well, and Mion. She's not annoying like the others are.
Iwasawa - <333 I loved her sad backstory so much, and her singing. :)
May 7, 2010 5:35 PM

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@ Tayloroids

Misuzu - I liked her, she was one of the better additions as I'm one of the few people on here that appreciated 11eyes. I really enjoyed the anime and she was my favourite character overall from it.

Canaan - As I've said before I liked her as she is unique, however I prefered Alphard.

Natsu - Yep I've commented on him before, he is what I feel Naruto should have been as he is a fantastic lead character without being overly cheesy and at least he has clear weaknesses.

Iwasawa - Im not sure why so many people have her as a favourite, sure I agree she was a good character, but I just feel she wasnt in the show long enough to warrant her seeming popularity.
May 7, 2010 7:19 PM

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Tsukimiya, Ayu - I thought she was pretty cute in her own mutant midget sort of way.

Lelouch - I liked lulu but I felt probably due to the creators of the anime that his "genius" seemed a little far fetched and unreasonable.

Kyou - Although pretty stereotypical like all of clannads characters you can't help but love her.

Yamazaki, Kaoru - If I hear pururin one more time my head will spontaneously explode. But seriously he is the best character from the show.
May 7, 2010 7:22 PM

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Ayu: UGUU~ I thought she was pretty generic, but she was pretty cute at the same time.

Lelouch: Ah, Lelouch. I like him for certain reasons, and don't like him for others. I do appreciate him for sticking to his ideal till the very end. However, his methodology kept changing back and forth so many times, it got annoying.

Taiga: Decent tsundere. Not bad, but not one of my favorite tsunderes. However, it's possible that she might've broken away from that archetype in the later episodes, so I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Satoko: Ohoho! She's actually the only Higurashi girl I didn't like to any varying degree. I should watch more though, but in what I have seen, she irked me.

Kyou: She's my second favorite Clannad girl, as she's quite funny.

Tachibana: OH GOD I WANT TO GIVE HER A HUG! Her circumstances are quite sad, I really do feel that she's doing a great job of making viewers empathize with her.

Youhei: His antics are quite pathetic, but they're still hilarious at the same time. That's all I've got on him.

Kaoru: Jeez, this guy made me lol quite a few times. I expect more funny moments out of him in the anime, though.


Kamina: Awesome character and a great source of inspiration for Simon.

Domon: This guy is so awesome, I think he might've been the reason why I started watching anime in the first place.

Lelouch: See earlier part of post.

Goku: Eh, he's cool and all, but I don't really remember much about his personality. He strikes me as a bit generic, but not bad.

Sousuke: Another awesome character (voiced by same VA as Domon), I like how his personality leads to extremely hilarious moments as well as action moments and even touching, dramatic moments.
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May 7, 2010 11:27 PM

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Alucard: A far cry from most anime protagonists, which is refreshing in and of itself. As I have commented before, there is no way I would consider him likable. But, you have to respect a character like him. He doesn't just kill his enemies, he destroys them mentally and physically.

Motoko Kusanagi: To me Motoko is an Icon in the anime industry, much like her franchise. I personally prefer the Stand Alone Complex version more because I felt there was more depth to her which is the benefit of a tv series.

Rin Tohsaka: At one time she was on my favorites list as I found her and Archer to be the only note worthy characters from Fate Stay Night.

Shiki Ryougi: A cool character, but other than her split personalities I can't really remember a whole lot about her.

Sousuke Sagara: This one I can't really agree with at all. Sure, he's a funny character but FMP! as a whole is so inconsistent that it hurts my impression of him. Plus the villains that face him are incredibly generic and, as every one knows, a good hero needs a great villain. Sousuke himself never really grew to me as a character. Though, I do admit that he was developed much better in TSR.

Claire Stanfield: An awesome character, and one of the most noteworthy of an almost entirely noteworthy cast. I'll never forget this guy.

That's all I got.
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May 8, 2010 1:24 AM

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Asuka: Red-headed. Jailbait. Fiery. Just my type, in short. Together with Misato, she made Evangelion worth watching - either with her personality or dramatic exit in EoE. Like every tsundere, she actually hid a weaker, insecure side, but that just made me like her more. Her bullying Shinji is one of the rare instances of a female truly putting a male in his place.

Kyoko: MI was one of the first rom-coms I enjoyed, but I recall her inability to decide - often getting in Mitaka's car, knowing full well how Godai felt about her - made her annoy me a fair bit. (I think I go into detail over this in my manga review?) I loved that her calm demeanor hid a bad temper; something Godai suffered from frequently when he came home to see her brushing the path a little too energetically...

Nana: I haven't read much of NANA. However, in the first four volumes I liked her realistically naive and weak personality. She was very easy to relate to, and worked well as a pair with the other, mentally stronger Nana.

I have nothing much to say about the other characters. Noriko was a run-of-the-mill shounen type lead, the only real difference being her gender. And Motoko is a stiff chick who runs around with no clothes on, for no real reason.
May 8, 2010 3:56 AM

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Spiegel, Spike (Cowboy Bebop) - KEANUUUUU Haha... Interesting to see how Keanu would butcher Spike Spiegel. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt tho. As for the actual anime character, he was allright. Preferred Faye myself.

Kanzaki, Urumi (Great Teacher Onizuka) - I never found GTO to be funny or entertaining, but if there was one character I had to like it would have been Urumi.

Onizuka, Eikichi (Great Teacher Onizuka) - Personally I thought he was a right prick but he had his moments. I really tried to enjoy this series but it didn't really do anything for me. I felt the exact same way with Cromartie High. Don't know but I just think comedy is completely different when its a group of guy's instead of girls. I think its mostly b/c of their seiyuu's

Holo (Spice and Wolf) - I want to score myself a God of Wheat. Fox tail and ears are a plus. Heh

Yagami, Light (Death Note) - Any of the main characters are pretentious in their own way. They both drive a good story but after his story finishes with L, the anime quality as a whole just plummets. The final ending set my disappointment in stone.

Montoya, Helena (Eden: It's an Endless World!) - "A determined and independent prostitute..." This manga only character sounds somewhat interesting if I knew a little more about her. But since I know absolutely nothing about her... she reminds me a lot like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She does have nice green hair.

Kurosawa, Kakeru (Onani Master Kurosawa) - Manga bishie bookworm. Another manga only character whom I don't know. Don't want to know either.

Hatori, Miki (Life) - Sadly, another one i don't know... Her eyes reminds me alot of those Shoujo Romance mangas. Not a fan of that art style. It's only a step above bishie drawn characters (which is at the bottom)

MacDowel, Harry (Gungrave) - Finally one I can actually support. I have no idea how i have not seen this anime yet. I've downloaded it 4 years ago... Crap now I'm going to actually start watching it tonight thx to you.

Jiraiya (Naruto) - *facepalm* ...I'm not a fan of the -to. Sorry.

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May 8, 2010 10:49 PM

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yuki nagato-pretty decent. i love kuuderes, but yuki doesn't interest me a whole lot imo

nagomi shiraishi- never saw akane-iro ni somara saka so i can't say

nino- again, never saw arakawa so i can't comment

angol moa-never saw sgt frog...

marina wulfstan-don't make me repeat myself

holo-love her! though she bugged me near the end of season 1, she was a joy to see on screen.

rihoko amaha- only saw the first two episodes of witchblade. she's cute though

mio akiyama-the best part about K-on! she's so cute! XD

canaan-i'm planning on checking the show, canaan, she looks pretty cool.

man why you have to have characters from shows i've never seen!? XD lol
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May 9, 2010 12:13 AM

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Lenelee: I LOVE HER! I love her personality and charm. I haven't seen a lot of D Gray Man so far, but I hope she doesn't get reduced to a minor 'Orihime-esque' role later...or for too long. (And for the haircut I hear she later gets...kinda not used to it for now.)

Soul: Interesting character. Slides between cool and goofy. Dub voice sounds a lot like Ichigo (though I know it's a different person).

Holo: Haven't seen the show, but she looks promising.

Ussop: His appearance was kinda the reason why I didn't want to watch One Piece. Though from what I hear he's capable of being a help to his friends, despite his cowardly reputation.
May 9, 2010 2:39 AM

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Testarossa, Teletha: While I enjoyed the FMP series, I never liked her. There is just something about her that sets my teeth on edge. Much prefer other female characters like Chidori and Melissa.

Asahina, Mikuru: She's adorable. Usually I find this kind of character annoying, but there's just something about her that I find so endearing.

Suoh, Tamaki: Meh. I do love Ouran High, but didn't feel that Tamaki was anything exceptional.

Kazami, Mizuho: huh. Nothing really special about Mizuho either. Overall, Onegai Teacher was an average anime - but at least she was a better character than Kei.

Yamada, Hanatarou: soft-hearted and with a whiny, nasally voice, he would be the resident bitch of Soul Society if it was a yaoi. And coincidentally, his Japanese VA does have quite a few roles in yaoi.
May 9, 2010 3:28 AM

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Roy Mustang: I'm neutral with him, though he has his awesome moments.

Kyon: Like him for his snarkiness.

Lelouch: Awesome bastard.

Suzaku: I like him despite the flak others give him.
May 9, 2010 4:03 AM

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suoh tamaki- i totally like him..but i like kaoru better, funniest character ever for me xD

testarossa, teletha- sorry but i don't really like her....especially whenever she gets close with sagara xD

asahina mikuru- a rather stupid character for me...but i like her :D

Ayanami, Rei- i think my first anime was neo genesis evangelion...and as far as i can remember..she was my fave character from that series :D

Hiwatari, Satoshi- a cool character though he's the antagonist xD

Yamada, Hanataro- a funny character xD i like him very much :D he can be very helpful to ichigo and the others :]

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May 9, 2010 4:08 AM

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@ jellabee

Kaoru - I lovelovelovelove him!

Natsu - I really like him, though I like Gray more.

Shouta - He's so cute, I can understand why Sawako fell for him XD
May 10, 2010 12:00 AM

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First off, I hate him. He's supposedly intelligent but all the things that he did (or should've done but didn't) made me think that he's actually just a stupid bastard. So much for intelligence; he hardly even has a brain. Getting emo at all the wrong times. Wanting to accomplish whatever and yet doesn't want to do some things which must be done to achieve it.


Okay so, he's supposed to be Mr.Badass. While he'd probably be my favourite from Drrr IF I had to pick someone, I don't think he's all that badass. At least though he's quite analytical and not simply nuts like Shizuo. He's definitely someone who cannot be trusted.


Of the few FT episodes I've watched, he's an alright character. He likes walking around shirtless.. he always fights with Natsu.. well, I can't quite remember anything else.


She's completely devoid of the ability to think rationally when it comes to Satoshi. Now, a character who is ruled by her heart rather than her head, I think that's stupid. I don't think she's all that bad a character though (that would be Satoko) but I have to say I don't really like her. I like Mion though.
May 10, 2010 4:55 AM

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autisticanime said:
Roy Mustang: I'm neutral with him, though he has his awesome moments.

Tiny miniskirts?
May 11, 2010 6:20 PM
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Rukawa: I started Slam Dunk. As I recall, this guy was pretty neat.

Light: Well, I've been known to like evil jerks too so... whatever.

K: Never seen the series, but he seems kinda cliche. Except for the amnesia part. That's, like, really original.

Yoh: I like this guy too... but I dropped the series in chapter 10 or something because the two mains were together and I couldn't take the intense tension (typical of shoujo series) any longer. Then I read Lovely complex. And Hana yori Dango. Ouch. Maybe I'll start this series again...

Kagami: I never really got the attraction here.
May 11, 2010 7:26 PM

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Tenma: Not my favourite Monster character but he was cool and very skilled.

Hosaka: This man is a legend! every scene with Hosaka made me laugh, too funny!

Miria: I love Miria. So insane and hyperactive, made a great duo with Isaac and her imitations of him were great.

Isaac: The other half of the great duo, I didn't like him as much as Miria but he is still awesome.

Ladd: Totally insane and crazy. Pretty badass, his interactions with Lua were so odd yet interesting.

Miranda: She was alright, kind of a depressing character.

Johan: My favourite villain ever! Evil for the sake of being evil, ice cold with his lack of emotion and just sinister. Awesomeness.

Don't know the other characters.
May 11, 2010 8:52 PM

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Alice was a great character, though I liked everyone in Aria. My favorite may be Athena though.
Chiaki was always rather funny in Minami-ke, and I liked her goofy hair blob. Her cruelty knew no bounds. >=P
Ai Tanabe is great--I liked how positive she could be, and always standing up for what she believed in. Planetes had some great character development.
Johan sounds interesting. I need to watch Monster some time this summer.
Miria seemed funny from what little of Baccano I saw, but that series just wasn't for me.
Haven't heard of the other character before, unfortunately.
May 11, 2010 9:09 PM

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oz- one of my favorites! i totally like him....he's smart,naughty and cute. she likes younger girls too~ so cute :D a playboy xD

alice- i like her too.. thumbs up for this character..a tsundere...i like the alicexoz pairing :D

gilbert nightray- the small gilbert is soo kawaii.. specially the maid outfit that he wore xD

break- break loooks like a clown to me xD but i respect him very much..he's a reliable charcter..

sharon- a maiden at heart xD i laughed so hard when oz hit on her xDD

vincent- i hate him..thats all i have to say xD

echo- she's like a doll xD ihate it when vincent orders her around so much TT^TT

elliot- such a meanie to ada...even though ada likes him xDD but can be a good swordsman

jack- looks like oz a older version of oz...:D a very cute character :D

will of the abyss- she is like a helpless little girl but she's not....i like her and the cheshire cat :D
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May 11, 2010 10:18 PM

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Well I can only comment on four, so I hope thats enough to qualify :s

Here goes

Himura, Yuu (Ef - Tale of Memories)
Well I liked him alot. One of the more serious characters of both Memories and Melodies. I didnt beleive him about hes forgotten memories, and I guess I had read him like a book. But even after years and years, his dedication and paitence never thinned. I would like to say more on him, but it may be considered spoilerish. Good character nevertheless ^_^

Amamiya, Yuuko (Ef - Tale of Memories)
My awarded character of Tale of Memories, even if she gets more storyline in Melodies, the thing she was doing in Memories was unique and had purpose. Unfortantly again, I cannot say much on her because it would be spoilerish. Obviously she was looking for that certain someone aswell. I really liked how she was portrayed and drawn too. A nice choice for a favourit character. I felt for her alot

Hitachiin, Kaoru (Ouran High School Host Club)
Well I cant remember which is which, but I know they have two personalities. A wierd but interesting twin combination. Quite the tricksters these two were. They are funny and wierd. Thats all I going to say. So they played their role in Ouran High School Host Club. Its been awhile since I watched the Host Club so my memories is sorta vague right now.

Kazehaya, Shouta (Kimi ni Todoke)
Ah ! Shouta, I liked him alot too. Infact I liked alot of the cast in Kimi ni Todoke. I especially like his voice actor who is a favourit of mine. Shouta had more shy moments then I thought he would, but he was a nice match for Sawako. He was really the starting point in opening up Sawakos world. He would give her more confidence to socialize. I wanted to see more between him and Pin tho. Never less, Hes a good character. I approve+++

Hitsugaya, Toshiro (Bleach)
Well, since I have only watched 80 epsides of bleach, there is probably alot I dont know about him. But from what I have seen of his character. He seems to be one of the newer weaker of the 15 captains and he had good insticts to detect that something was amiss, whiich kinda gets him beaten up by other captains. I liked him, even if it was a little wierd for his age. I reonized his voice from somewhere, but I cant think of it now. He looked to have good and careing intentions and thats pretty much all I know/remember. So ima leave it at that.

Well thats all I can say ^_^
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May 11, 2010 10:36 PM
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@ Marls

Holo: I like her a lot. She's so different from those moeblob immature types of anime girls that are so common these days. I like how she's mature and rational, and cute at the same time.

Suiseiseki: I like her ~desu. What else can I say ~desu? She was cute enough for her ~desu to become an internet meme ~desu.

Kamina: He's annoying... I hate his arrogance and I really don't see what's so GAR about him.

Rika: I like her a lot! She's so cute, with her "ni-pah~". She was one of the most interesting characters in Higurashi. I like how she constantly acts childish in front of people, but actually has a very mature and dark personality inside.

May 11, 2010 10:55 PM

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Lelouch - I haven't seen Code Geass yet, but I've seen clips of Lelouch. He seems interesting, but he probably won't be a favorite for me.

Archer - He's pretty cool through Fate/stay night. One of the better characters in the series, actually.

Light - I'm not really a big fan of Death Note, but it was interesting to watch Light develop through the series. Although I haven't sat down to watch the anime, I do like his evil, Japanese laugh. :)

Hei - I haven't seen Darker than Black, so I don't know much about him.

Kaname - I started reading Vampire Knight briefly. He was pretty cool when I started reading. I should really sit down and start reading Vampire Knight again.

Suzaku - I really don't know anything about him, except that he's been paired with Lelouch quite often. :/

Hibari - I like Hibari, but he's a little too strict for me. His lack of humor makes me uncomfortable in certain scenes.

Kyouya - Always been my favorite host. The episode where they showed how he met Tamaki was the best episode ever. :)

Itsuki - He was one of the only people in TMoHS that I actually liked. In fact, he's my favorite character from that series.

Kyon - I'm not a huge fan of him, but he's still a pretty good character. His narration through TMoHS is really funny at times.

May 11, 2010 11:23 PM

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mmm I decided to do another one :)
because I like some of Mysteres chars.

Since I was sooooo slow, and foureyedpandora got skipped. I will do one for him/her too.


I only have five I can really comment on

Lamperouge, Lelouch (Code Geass)
Well I didn't like him myself. But he seems to have alot the popularity. I wont denie that he is sorta interesting in some ways. But I guess hes motives and actions arn't to my tastes. Really good chess player too ;)

Archer (Fate/Stay Night)
Archer, one of the characters in Fate/Stay night I felt was underrated and didnt get much of a show. Servant to Rin, His fight vs Beserker is what inspired me the most. Lets just say after he was finally defeated, I just had to get up and go for a walk, I was sooo divistated. He killed Berserker 5 times yet it wasn't good enough to win the fight, but he went out in true knighly/hero spirit. I still think of him as being a contender for that Holy Grail. His strick personallity was nice trait to him too. Never showed much emotion but I liked him that way. A great character, I give a healthly thumbs up! ^_^

Hei (Darker than Black)
Awarded my character of Darker than Black. The main reason I like Hei the most is because he reminds me a little of my favourit superhero.... Batman. They both share common traits. They don't need superpowers to fight, but rather possess tallent instead. They are both quick in and out, they both walk around as cilivians pretending to be weak and clueless. And whats more! they are both awesome. But even putting that aside, I really liked him in Darker than Black. Was a nice character. Another thumps up!

Kururugi, Suzaku (Code Geass)
Well, one of my most disliked characters in Code Geass. It's been awhile since I watched Code Geass and I have not seen the 2nd season. But he struct me as a knight wannabe. Tho the *so* called knights in code geass were pretty much currtped anyway. But ima leave it at that, I didnt like him, which is my only opinion.

Ootori, Kyouya (Ouran High School Host Club)
I remember him, he was a nice character. Always pulling the strings behind the host club. Arguably the guy who ran it properly and prodived the funds. It's been awhile since I seen the anime, but I do remember him. Approve+++



Kishitani, Shinra (Durarararawr)
Well I just started rewatching Durarararawr to catch up on the airing episode. But from what I can comment on Shinra? well hes an interesting character and obviouslty likes Selty alot. I also specualting him to be setto-san on the chatroom. The best part I have liked about him is when he cried while eating Selties cooking, but was nice and wouldnt admit to her how bad it was. Hes a nice character, wonder how he progresses on.

Sturluson, Celty (Durarararawr)
Well I identified what she was right from the word go. I knew of her ghost story about being the headless horsemen. For such a terrifying bad a$$/evil creature, shes rather innocent. Maybe her missing head may have something to do with it. Not my most favourit character in the series, but theres nothing I really dislike about her except when she takes her helmit off, I wish her to just put it back on lol. First epsiode she features in, I was laughing so much of how disugusting it looked for a walking headless corpse to be wondering around. Really she needs to keep that helmit on at all times, even when she sleeps. As cruel as it sounds.

Flourite, Fai D. (Tsubara Chronicles)
For a long long time, I couldn't decide who I would award my favourit character of Tsubara Chronicles. It was Kuragrame or Fai. After such a long thinking progress, I awarded it toi Kuragame. But thats not to take anything away frm Fai. I like him in so many ways, especially how he teases Kura-poo. Hes a mage that has the speed of an agility fighter. But his magic has been crippled by a greedy witch. From what I can make of it, she took away his circet breaker that controls his flow of magic. The reason I think he doesn't use magic anymore is because he could probably kill himself. Ima about to start the 2nd season soon. Maybe more information will pop up. But for Fai, two thumbs up from me! ^_^

Thats all I really know of your favourits :s

Thats all I think
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May 11, 2010 11:33 PM

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Holo/Horo - Didn't appreciate her character that much. But I liked her conversations with Lawrence. Though many viewers find her as a tsundere, I didn't quite see her as that. Rather, she's quite..sneaky. Yes, sneaky is the most befitting term for this character.

Suiseiseki - Besides the fact that I've had a hard time pronouncing her name before, this character drives me..nuts. Didn't like the show either. Didn't fit my tastes. Her "desu" thing got me irritated. But her eyes? for the win.

Kamina - Liked him, but not a lot. Thanks for the screentime he has in TTGL and his sudden..(you know what, ack, hated that part). But I enjoyed this character, really. Simon's aniki and the idol of many.

Edward Elric - Heard many from this guy, but I haven't watched FMA yet. But damn, he's good looking. (Paku Romi!!)

Furude Rika - The hell with this girl. Liked her appearance, but not her character. The show's too creepy for me. Didn't get to know her that much. Sad.

Hitagi - DISLIKED! I dunno, maybe it's just because of her attitude towards Ararararagi(I stuttered..). But that said, she comes from a show that's random so I should expect some random characters too.
May 14, 2010 12:34 AM

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Bampu ~

Toua - 100% agree he is just as epic as Akagi ^_^

Nate River - I didnt really like him, i preferred Mello

Gintoki - Is funny i agree :D
May 14, 2010 6:38 AM

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Shuichi Aizawa:
Well he was probably also my favorite sidekick character in Death Note, but this series really centered too much about Light and L for me to let anyone else qualify for favorite character.

Can't really understand this choice. First of all noone in Hellsing can even come close to Alucard regarding awesomeness and second of all even of the enemies he was one my least favourite. I didn't had the feeling that too much thought was put into thsi character.

The other two I don't know.
I know you should only post if you know 3 characters at least, but as he only has 4 in total I figured I'd take a shot.
May 14, 2010 7:09 AM

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@ Higashi_no_Kaze

Rena - I really can't stand her, I liked her before the last arc in the first season but after that.. no, just no.

Lelouch - Favorite character of all time.

Light - I don't know what I think about him, don't really hate or love him..
May 14, 2010 7:15 AM

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Hoshino Hachirota: A definite thumbs up from me. I love Planetes and Hachimaki is my favorite character from that show.

I also really like San from Mononoke-hime. Good job there.

Also, I can definitely see why you like Luffy. He's a very refreshing lead for a shonen series. :)
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May 14, 2010 7:37 AM

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Fakir is pretty cool. I think he stood out alot in the Princess Tutu cast, due to his awesome devolepement!

Yuki Sohma is a pretty decent, shafted by the author type character. Not a bad choice!

Rakushun was one of the best characters in Twelve Kingdoms. King of En for the win!

Tatsuya ...

Kamina. Well Kamina showed the developement of ...oh wait I don't think you can develope backwards.

Matsuda, Iaru, and Toshi...No idea. Toshi is cute....
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May 14, 2010 8:35 AM
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Asuka-- Classic anime character, love that her urge to be the best and self sufficient is all just a defense mechanism, really a great character

Raikou-- Oh, the the olderbrother samurai form Nabari no Ou... for some reason he really didn't stand out to me...

Makoto--- Ah, the cross-dressing idiot kid from Minami-ke, got to love him

Ren-- Kazuma's way to feminine little brother... I don't know, he really got on my nerves...

Athrun-- The only character in Gundam Seed with a backbone...

unfortunately, not familiar with your other favorites
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May 14, 2010 8:37 AM

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@ Nagara_Venteel

Asuka Langley Soryu- Had to comment on this one as soon as I saw her on your list.. I like her because she is the possibly the most fucked up character in the series aside from Shinji and the fact that, by the end of the series, I liked her dispite the fact that I disliked her at the beginning. There's more to her than all that, but I didn't want to spend to much time on Asuka.

Makoto- His gender bending antics are often hilarious, but the second season just hurt my appreciation for the characters, in general, of Minami-ke. He was back, along with the others, in top form in the third season though.

@ judojon

Ladd Ruso- One of the better characters in Baccano, which is a feat in and of itself imo. This guy is delightfully insane and almost always steals the show. Also, his scenes with Claire are fantastic.

Holo- Very good character, intriguing as well. She's not an idiot, in fact she oftentimes out smarts Lawrence. That's bonus points for me, as well as the fact that she's entertaining, mysterious, and just an all around well done character.

L- He's an icon as far as I'm concerned, even though he isn't anywhere near a favorite character of mine. His inclusion on your list is understandable as he, and the show he stars in, is extremely well done.

Taiga Aisaka- Good character, even though I can't recall much about her since it's been a while since I've seen Toradora. I do remember that I thought her character art was well done, but my tastes have changed since seeing this series. So, I don't know what I would think of her now.

Enma Ai- Though I haven't seen the second and third seasons, I do think Enma is an interesting character as well as tragic.

Haruhi Suzumiya- One of my favorites as well, Haruhi is quite one of the most entertaining characters I've seen in anime. Yeah, she's flawed but I like characters like that.

Reki- One of the two central characters of the fantastic Haibane Renmei, I think Reki, in particular stood out in the series as a great character. Her character arc was touching and sad as well.

Haruko Haruhara- As zany as the show she inhabits, Haruko is one of the more "interesting" characters I've seen in anime. Love FLCL, btw.

Alucard- Badass fits him to the tee. I don't consider him a "great" character as far as depth, but hell that isn't the point of Hellsing anyway.

Souichi Negishi- This guy, who tries to keep his personalities as a heavy metal star and normal everyday guy seperate, is just a flatout hilarious character.
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May 14, 2010 8:40 AM

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@ Nagara ...Makoto was after Housaka the best character in the Minami-ke series. I dont really know about the other ones cause they are either from a manga I´ve never read or a crappy/average anime I´ve never watched.

Feel free to insult Koizumi, he is beyond criticism :)
May 14, 2010 9:17 AM

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Pfft, kidding me? Koizumi is one of the two reasons that made me keep watching Haruhi. (The other being Kyon obviously.)
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