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Is it more enjoyable to think too hard about an anime?

Oct 13, 5:18 PM

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When you dive into deep theories or obscure ideas that relate to an anime, does that make an anime more enjoyable for you? This could expand to philosophical ideas, motifs presented that question life in itself, some disjointed idea that connects to a larger theory about what will happen of what have you. Idk, something that requires a lot of brainpower.

Or do you just like to stay in subconscious mode?

Obviously, it depends on the anime you are viewing, though you could very much think a lot about some random cgdct SoL if you wanted to.

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Oct 13, 5:30 PM

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It depends, some anime if you think too hard about it, you might lose the fun of something that's not supposed to be taken seriously.
Oct 13, 5:45 PM

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For me, I would say it’s both. I find a lot of enjoyment in theorizing about ideas, deep diving into things, and trying to deconstruct story structures and all, but I also have a blast just turning off my brain and enjoying the ride without thinking at all.
Oct 13, 6:19 PM

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nah I watch anime for just basic entertainment most of the time, so that’s why I love slice of life since most of them really don’t dive deep into topics that make you think much
Oct 13, 6:22 PM
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There are some anime written well enough to be scrutinised. And doing so can make it more entertaining.
IMO the best shows to rewatch are the ones with a lot more below the surface.
But at the end of the day, nothing beats watching a story for the first time
Oct 13, 6:24 PM

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It's a moot point since I think it's impossible for me to watch anime or watch, read, listen to, or really do much of anything without thinking "too hard" about it by default.

It's more like an inseparable feature of my general consciousness, neurologically-based. I can't just turn it off like a ceiling light with a switch.
Oct 13, 6:28 PM

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Eh. I enjoy simple stuff. There's nothing wrong with stuff that makes you think about the world, life, and such. But I appreciate things that don't take themselves too seriously. I feel like that kind of thing is lost on some members of the anime community. Anything that's simple is viewed as immature and people want to connect everything that happens in anime to real-life.
Oct 13, 6:37 PM
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It actually depends on what show you are watching.
For instance, i like shows like Shinsekai Yori, Psycho-Pass, SNAFU, etc.
Shows that forces me to think, it makes my brain active especially when i want to or in the mood for it.

& then there are shows that i want to turn my brain off like most Iyashikei, CGDCT, SOL.

& then there are shows that i think too hard & it ruin my enjoyment altogether.
A good example of this is Demon Slayer.

There are shows that forces you to think too hard in order to understand it & to get its appeal & then there are shows that dont but lets you enjoy it. It actually depends on your mood & expectations of the show & how you think about it.
Oct 13, 6:40 PM
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For me I used to like anime that made me actually think, but now I'm too emotionally drained by everything and burned out on my hobbies that I just want to sit down, chill, and watch something which doesn't require all that much from me. I absolutely respect shows that need me to meet it halfway and reward me for that effort, but I can't be assed for that right now, and I'd rather watch a middling 6/10 SoL rather than a 9/10 serious and deep show right now, at least with the middling SoL show I can watch it and then forget it and not have it affect my mood at all.
Oct 13, 6:53 PM

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When I'm watching an anime that has a dense story, mostly dramas, I usually think a lot about it and that helps me even understanding my own life. But when I'm watching stuff like CGDCT or the majority of SoL, then I like to sit and just enjoy, thinking too much might ruin the experience in these cases.

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Oct 13, 10:11 PM

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There are people who would micro dissect a single frame in a scene just to make it into one textwall philospohcical discussion.
Oct 14, 3:01 AM

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I rather keep my brain turned off. Things are more enjoyable for me that way.
Yesterday, 9:00 AM

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Not for me. Many people find theories interesting, making suggestions and assumptions what the anime is about, especially in anime reaction videos on YT like moments, OP & ED reaction.

But I hate making assumptions. I just watch and fully go on with the flow.

I did make a mistake once, unintentionally. During the time I was about to start Akatsuki no Yona. Before starting the series, I've bump into Yona's image several times, here and there (I don't look for it, it's a side-result from anime article that I read).
Judging from her appearance, I ACCIDENTALLY thought she's some kind of a Robin Hood or something? Lol I don't even know how I thought that way. But it's among those types of person. So when I went on the journey, I was kinda disappointed that her character is far from what I imagined. I remind myself so many times "Gosh this is all your fault, me! I've told you many times! Why in the world would you even characterise her personality??! Arghh!"
It takes time for me to forget whatever I was thinking and try to see her as she is. And thank goodness the anime is remarkably well-done that I forget all about my previous thought and fully focused on Akatsuki no Yona just like any other anime I would've watched until the end.

Summary: Never think too hard, dear me!!
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Yesterday, 9:06 AM

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Only if it's Subarashiki Hibi / CGDCT


Read Muramasa
Otherwise your heads will roll. Now.
Yesterday, 7:52 PM

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No. I'm getting old, my brain doesn't like to work hard like it did during my college years, I just want to watch something enjoyable, cute and/or heartwarming that doesn't make me use what limited brainpower I have left.