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Minor characters that should get their own anime.

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Oct 13, 5:13 PM

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I think that literally all of us can agree that Fate/kaleid was a great idea since it allowed best girl Illya to shine more as the main character (I wish there was less fanservice, but oh well.)
However, we all need a break from greatness. So, what other minor characters are good enough for their own shows?
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Oct 13, 6:27 PM

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seeing as the most forum posts I’ve seen for a user was like around 100k you got to post quite a lot to catch up (unless you’re not talking about quantity when you say #1)

as for your question I would like to see a stand-alone anime of Mikitaka from JoJo Part 4, seeing as not much is shown about him in the show; something like the Rohan OVA would be cool
Oct 13, 6:38 PM

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i would say, Nicholas from Trigun, i want to see more from his past, since i don't find Trigun Maximum completed to read
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Oct 13, 6:52 PM

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There should be an entire Naruto anthology series that shows stories from the lives of characters such as Kakashi's dad, Kage's we saw in the show but know little about, Fugaku Uchiha's pov as the second most powerful behind Minato in their time, and the first shinobi world war. They could each get like a short season where they're the main protagonist.

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Rurouni Kenshin live action is the best. :)