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Aug 10, 2022 8:31 PM
Apr 2013
Well. Not as fast as the previous ep where japan defeated greece 3-0 in a single ep with time to spare even, but this ep was still pretty fast paced. I wonder though, is australia and swiss really going to take up the rest of the episodes or?

We had one full match and most of the second match today, though it hasnt quite been decided yet, it could still go either way. Though japan has now won four matches in a row. Total five wins out of 7 matches if you add their games in the exhibition.

The advantage of having played the strongest(?) team in germany so far is that the other teams wont look nearly as strong. Though yukimura and sanada again two of the strongest players almost lost, the matches have all been really close so far.

I was wondering why they had that one scene in the opening, i wasnt expecting there to be a big flashback at this point in time. Considering they were still playing evenly last ep I was surprised they suddenly jumped to 5-1 australia, sheesh.
Yukimura's yips was only slightly effective here, but they kinda been skimming through them matches so far.

Fuji and Niou, its interesting because its been so long since their match in the nationals that I had forgotten. And then plot twist it turns out that it was atobe all along?? Would have thought atobe would be playing in singles, really bizarre but oh well. Also seems to be some big insight plan that atobe has about australia.

I wonder if greece will show up again, at our current rate we've really been blitzing through the matches. The previews seem to be deliberately holding back on us. First they show us oishi, but there were THREE FULL matches in ep 5, and they even started australia match there. Then last ep they didnt show us fuji or niou or atobe at all, nevermind I am blind, they were in the preview. and now we're at the start of the tiebreak already.

The preview this time only shows fuji and atobe, so almost surely the tiebreak wont take up the whole match and we'll get another match in.

Random thought: the op shows both sanada+yukimura, which we had. also in the op? fuji + atobe.
CocoaGalaxyAug 11, 2022 4:48 PM
Aug 11, 2022 12:54 PM

Jun 2021
I love Prince of tennis, but I really love Nio.
Aug 11, 2022 11:05 PM

Jul 2016
I just hope we get like 3 more seasons after this.

In most cases, the MAL Average Scores don't mean anything, here is a question: were the works made before 2000 all shit?
Why are they so damn scarce in the Top 50? Think about how MAL is quite literally a filtered amount of the Anime fanbase.

Here's a timeline of the Top 15 in which you can check that, almost always, the scores are affected by the freshness, popularity and other factors that have nothing to do with quality.

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