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Poll: Blade Runner: Black Lotus Episode 2 Discussion

Nov 14, 2021 2:41 AM

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Yes... the 3DCG is not perfect and you can see it now and then with a few weird movements of the characters but at the same time, this is not what you'd call a bad animation. Its average is what we can say. But again this is much better than any of the 3DCG that has been shown in anime in general. So, there's that... There are some weird looking characters tho.

Apart from that, it looks like Elle is still looking for her lost identity or the things she needs to take care of in this episode. And, as she finally found out about who she is, things have gotten even more confusing for her. Looks like LAPD is after her now for what she did. Btw, the OST is *chefs kiss*
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Nov 14, 2021 8:42 AM

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Way better than Episode 1. Looks like the story will show us the backstory and rise of Wallace (Jr. ). I think Elle is a product of his early experiments. A Replicant with memories. Its nice to see that Blade Runner universe is expanding. I highly recommend everyone to watch movies first.

BUT is this a worthy Blade Runner series? For now i would say no, it has the same issues as Gits Sac 2045. They improved the animation and atmosphere but 3DCG still fails to deliver emotions, dialogues are basic and voice acting is weak (both EN and JP)
Nov 14, 2021 10:19 AM

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As I suspected, Ellie is a replicant that was built recently. She approached the Senator hoping to look for answers, but she ends up killing him and now is a suspect. We don't know how exactly how Ellie lost her memories, but it all seems to comes back to what happened in the desert where all the other replicants were destroyed.
Nov 14, 2021 12:08 PM

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The problem became more apparent that the problem is more the character modelling than anything. I mean, look at those fake abs.
The car landing animation is too awesome.

I know rich don't care about money spent, but having a high-spec replicant just for a hunt is too much waste, when your security detail is that weak.
Nov 14, 2021 2:28 PM
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Nice to see the show has already fallen apart logically.

I think if they'd removed all the character models and just given us 10 min episodes of Blade Runner cityscapes with a Vangelis lite soundtrack the show would get a better rating.

Nov 14, 2021 5:46 PM
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Show is good so far. Character models from side characters are horrendous. Don't understand the low rating so far
Nov 14, 2021 8:25 PM

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Noooo girl just wait and get that data! Dude was already helping you out! Unsatisfying....

Alright so they got the world right, but while I said I thought the animation was good in the last episode, I think that was because I was just focusing on Elle, or however you spell her name. The main character of course gets the most attention so she's gotta be perfect. Just about every other character though? Kind of jarring.... not enough to put me off entirely, but the difference between the quality and attention given to our main character compared to our side characters, is almost like night and day. Elle has proper shading and lighting done to her face, while the rest look like they came out of a telltale game (no shade on telltale, they're great, just needed a good reference for animation). One time it looked good was the close-ups on those two boxers. But the prime minister or whatever? Not it fam. I like how he falls to his death but the show just goes on. Is this a travis scott concert

The wallace corporation has been fully implemented as well, I almost thought they would be totally disregarded. But nope, we're going full bladerunner on this! So wallace's son is probably jared leto from 2049. Nice, are they going to give us ryan gosling at some point lol. Jared leto character's face gets a pass for good shading though. He gets final-fantasy-looking character award! Although final fantasy's animation is probably leagues better (haven't played any of them) with hair graphics and all that. Here we got no hair graphics, it's basically what they give us in the Clone Wars series, static hair, maybe a bit of movement if they happen to have longer hair.

The senator hangs out with mr. wallace, so he's a pretty important guy. But for a pretty important guy, his security really sucked. He had like two guys outside his room and that's it. Gotta make it easy for the replicant who's just mentally lost I guess.

Haven't taken law, but is a suspect who runs really a "hostile" suspect, how about just calling her a suspect-on-the-run or something?

Sigh, if everything else was as good as the soundtrack, this possibly would've been my favourite anime airing this season. Idk why I'm calling it anime, but yeah it's on MAL so whatever. Giving it a 4/10, still going to keep watching it though. Story probably is nothing great at all, but I'm still curious as to where it's going to take our cute replicant katana-weilding character.

lucina main
Nov 14, 2021 10:36 PM
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It's ok for now, the fights and music are prob the better things so far, I shall await more episodes to decide what I rate it and what not.
some people...
Nov 15, 2021 9:57 AM

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Not that bad so far. I guess the low score is because people usually like drawn stuff (and dislike it if there is even only a little bit computer graphics).

I know the 2 US movies from Blade runner. Disliked the first one. 2nd one (the newer one) was a bit better - still boring plot. The previous anime (short thing) ... was nice.

And this one here - I guess you could watch it without knowledge of the older Blade Runner stuff. Seems independent. Just using a similar setting (replicants).

Not expecting too much from the plot. Fights were nice. I like the setting though - watching it cause of the setting. Not a fan of AI and replicant stuff (things other than humans trying to become humans) - but the technology and the backgrounds/visuals are nice in such a futuristic setting.

I think there also was a game (old point and click adventure) and I remember that Geisha and the food stall from either the game and/or the old movie. (Didn't really play the game got bored fast lol.)
Nov 16, 2021 1:43 AM

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Considering Nexus Dawn was in 2036, the timeline lines up for Elle (L?) being a prototype of Niander II's new Replicants. I can appreciate filling in the canon like that rather than taking unwarranted liberties.

I didn't notice him being blind though, none of his floating camera rocks, so perhaps that's something that might happen over the course of this show.
Nov 16, 2021 11:39 AM

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this isn't on netflix, right? odd, since 2049 is there
For beauty in its purest forms can only be achieved through sacrifice
Nov 22, 2021 2:53 AM
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this episode is pure insanity
where to even start

so first off - she decides to leave before the device finishes uploading. I don't know if she expects there to be some kind of incriminating evidence on there that she doesn't want her new friends to see, or if she's just dumb, but this felt very forced.
So she just coincidentally happens to see a guy on the news who she recognises and spontaneously decides to stop trying to recover her device's information so we the audience can continue to wonder over its mystery.

Then we get the police officer introduced. Was this thug from the previous episode? I don't remember him. Either way he was just shoehorned in so the police officer could do something action-packed and the dumb weeblets don't get bored and leave. Also the cops in Blade Runner don't wear traditional cop outfits, but leather. I know that's a nitpick, but it just goes to show how little care was put into this show.

Next Elle wanders into an important looking building. First - surely there would be security? Why can this ghetto-ass girl just walk into a news building without anyone even batting an eyelid.
Then she misses the car so she didn't even need to enter the building in the first place - meaning that it did something stupid for no reason.

Now this is real dumb. She watches the car fly off, hesitates for a second, then steals a little car and drives off. How did she ever catch up even at full speed? Not only can it ignore roads but also it had a massive head start. She should have never been able to track the car

then some PS2 era jank with the bouncers at the fight club where she slams a guy's head into the ground and it bounces back up. Was hella funny but didn't do any favours for the show's serious tone

She breaks into the office and the evil guy just tells her everything she needs to know. Why? What is his motivation for monologuing? He wants to kill her. What's the point of explaining the mechanics of this world to your murder victim AS YOU MURDER THEM? Why does he want to kill her? He said something about how this would be more fun than hunting, so is he doing this for fun? Why would he do this? He's dead now so I guess his character existed solely to give exposition.

Then the police lady shows up, and Elle brushes her off. Elle matches the description and is resisting the police, so the police lady should have been right onto her, but instead lets her superior officer call her off. A few seconds later some no-name cop does it instead and it was completely unnecessary - not to mention reflects poorly on our police lady's competence. We don't have screentime to waste on some pleb, flesh out your police lady dammit.

Now we all know she isn't dead. But the question as to why she just got shot will likely be entirely lacklustre. What possible reason could the guy have? I'm guessing it was done entirely for shock value.

overall this episode failed to flesh out Elle or any of the other characters. She is such a stock protagonist, nothing she has done so far has informed us as to what kind of person she is - apart from her being stupid as hell. We were introduced to another lady, this time a woman of colour. She is about as empty as the creative minds that wrote this show so I hope that she'll get some development later on.
The plot was dumb. There was a lot of unnecessary running around and awkward exposition that basically motivated the story of the entire episode.

I can see what they were going for with the fight. Elle taking out the evil guy and the replicants fighting to the death represents how Elle is still acting as a slave to her replicant nature. However the circumstances around which it is occurring are propelled by incredibly forced and coincidental storytelling, so it doesn't get any points.

You are free to like this show. But it is objectively poorly written and produced (sound design and direction are...alright at best). As a part of the Blade Runner universe it is a blight on the name of the series.
You shouldn't compare this to other anime, this should be compared to the rest of the content within its franchise, because that's where it matters.
Nov 22, 2021 5:23 AM

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Better than last one, and obviously animation was great & smooth. The story is not that much great but background music & opening/ending are on a whole other level, I really love the music.
A 4/5 episode!!
Nov 28, 2021 6:45 PM
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The walking animation of background characters gets me every time, but for now it looks like I'll continue on to episode 3. Surpassed my expectations thus far