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Poll: Monster Episode 27 Discussion

Oct 3, 2015 8:46 AM

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just when i was starting to think that johan was actually innocent... lol
Jan 24, 2016 6:11 AM
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Wow that ending was unexpected. Its like a happy ending but with a sinister foreshadowing of what's to come. I just hope Johan doesn't kill any more innocents to try and achieve his goal. Come on Tenma you've got to catch him
Apr 20, 2016 7:32 PM
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Si que manejan muy bien el suspenso en esta serie... Ese johan que estará tramando
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May 30, 2016 7:07 AM

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I thought that Johan was going to kill Karl and make himself Schubert's son.
He helped them reunite, but I doubt that this is going to end well for them.
I wonder what is going to happen to his foster parents now.
Aug 23, 2016 7:52 AM

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Now I'm scared for Karl's foster parents. I like how you can't tell where Johan's innocent tortured personality ends and the monster within him begins.
Dec 14, 2016 9:28 AM

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Wonderful the ending was so heart touching
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Jan 27, 2017 1:40 PM

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I remembered that this Munich arc was a high point for the series, and so far I still think that. Johan is more than living up to the buildup.
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Jan 28, 2017 2:52 PM
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Johan is such an exciting character to watch
May 2, 2017 11:27 AM

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Johan what are you planning
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Jun 13, 2017 3:53 PM

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I tough he was going to kill Karl and usurp his life but the show proves me wrong... now I see how he has so much leverage around people he blackmails them (like those previous cops) or he used them for his cause like in this chapter (father & son) gaining their trust so he can advance his agenda. I love how Johan's voice is so soft, but his actions are brute, savage. Great contradiction.

On aside note:
I like the juxtaposing about Karl's mom & the detective ex-wife one told her child to seek his father when the moment is right and the other interfered with them(?) [that what I think] glad the detective didn’t give in into his addiction although if you have a drinking problem maybe you should be having reunion in a sport bar/restaurant that serves alcohol...
Jun 17, 2017 8:42 AM

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Poor detective :(
Everyone deserved second chance, he just screwed it up once

Uh-oh wrong choice guys.. wrong choice
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Aug 2, 2017 2:36 PM

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wtf is Johan up to?!
Mar 11, 2018 8:48 AM

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I have no idea what this arc is actually about, but the reunion scene was touching.
Mar 13, 2018 4:01 PM

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A heartfelt reunion. I felt sorry for Karl having gone through all of that and being so sad over his family so this was a good scene. Hmm Johan as the secretary... I'm sensing nothing but trouble here. I don't want Karl or his dad to be in danger but I am also interested in Johan's plan.
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Apr 12, 2018 9:37 AM

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Should have said this in the last episode, but the ED sequence is different.

Anyway, Johan once again shows that he really is a good guy and BEST BOY in the entire series. Not sure about Karl, but let's see if he is ready to accept his foster parents too or not.

Johan also got the secretary post. I feel so happy for him. He truly deserved it. Maybe he can have a new start in life.

There were lots of throat scenes and drinking problems with the detective. I guess he is gonna die. DEATH FLAG.

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Apr 14, 2018 1:15 PM

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A touching scene at the end. Made me tear up a little. I feel like the monster in the ending is representing Johan, helping others to gain their trust and betray them when they least expect. But I think there's more to what it tries to convey than that.

I liked the detective but I also think he'll die. I mean most of the side characters that are introduced died up this point save for Roberto and child abusing asshole and a few more.

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May 26, 2018 10:30 AM
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This series does an amazing job building suspense. Every time a character's face reacts to something (or someone) like Karl did at the end when he saw his father, I automatically think it's Johan, or at least the work of Johan
Dec 29, 2018 2:29 PM

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Really want to know what Johan is scheming.
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Feb 17, 2019 6:10 PM

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I-I-I'm not crying! You're crying!.... Though, remember? Johan KILLS the people that are nice to him, people that become, my theory is that he'll kill BOTH of them... Hopefully he won't though, I swear I would sob...
Feb 25, 2019 12:27 PM

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Damn I thought johan would use that piece to claim that he's the son, but I was wrong. Don't know what is he trying to achieve here.
May 24, 2019 8:45 PM
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I thought Johan would lie to Schwald about being his son but I guess that would've been too obvious. Now he's the old man secretary, so he has gained something.

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Aug 28, 2019 3:21 AM

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Someone (the detective?) in a previous episode mentioned that Schuwald fell into bankruptcy 2 times and each time mysteriously recovered and amassed an even greater fortune. When Johan asked for Karl's proof I assumed he'd try to convince Schuwald he was his son, but being his secretary is more advantageous to Johan for a number of reasons:

- he revealed Karl as Schuwald's real son, when he could've lied to him instead and presented the rabbit foot as his own - thereby earning Schuwald's trust on a personal level;
- he is kind and respectful and good at Latin, all things which Schuwald already appreciated in Johan;
- he is very intelligent and capable as a Law student with knowledge of economics, which make Johan a skilled employee to have;
- as secretary, Johan would gain access to financial documents. Since Karl isn't interested in the inheritance/Schuwald's fortune, Johan would have less "competition" in looking over it.

Considering all the above, Johan would have no trouble getting information from Schuwald with a little buttering up.

Interesting turn of events and I appreciate Johan being involved more openly than behind the scenes.

Edit: Karl, not Kurt.
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Sep 5, 2019 9:46 AM

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Lovely reunion; I teared up a bit. :')

I still can't discern Johan's motive here. I'm hoping that, in a twist, Johan's just being a good guy. Financial motives seem unlikely, as I suspect money is not a concern for him.

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Sep 9, 2019 6:52 PM
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I noticed there more background music this episode(got improved in third cour?).
PriestSlayer said:
I guess Johan's manipulating Karl to kill his father? Don't know how he would achieve that, though.

That would be a nice twist. I think Johan wants them both dead, but he wants to see them suffer first, he's jealous as he never got a real family.
Oct 29, 2019 6:17 AM

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I hope that detective is gonna kill Johan, and ofc in a drunken state.

Johan doesn't looks so happy at the end, so is Karl.
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Nov 15, 2019 2:16 AM

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Heart-touching ending.. until Johan appears.. what is he upto?

But, what a beautiful face..
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