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Apr 16, 2010 10:07 AM

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One of the main military bases on Neptune, situated on the south side.

Apr 16, 2010 10:36 AM

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*Slightly dazed from the time spent in prison Motion is escorted on a ship from pluto to the army base of Eis on Neptune*

Corrections Officer: Everyone in order! *Calls off everyone by name* Is there a James Earnhart here? Jam-

Motion: Oi...over here -_- please keep it down a little bit will ya?

Corrections Officer: Hmph! Filth like you should keep quiet and follow orders like a good little lap dog

Motion: Well in that case that makes two of us now doesn't it?

Corrections Officer: *Grapples Motion from the collar* Listen you little @#$% I'd be grateful if I were you, lucky for you they didn't decide to blow your @#$%#@^ head off for the ruckus you cause in Jupi- ugh!

*A loud thud is heard as the ship rattles about while docking at the army base, finally the officer let's go of Motion's collar*

Motion: *Sighs* Home sweet home I suppose...
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Apr 16, 2010 11:36 AM

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*walks around watching everybody as i look lost*
Apr 16, 2010 1:23 PM
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*Anima has been working on his research project on Neptune for a few months now, and his work is finally paying off. He has discovered a new combination of various chemical substances, which was sure to position him in the limelight of the research facility he was working for. Currently, he's undercover in the Eis Army Base. He walks down the crowded path leading to the docking bay in his dark cloak, trying to avoid any eye contact. A few moments later, he's already getting on his ship and getting ready to depart from Neptune.

However, something goes wrong, and his ship doesn't start up.

Frustrated, Anima gets out of his ship, and as he knows that if something's wrong with the ship, he'll have to wait a long time and let the mechanics take a look at it. Anima walks away from the docking bays, and makes his way to the public military bar. When he arrives into the bar, he puts a few coins on the table and pulls down his hood, revealing a scarred face with red eyes and dark brown hair. He beckons the bartender and orders a glass of water. After a while his glass arrives, and Anima sits by the bar, occasionally sipping his own blend of H2O.*
Apr 17, 2010 4:19 AM
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*After having finished his glass, Anima gets up and makes his way to his room. He takes out his card and slides it through the identifier, followed by a beep and the door sliding open. He steps inside and looks around, same old dark room that he had spent most of his nights in here on Neptune. He walks to the bed and sits on it, uncomfortable as it is. Anima removes his cloak and puts it on a nearby chair. He then removes the various layers of fullereen that he had used as a body armor. After removing most of his armor, leaving only a few layers covering his chest, he puts his accelerator blade under the thin cushion. Anima lies down on the bed and closes his eyes, drifting off to sleep.*
Apr 18, 2010 2:01 AM
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*After eight hours of sleep, Anima opens his eyes and sits on his bed. He quickly looks around the room to see if anyone's paid him a night visit. After a brief moment of scouting, he gets up and equips his fullereen layers and his dark cloak. Anima gets down on the floor and does some basic excercises, stretching and the like. When he's done, he gets up and reaches for his accelerator blade which was hidden under the cushion. When he gets a hold of it, he sheathes it behind his waist using a strap. Anima walks to the door and uses the card to open it, he then steps outside and starts walking down the hallway, past the elevator and down the stairs.

However, as he starts walking down the stairs, he hears someone yelling very loud in the room behind him. He decides to not pay any heed to it, as it is probably just some drug junkie or a couple fighting, so he continues to walk down the stairs. When on the ground level, Anima continues walking towards the docking bays, past the bar and the entrances to various military areas.

Suddenly, a seemingly young woman runs past him, almost knocking him aside. Anima looks at the woman, but she disappears into the crowd before he gets to have a good look at her. Then suddenly, a large man knocks him aside aswell. Anima remains solemn and calm and tries yet again to recognize the person who bumped into him. Apologies are scarce on Neptune, so he didn't mind them not apologizing to him, so he got up and continued walking to the docking bays, which was closeby now.

As he approaches the entrance to the docking bays, he can see that the large man is being held back by the security guards. Anima shrugs it off and walks in, showing his space ship card to the officer. When he gets in, he asks a nearby mechanic if his ship is ready, and they tell him that it's good to go. As he makes his way to the ship, he notices the door to the storage room was left open. He doesn't mind this, and gets inside the ship through the front entrance.

As he gets inside the ship, a smile of relief takes place on his face. He immediately walks to one of the hardly luxurous huts on the ship, and throws off his cloak. He also lays the accelerator blade on the bed, followed by a quick yawn as he exits the room and makes his way to the cockpit. When in the cockpick, he closes the doors to the storage room and tells the officer in management of the docking bay that he will be leaving. Anima starts up the engines, and then his hovering mechanics. He then steers the ship calmly out of the docking bays and into the harsh climate of the gas planet Neptune. He enables the ships boosting mechanism, getting him out to space immediately. Now, it's time for autopilot to Venus.*
Apr 18, 2010 2:06 AM

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(do you always act by yourself?)
Apr 18, 2010 2:12 AM
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(Actually, I'm disappointed that this club isn't as active as I thought, so I was going to act by myself until someone else pops in. And now I need someone to play the role of the girl who was being chased and is now inside Anima's storage room. Besides, I'm a write-a-holic, so I can't help it.)
Apr 18, 2010 2:14 AM

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( Yeah I also fell like haveing a monolog in this club. -_-)