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[Update Jun 30] New About Me Designs for Your Profile!

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Jun 12, 8:24 PM
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Update June 30th
The issues with the Last Completed section should be fixed! Thank you for your patience.
Winners for the giveaway have been drawn and will be contacted in the next ~24 hours or so by PM on MAL~

Update June 19th
It seems there are some problems with the Last Completed logic. Please give us a bit of time, the tech team is investigating.

Have you ever wanted to create a fancy about me profile layout like some of the community's best designers, but don't have the time or skills to use an image editor? Tired of slicing and dicing images to get all the BBCode links you want added?

This new feature is for you!

To create a nice profile design, all you need to do is:
  1. Choose a template
  2. Add some text
  3. Drag and drop some images from your computer or upload from mobile
  4. ... and save! No BBCode required.
Complete as many or as few fields as you like to give a different look-and-feel to the same design.

Try out the feature before June 27 @ 6PM Pacific Time and you'll be entered into a random giveaway to win 3 months of MAL Supporter!

We plan to add some additional features and more templates soon, so give it a whirl and let us know what you think~

  • Your classic BBCode About Me will be saved in your profile settings, so you can always go back to your old profile layout later, if you like.
  • We also aren't planning on depreciating the classic About Me, so don't worry about that.
  • The new About Me design should appear nicely on all devices: desktop, mobile, and also in-app!
  • You can get quickly between your profile and the About Me Design editor on desktop using the top-right links.
    We'll be considering how to make this easier on mobile, too.

Modified by Kineta, Jun 30, 12:22 PM

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Jun 13, 8:11 PM
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Cool. It looks like a nice addition!

Is the mal supporter reward for the twitter giveaway also given on the 27th?

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Jun 13, 8:22 PM

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I tried it out and personally didn't like it but I'm very glad that you guys give us new design choices and I'm looking forward to seeing some awesome profiles in the future.
Jun 13, 8:30 PM
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So cool, can't wait to play around with it!
Jun 13, 8:30 PM
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are there any plans to either extend the length of the primary text box, or give the option to create your own text boxes? i would like to list the synopses i've written for mal rewrite under a dropdown, but the character limit prevents me from doing so. when i try to copy and paste from my profile, i am more than 4000 characters over the limit

edit: other than that i think this is great! though it would benefit from more template options, though i assume that is just because it is still in beta
Jun 13, 8:42 PM

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Wow very good update

Jun 13, 8:42 PM

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I already feel like a need a tutorial, lol.
Hopefully I can create something to my satisfaction while keeping everything I want from what I already have. Yeah, not really... not bad though.
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Jun 13, 8:43 PM
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Not the biggest fan but I'll be using it for a while

Hopefully it'll get more updates like better themes and fonts
Jun 13, 8:46 PM

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Kineta said:
Tired of slicing and dicing images to get all the BBCode links you want added?

this was literally me two days ago, while I was revamping the 'about me' of my profile. good thing I liked the result a lot
Jun 13, 8:48 PM

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we are one long step ahead for dark mode one day.
Jun 13, 8:50 PM

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i don't have time to do fancy things with BB code so i really like this new feature~
Jun 13, 9:03 PM
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not bad for users that wants more personalization and customization but does not have a lot of time to learn things in an advance way
Jun 13, 9:04 PM

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Looks interesting, so gonna try it out.

Important question tho, are there plans to allow text formatting on the descriptions (text boxes)?

Also, what about allowing us to preview before saving the changes?
and something regarding the cropping of the images....

and a way to change one ranking to another spot (like ranking 1 to ranking 3)


For the giveaway, do we have to keep it until the dates or just testing it's fine?
Modified by SheyCroix, Jun 14, 6:36 AM

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Jun 13, 9:11 PM

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Just tried it out, didn't like it only because such less customization options.
Really hope to see it get updated and give more creative freedom.
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Jun 13, 9:16 PM

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Jun 13, 9:17 PM
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It's awesome, it would be nice if you can add more of one top 10 circle templates
Jun 13, 9:38 PM

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It looks very cool, I guess it will have more options in the future.
Jun 13, 10:01 PM

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This is great, it will be a feature to make page profiles more consistent and stay creative.
Jun 13, 10:03 PM

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Interesting update.
Jun 13, 10:08 PM

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I had no idea how to create a good profile and I'm so glad this update came this feature is pretty cool :D
Jun 13, 10:19 PM

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Great feature! I'm probably gonna stick with classic though, until they introduce a more updated version with hopefully more creative freedom.
Jun 13, 10:29 PM
:O <º))))><

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I like it! Sure, always room for improvement and more customization options. Still, I appreciate a quick way to do it as someone who never bothered to fancy up their profile before.
Jun 13, 10:38 PM

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It's a pretty good start. More options appreciated in the future!
Jun 13, 10:58 PM

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That's great! I'd like it to be a bit more extensive, looking forward to future updates.
Jun 13, 11:24 PM

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It's kind of buggy when I tried it. The classic one I will always prefer. Thanks anyways.

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Jun 13, 11:58 PM
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Not bad
A decent feature

a tutorial type of video is appreciated so that we can try the feature to the fullest as it not clear what does what as of now.


Jun 14, 12:00 AM

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This is kinda cool ngl, but what we need(probably other ppl who are using mal on desktops ) is an option to different kinds of dark mode.

Love this new profile design!!
Jun 14, 12:06 AM
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Good addition, this makes the website more new-user friendly for people who don't have the time or don't know how to create their own About Me.

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Jun 14, 12:25 AM

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I loved that you created this new profile editor, soon it should have more options, but I personally will not change my profile, I had a job to edit it and changing it now would not be right.
Jun 14, 12:27 AM

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my "watching this season" section is empty?
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Jun 14, 12:31 AM

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Hmm, interesting. Might test it...

I don't think I will use it a lot.
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Jun 14, 12:38 AM
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Ok, I guess. My "about me" wicked mist likely still remain mostly empty. The wait for dark mode continues...

Trying it out and I wonder how the "watching this season/last completed" section" works. It just empty.
Modified by BatoKusanagi, Jun 14, 1:08 AM
Jun 14, 12:42 AM

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Very interesting feature!
I tried it and I wonder what else will it include in the future (more customizable stuff maybe? Imo I would add bbcode or similar there too, just for those who want a cool layout but with a little more text personalization. Idk if that’s possible, tho).
I noticed that the “watching this season” is empty but I’m guessing it’s a bug or something since this was just released.
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Jun 14, 12:44 AM

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yay can't wait to try it out

Jun 14, 12:44 AM

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Such a cool addition. Thanks.
Jun 14, 12:46 AM

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would be nice to have a custom theme and possibly CSS/BBCode so we can make our own adjustments, but a nice idea for those looking for a quick and easy about me.
Jun 14, 12:52 AM

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Oi oi oi! The design is nice. And a great feature. Cause I don't really use the BBC code thing it's kinda complicated. I hope we can also add the gifs and more features like the old one.
Jun 14, 1:06 AM

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SheyCroix said:

and a way to change one ranking to another spot (like ranking 1 to ranking 3)

you can drag and drop the ranking items to change their order
edit: unless if you meant change the order of the entire ranking lists, my bad, sorry!!
Modified by tenmeis, Jun 14, 1:35 AM
Jun 14, 1:34 AM

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If there'll be more option available I'll probably use it, but why does the "last completed anime" section only show what I completed one month ago?
Also, if this kind of feature would be available with manga too, it would be great.
Thanks for the new feature, this will probably very useful to a lot of users.
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Jun 14, 2:32 AM

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This looks good, but adding gifs would be nice.
Jun 14, 2:37 AM

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Jun 14, 2:43 AM

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it a great idea, but i will be good to let us choose how the pictures will look in the ranking lists. I want in all lists the pictures to be cropped the same, instead one circle, one landscape and one portrait.
Also when we chose the theme it will be better the theme to be on the whole page instead on only a part. I use black theme but it looks kinda ugly to see a part black and then everything white
Modified by joshua10red, Jun 14, 2:48 AM

Jun 14, 2:46 AM

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My "Watching this season" is empty even though I'm watching 9. Anyone know how to fix ?

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Jun 14, 2:59 AM

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ItzElite said:
My "Watching this season" is empty even though I'm watching 9. Anyone know how to fix ?

same issue no clue why
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Jun 14, 3:33 AM

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I don't know if there's something wrong or I'm the one who did it wrong but, when I logged out from this account and try the feature in another account, I can't use the feature there--when I tried to modify it, the theme was applied in this account instead.

Anyway, I think this update is very cool. I can play around with BB code but not with editing layout so this one is really useful for me :D
Jun 14, 3:36 AM

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"Watching this season" section does not work properly for some people, me included. I am watching 10 shows, but currently only 1 shows up
Jun 14, 3:55 AM

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my "watching this season" isn't loading, is there any way to fix it?

edit: i didn't read any of the newer messages, now i know i'm not the only one.
Jun 14, 5:11 AM

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This is interesting. It actually looks good. Won't be using it cuz i've already got a design but it will be cool for other people.
Jun 14, 5:34 AM

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This looks really nice, will be recommending it to my MAL friends.

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Jun 14, 6:20 AM

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Looks pretty nice, especially for us who don't have fancy profiles, we can mix something up now.
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