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Mar 15, 2022 6:59 AM

Nov 2011
Obviously, Wein doesn't want an actual war to take place so it's natural that he began a negotiation.

Again, Wein shows his tactical mind about the nature of this war drama. Zeno has also become an important ally for Wein. I kinda like how she fits with the other main cast now.
Mar 15, 2022 7:58 AM

Jul 2017
The war-unloving Prince Wein has led Mealtars out from the Earthwold Kingdom's atrocity, and together with the 30,000-strong Levetian army, has touched down into the Kingdom of Soljest's temporary place under King Gruyere and Caldmellia.

And if there's one thing that Wein does best, it's negotation to the point that the people doing the deal can't find a single loss to each other. Now, it's only left Lowa and her remaining duo of brothers's fight for the throne, plus the fact of Demetrio's assassination crime to force Wein into submission through his younger sister Falanya, it's all planned with precision to force Manfred and Bardloche into giving in to sever relations with Demetrio and entrust Mealtars into Lowa's control. Kill two birds with one stone.

Wein has secured a W to benefit both Natra and Marden, and alliancing together with the Earthwold Empire, he's simply a genius. Now that the Kingdom of Soljest is involved, every step must be scrutinized, especially the marriage to Marden's Princess Zeno, while playing his usual game to avoid the intricacies of being questioned. And like Lowa, Wein and Zenovia play mind games, though their conversation is more casual and down-to-earth involving family and royalties.

Sorry Wein, you don't have the face worthy of a marriage, haha. But at least Zenovia is a trustworthy leader than someone worth of wed.
Mar 15, 2022 7:58 AM

Apr 2014
LMAO..... 🤣 🤣 🤣
Wein really wanted to get a marriage proposal from Zeno. He didn't get it in the end. Poor Wein. BTW, you still have Ninym by your side.
Mar 15, 2022 8:14 AM

Jan 2017
Demitro's sure to have a profound hatred of Wein when he realizes it was his idea that got him exiled from the throne. I'm sure he'll be back with either his personal army or partnered up with a different nation

Any more screentime with Zeno is more than welcome in my book, she definitely have what it takes to be a ruler by idolizing Wein and learning from him (and not go the lovers route, this girl has BALLS of steel!)
Mar 15, 2022 10:45 AM

Apr 2018
Zenovia and Wein's scenes are always fun xD well at least it's giving more hope to his potential marriage with Ninym
Mar 15, 2022 10:51 AM

Oct 2015
Wein's first total defeat. He was annihilated lmao
Mar 15, 2022 11:02 AM

Jun 2017
Poor Wein, that didn't go according to his plan and Zeno thinks they are just not in the same league lol.
Mar 15, 2022 11:09 AM

Feb 2019
Lmaoooo moment of silence for Wein getting friendzoned. Zenovia may be best girl
Mar 15, 2022 11:39 AM

May 2016
Another interesting episode. I'm enjoying this anime way more than I initially thought.

btw anyone know how many LN volumes the anime have covered so far?
Mar 15, 2022 11:44 AM

Jun 2015
Hmm buying their excess weapons in order to liberate the city themselves is quite the plan. Caldmelia having her plot demolished by the unexpected assistance of her king sure was amusing. The sight of all those civs armed and armored must have been a chilling sight for the princes. In the end im glad that the city was liberated. If war had ended up breaking out im sure princess Falanya would have been sad. Given what they been through its nice to see Wein's plans help in rebuilding Marden's economy. The little struggle between Wein and Zenovia was pretty funny. After the war as well as the backstab its nice to see Marden seems to have regained their prosperity to a degree. Wein's belief that one's role in society is not fixed really was a curious one for a member of royalty. Though the marriage plan may not have been successful looks like a new crisis has arrived that will affect both Marden and Natra.
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Mar 15, 2022 11:47 AM
Feb 2021
Anyone notice during rhe tour of the city they accidentally kept nynms hair white for one of the shots but black for the rest?
Mar 15, 2022 12:08 PM
Mar 2021
why is it surprising that every commoner can dethrone a king? i am not a genius but i don't believe in trusting people for that reason, that queen is dumb
Mar 15, 2022 12:10 PM

May 2021
Great episode! Wein couldn't stop looking at Zeno's OPPAI!

Looking forward to the next episode!
Mar 15, 2022 12:23 PM

May 2021
Poor Wein; went in fully prepared to reject Zenovia but somehow got rejected before he could get an opportunity to do so.
Anyways, Wein's logic as to why a commoner could become a noble and why royals mythologize their blood was pretty interesting to watch.

Mar 15, 2022 12:36 PM

May 2020
Okay one thing, are those some kind of magic robes making her chest flat as a cardboard from the usual oversized ones.
Mar 15, 2022 3:00 PM
Mar 2021
I think we see here in Wein's conversation with Zenovia that same quality that makes him not only not give a shit about Ninym's ethnicity, but actively feel aggrieved when her people are insulted. yes, he loves her, but he also sees people as people. He doesn't really think he's inherently better than anyone else. yes, he thinks he's smarter, but I mean, he doesn't see his life as being more valuable by natural right. He doesn't believe in the divine right of monarchs.

And Zenovia sees that it's that quality that will lead Wein invariably onwards and upwards. maybe his greatest weakness is actually his greatest strength.

I also kind of think Zenovia floating a marriage offer wouldn't have been the best play, especially because Wein intended on leaving her hanging, and using that as leverage. In the long run, she made the right choice. Also, if Wein does try the "leave her hanging" move multiple times, it WILL bite him in the ass. also not to mention he takes Ninym everywhere with him and it doesn't take a genius to comprehend their relationship. no girl's gonna want to be third wheel in her own marriage!
Mar 15, 2022 3:08 PM

Nov 2009
So... Wein's a ( Y ) guy...

He even wanted to try for multiple wives... and was literally drooling at Zeno... (he even indirectly confessed while at the bench in front of his actual to-be-wife, but gets rejected)

(but she only rejected him due to a sort of "inferiority complex" where she thinks Wein is "too good for her". RIP Wein, you're too good for your own good.)

Then Zeno went into her military outfit and her booba instantly disappeared again...

___ ___ ___

I guess Wein's not going to be getting that harem he wanted... (well, "legal" at least) (cause we know rich and powerful people always have multiple unregistered wives)
Nothing Written Here But Us Anime Bunnies *boing boing boing*
Mar 15, 2022 4:51 PM

Oct 2019
GeekNewz said:
why is it surprising that every commoner can dethrone a king? i am not a genius but i don't believe in trusting people for that reason, that queen is dumb

i mean, i think its something she doesnt think about. I think when its said you realize it but when its not said, you dont really think about it.
"Perfection is perception. For me, humanity's imperfections is what makes it perfect"

Mar 15, 2022 5:18 PM

Jun 2021
10/10 Definitely one of the best episodes so far due to the plot! This was pretty great to watch and I didn't get bored even for a single second ^-^
Mar 15, 2022 6:27 PM

Sep 2020
Wein can't travel to a single country without being entangled in some diplomatic/political commotion.
Softhenic03 said:
Okay one thing, are those some kind of magic robes making her chest flat as a cardboard from the usual oversized ones.

I presume she's using a B holder.
Mar 15, 2022 7:03 PM

Sep 2021
Sweisman2000 said:
Anyone notice during rhe tour of the city they accidentally kept nynms hair white for one of the shots but black for the rest?

yup, just noticed it.
Mar 15, 2022 7:42 PM

Jan 2013
Wein got utterly rejected, and that's rare for him to lose ahaha But i do get Zeno's point.
I wonder how this prime minister will change things.
"There is no such thing as an Anime elitist. You watch Anime, therefore, you are trash by society's standards."

Mar 15, 2022 8:15 PM

Dec 2018
I was surprised to see the Mealtars stuff solved so quickly, but once again thanks to Wein’s big brain, he convinced both brothers to pin everything on Demetrio despite the fact he was a victim lol, I gotta feel bad for the guy even if he was an asshole, and it was also funny to see Cadmellia caught off guard by Wein’s request at the beginning of the episode.

The highlight for me tho was the 2nd half, love to see more Zenovia, she’s definitely one of my favorite girls from the show, and we also got to see her Zeno alter ego too which I was afraid we wouldn’t get to see again, so that was great. Wein also had some great moments with her, he was almost immediately swayed by her massive boob window, and later she did direct damage to Wein’s ego by dropping that his face isn’t her type lol, seeing Wein succeed is great but the tantrums are hilarious. The serious moment where he described how commoners become nobles was good too.
Mar 16, 2022 4:48 AM

Oct 2017
That was a great insight from Wein, he truly is a great man. Thou poor guy got slapped hard in the face by Zeno.
Mar 16, 2022 11:47 AM

Jul 2015
GeekNewz said:
why is it surprising that every commoner can dethrone a king? i am not a genius but i don't believe in trusting people for that reason, that queen is dumb

A pretty good point but the queen isn't dumb imo.. its merely that she just didn't realized that Being a Royal is not just being royal.. its to keep being a royal blood

Anyway's a fairly nice episode compared to last one.. really love Zenovia imo.. Hard chance they based her off Zenobia the Syrian queen
Mar 16, 2022 3:13 PM

Jul 2021
Good thing the episode ended like this, I didn't want Wein to get married right now.
Mar 16, 2022 4:51 PM

Sep 2017
Feels like we zoomed out of the last arc straight into the next.
Mar 16, 2022 8:04 PM

Apr 2021
It's a bit sad to see Zenovia being reserved and passive just because she thinks she doesn't deserve Wein. She's great tho, she should see her own worth. Anw, that's what I love from Zenovia, her modesty.

Mar 18, 2022 2:12 PM
Dec 2020
17:08 Ninym get hers white hair back? Is it just me?
Mar 20, 2022 5:30 AM
Mar 2018
He forgot the basic rule of the anime world. Never confess your love while Bench-Kun in sight.
Mar 30, 2022 3:50 AM
Mar 2022
I can't find who is playing that nice melody in the end of this episode.

Can someone help me to find the name of it?
May 29, 2022 3:41 PM

Jul 2015
Damn Zenovia doing some massive emotional damage to 'handsome' Wein's inflated ego.

Beneath an unsinkable black sun.
Through the boundless gloom.
Bottom Text
Jul 20, 2022 6:32 AM

Apr 2011
Hahaha. Poor Wein.


I guess those big melons are impossible for him to obtain.
Sep 21, 2022 10:12 AM

Aug 2018
Certainly no need to waste money and people fighting.. Especially when some other third and even fourth sides are just waiting to join after to just stab whoever will be the winner..
Well.. Zenovia has interesting idea.. About Wein feeling like "scary" person to her.. I think she might be right about her idea.. That he's far from other people.. Keeping his distance.. He says he fears everyone taking his crown, pretty much.. That's big hm.. But Wein had a lot big hmmms during this anime.. Starting from selling his kingdom being a good idea to him.. Ending with his impulsive behavior at times.. Wein isn't necessary good or bad person.. He is smart and things worked out for him.. But as a person - there were big hmmms, but also we saw him doing good deeds as well..
And here is this something more than just letters.. And even more than diplomats.. Person discontent with their fake "made in Natra" is here in person..

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