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Nov 2013
The following guidelines were written as a reference document for moderators, reviewers and readers to define a standard for MyAnimeList interest stacks. For writers, it should provide advance warning of what content - or lack thereof - may lead to their interest stack being reported and unlisted from the site.

Please note these have been written as general guidelines only. Not meeting one or two of the following points may not automatically result in the unlisting of the interest stack. Moderators will consider interest stacks with discretion, and reserve the right to alter the following rules as they see fit to maintain a standard that does not devalue the feature's purpose.

What is an Interest Stack?
An interest stack is a collection of anime or manga that share a common thread or feature. They exist to recommend multiple anime or manga to members looking for specific interests or story types. Thus, stacks should have a clear and cohesive concept that is not easily searchable using MyAnimeList's existing features. Note that "because I like them" is not a shared concept, and there must be more common features between the items than pure personal opinion.

Article vs List Stacks
Interest stacks have the option to include a description for each item. These descriptions can include information about each entry, rationale about how each entry fits into the overall concept, or interesting details that are entertaining or informative. Stacks that contain descriptions for each entry are known as article stacks, while stacks without these descriptions are known as list stacks.

Public vs Unlisted Stacks
Interest stacks can be public, unlisted, or left as a draft. Drafts are only visible to you on the My Interest Stacks page. Unlisted stacks are visible on your profile, but not in search results or on database pages. Public stacks are visible on your profile, in search results, and on database pages. The guidelines presented here will only be applicable to public or unlisted interest stacks.
  • Public interest stacks should provide other members with the resources to discover new content that align with their interests.
    • A public list stack must be based on common information NOT covered by a theme or other database information.
    • A public article stack can be subjective and can overlap with a theme or database information.

  • Unlisted interest stacks are best suited for personal stacks, such as personal rankings or challenges. Unlike public stacks, they may freely overlap with themes or database information.

Public interest stacks...
  • Should:
    • be written in English.
    • follow basic grammar rules. Please write in complete sentences using correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
    • be assigned a spoiler label if one or more of the entries contain any plot specifics (spoilers) which may harm the reader's enjoyment of the work by describing events which eliminate surprise, suspense or dramatic tension. As a rule of thumb, refrain from including information which you would not add to a synopsis.
    • be clearly related to a central idea or concept. The title of the stack should clearly state this idea or concept.

  • Should NOT:
    • be based solely on personal opinion (e.g. Must Watch Romance) unless it is an article stack with sufficient persuasion given for each item explaining why it was included.
    • be based solely on information already available on the anime/manga page. This includes:
      • genres/themes/official MyAnimeList stacks
      • producers/directors/mangaka/magazine/VAs
      • score/popularity (as these are subject to change)
      • relations
    • comment on or discuss any content on the entry page. This includes the score and popularity of the series, as these are subject to change.
    • contain explicit content, if the stack does not contain any Rx rated anime or manga.

Public and Unlisted interest stacks...
  • Should NOT:
    • address your reader or any other viewers of the included series in either a positive or negative fashion. This includes commenting on specific groups of MyAnimeList members.
    • be written for the purpose of insulting other entries and/or their viewership.
    • plagiarize anyone else's work.
    • comment on any other user-generated content (e.g. reviews, recommendations, other interest stacks).

Refrain from:
  • using excessive profanity and obscenities.
  • including spoilers.
  • including unreleased series.
  • writing in CAPS LOCK.
  • including e-mail addresses and other URLs.
  • using BBCode, smilies, and other mark-up.
  • participating in flooding troll interest stacks. Troll interest stacks may misrepresent the works in order to be funny or controversial.
  • including messages to moderators. Please use the Anime or Manga support boards for any concerns related to an entry.
  • including any content that does not comply with the Site & Forum Guidelines.

Examples of GOOD Interest Stacks:

Examples of BAD Public Interest Stacks, but GOOD Unlisted Interest Stacks:
  • Top X, Most Favorite, etc.: My Top 10 Romance Anime
  • Disinterest stacks: Anime That I Will Never Watch
  • Self-promotion: Manga That I’ve Reviewed on YouTube

Examples of BAD Interest Stacks:
  • Refers to other user content: Anime with the Best MAL Reviews
  • Written for the purpose of insulting: Anime with <X Group of People> to Avoid
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This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.
This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.

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