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Poll: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Episode 13 Discussion

Sep 15, 2011 11:22 PM
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Bleh, so they basically clean slated it for the next season. I don't quite like that idea...

But the episode itself was hilarious. He won with the damn pencils.

I really want to find out the history between Yuuji and Shouko already!

Hope it's in the next season.
Nov 6, 2011 3:12 PM

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This isn't right? How come they're back at F when they beat B? I refuse to believe that because they lost they were sent back to F -_- Someone please explain...
Feb 9, 2012 3:01 PM

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Overall i really liked the anime. It was funny and entertaining.
Apr 26, 2012 4:44 PM

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Loved this series it was hilarious and I loved the whole avatar system

9/10 for the first season.
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Jun 20, 2012 4:08 PM

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I was fully expecting him to have the first question wrong. In the end Shouko got the infamous history question from the beginning of the series wrong and Akihisa only got it right because he rolled his pencil! xD

Mizuki deliberately messing up her exam to stay in class F was pretty predictable. That's a good thing for the sequel though! Of course the major Baka of this show didn't realize that.

I really enjoyed this series. The kind of humor it has is the one I laugh most at. I'm going to give it an 9/10. Onto the sequel!
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Jul 12, 2012 6:13 AM

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Great final episode up to the specials :p
Aug 10, 2012 10:31 AM

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This was absolutely hilarious, had my doubts at the beginning but Akihisa is too damn funny. The romance aspect was a bit disappointing, hope theres more of that in the OVA's or 2nd season. 9/10.
Sep 8, 2012 6:05 AM

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Animefanx3 said:
This isn't right? How come they're back at F when they beat B? I refuse to believe that because they lost they were sent back to F -_- Someone please explain...

Because Yuuji refused to trade with them, in order to gain their favour. Which was used in the war with A. So they're back where they started
Oct 22, 2012 8:36 AM

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He should have wished for better facilities for class F... I thought he already knew that Himeji liked being in Class F, oh well, it wouldn't be as funny if they got better facilities. Isn't it bad however that Class A lost to Class F?
Nov 11, 2012 11:58 AM

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Yoshii is such an idiot, but that's what makes this so funny.
I didn't like this at first, but I loved the comedic parts after that serious-ish introduction.
So I'll give it 8/10 after my initial thoughts that this couldn't get that score since I saw not a lot of room for improvement. And the OP was great, but that ending is on a whole other level!
I'm looking forward to the second season.
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Dec 6, 2012 11:21 AM

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Jan 12, 2013 7:04 AM
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Very good ending to a very good anime. :)
Mar 9, 2013 4:40 PM

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It was hard to get through.
Boring and unfunny.
The worst combination
May 17, 2013 2:41 AM

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Funny anime, hope 2nd season is as good as this season.
Jun 10, 2013 8:16 AM

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I'd give it either a 7/10 or 8/10.

Some of the jokes and characters got stale after a while, but then again this is a 13-episode comedy series so I shouldn't be whining that much xD

I've heard both positive and negative comments about Season 2. I'll give it a watch sometime.
Jul 1, 2013 7:59 AM

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hontoni baka desu neee~~

anyway, to season 2 nao!!

Jul 9, 2013 9:41 PM

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Good show. I expected something silly, over-the-top, and nonsensical, and got exactly that. After getting past the shock of the weird concept of using summoned mini-mes, I liked the eccentric "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei" style of direction this show has.

The characters are decent and stereotypical, I didn't expect much out of them in a comedy. Well, except for Yuuji. I love his Lelouche style of planning things out as well as being the sensible guy of the group. What a bro. I expect great tactics out of him in the next season. The only characters I don't like are Yoshii's sister and the ninja pervert guy. They are completely unfunny and pretty annoying.

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Jul 29, 2013 3:59 PM

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Pretty good series, time to watch the OVA and second season! But I'd like to add that this series was entertaining and of course, humorous! I'd have to give the series an 8 or a 9 overall.
Sep 12, 2013 11:44 AM

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DeadIEnd said:
10/10 only for Hideyoshi.

lol. That seemed to be where most of the funny actually came from. After the 1st ep I thought I was going to like this show but I was wrong :/. There were some moments but I can't say I'd want to watch any more of this. :/
Sep 20, 2013 10:36 AM
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After I saw the 1st episode I thought I'm not going to finish this anime, but I loved it after 2nd episode.

I'm disappointed... I thought Himeji is going to do the same "mistake" as Aki( Alexander the Great)
Nov 9, 2013 8:07 PM

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Didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Wasn't very interesting and the comedy was good at times but repetitive/lame most of the time.

Nov 22, 2013 12:53 PM
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seriously guys, I had so much fun watching it, but the ending was not so good.
Jan 3, 2014 4:13 AM

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BAKA~~~! until the very end xD
7.5/10 but turn to 8/10

Feb 2, 2014 11:14 AM
OVER 9000

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Good anime! didn't hate any of the characters. It made me laugh couple of times.

I give it 7/10, it was good.
Feb 8, 2014 8:16 PM

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It was so obvious that that question would come up xD

But after all those effort, Himeji stay in the class F :')

The ED changed a bit, showing all the pair, even if I always saw Minami closer to Yoshii. I guess it's foreshadowing.

Anyway, I really liked this ride. It was a crazy anime that putted every cliche possible to the extreme, that's why it was so great.
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Feb 14, 2014 3:53 PM

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Honestly one of the only animes to actually make me laugh a bunch of times. It was very enjoyable, while losing it's purpose of the whole "Advancing the ranks" motivation of the anime (Yes, I know there was a 3 month imposed limit, but it felt like an excuse) and an unresolved relationship status among three major characters. It overall was a really enjoyable anime with a simple but comforting story, some great character development and smooth yet simple animation and sound.

(This is basely solely on season 1, No OVAs, ONAs or the second season has been watched as of writing)

Feb 28, 2014 6:06 AM

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I really liked how Yoshii won to let Himeji take the placement test again that was sweet but then she realised how much she liked class F and Yoshii and decided to stay there, so sweet! <3

That was a really good episode and I can't wait to watch season 2 <3
Mar 19, 2014 6:12 PM

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Satisfying ending. Was nice of Yoshii-kun to try and start another war just for Himeji. I think he doesn't realise his feelings for her and obviously not her feelings for him. It fits in with the title.


8/10 - would have been a 9 if the humour was tightened up a bit cause nearly half the jokes were either mistimed or didn't make any sense.

Onto 2nd season - hope the jokes are better cause the concept is really unique and fun to watch.
Apr 12, 2014 5:47 PM

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Em i the only one that watched everything in one video?

This makes me want to study and stuff if my school was like this i would really study.
May 15, 2014 7:32 PM

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Maximatum99 said:

The majority of this series was just plain, badly timed jokes, stale references and flat generic characters coupled with their design. The animation sugarcoated the crap. Even gg with their "enhanced" translations still didn't help much.

I just don't get this animu. The logic behind a school based on battles in a real world implication just does not compute logically to an education stand point. I know this is anime but it's so stupid.

What I dislike most in this is Himeji. I wish I just tie her up, throw her in a barrel, fill it with cement and throw her into the river. Now there's a reference for ya!

How is it possible for you to give this show a 7/10 rating when all you do is rant and bitch while not providing any positive elements from the show what so ever? People like you who lack all ability to rate shows shouldn't be allowed to rate at all. If the show sucks you give it a bad score. Period.

Do I even need to mention how baka you are when you're searching for logic in an anime filled with magic? Seriously? As someone else said, you're thinking too hard and also about things that are absolutely pointless.

*Not related to your stinking post*
I for one loved this show. I was honestly surprised how much I liked the main character after the first episode. I'm usually the type of guy who needs a few episodes to actually like someone, but Yoshii really caught me off guard with his jokes and all around "baka" nature. It was something I hadn't seen in a long time, and it felt refreshing. The other characters are great contributions to the show in my opinion. I especially loved the interactions between Yoshii and Kouta during Kouta's "nosebleed death" scenes. Idk. I'm the type of guy who loves these slap in the face jokes and random stuff. Might be why I feel the jokes in this show are similiar to say Arakawa Under the Bridge or Gintama.

Best: The jokes (and boy there were alot of them)
Worst: Sisters in animes always having incest problems. Like wtf Japan?

Final verdict: 9/10.
Final words: This is as good as a comedy-harem-slice of life anime gets.
May 25, 2014 12:58 PM

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The show's opening has a part where the characters move from background to foreground while leaving a few afterimages behind. It doesn't look smooth, and that's exactly how I'd describe the characters' progress in the story. With Minami the show goes to the water's deep end before regressing her into being the typical tsundere again, while Yoshi's progress jumps from honesty and looking like someone really insightful to a guy who hasn't got a clue about the people around him.

But that's okay, because even if the cast isn't up to snuff, the story sure is. Everything about the set-up, everything about their interactions, the drama that starts for the dumbest reasons, and everyone's sheer ineptitude are Baka to Test's charm. Thankfully it seldom takes itself seriously, but that doesn't mean it doesn't become dramatic in the most ironic ways possible.

The show itself is just chaos on-screen for those who are into that sort of thing, but becomes even stupider for people thinking about the show seriously. And that's a compliment. The show thrives off its idiocy and seldom tries to be clever, though clunky character progress stops the heartfelt moments from being...heartfelt.

This show doesn't ace any tests, but it's certainly a B+. The only F here is Mizuki's bust test scores.
May 29, 2014 7:22 PM

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A rematch on CLASS A !!
Valedictorian vs Ultimate Baka!?
Sudden death rule!!
Battle starts!!
Akihisa!! nice one manage to tie up loose ends with that hard work of yours!!
Himeji's placement exam!!
Good Episode!!
Nice Season 1 !! I got so many laughs and smile !!
Forward to season 2!!!
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Aug 24, 2014 11:57 AM

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BAKA! Aww happy endings :)
Really enjoyed this series a lot more than I thought I would. Looking forward to more!
Sep 1, 2014 3:46 AM
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I liked this anime a lot.

Nice ending too!
Oct 2, 2014 6:27 PM

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Alright show. I expected it to be funnier but it was satisfying overall.

I kind of feel cheated by the ending. :/

Loved the male seiyuu cast (minus the main guy...). Hated the art style and stylistic effects (freaking polka dots everywhere; too shaft-y)

Definitely will check out season 2 when I have the time to.


watch nodame cantabile

recommend me anything!
Oct 15, 2014 4:05 AM
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wonderfully awesome now to watch the ova and second season cant wait i love this series :3
Dec 24, 2014 1:28 AM
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thats the ending? lols hahaha.. its a great anime and i laugh much but the stupidity in the final episode of season 1 makes me see that its a bad ending.. LOLS
Dec 25, 2014 3:05 PM

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Haha, absolutely brilliant.

I like how the only things that changed between the beginning and end of this season is that the equipment in Class F got progressively and progressively worse.
Jan 14, 2015 4:40 AM

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It was a nice anime! Time for season 2! :)

Although, am I the only one who found it incredibly rude for Himeji to purposely fail like that after all the hard work Yoshii had to do just to get her another placement exam?

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I have no clue what The Devil is a Part-timer. But I'm guessing it has to do with a devil, being a part timer. xd

You can watch Hataraku Maou-Sama!
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Mar 20, 2015 1:35 PM

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why not to choose to change class ?
if they all were on A class, himeji would have been in too, with the rest of the class.
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Apr 7, 2015 7:12 AM

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Gonna miss the OP
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Apr 11, 2015 10:38 AM

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Akihisa basis, he's really stupid, to the extent not aware why Mizuki remain in class F. Insensitive man, should be watered occasionally hot water
Jun 2, 2015 8:42 AM

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Pretty decent ending, Aki is still such a baka!

Pretty good series overall, especially liked that their wins was somewhat reasonable for the most part.

8/10 imo.
Jul 8, 2015 7:26 AM

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Shit show and a waste of time.
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Sep 13, 2015 9:01 PM

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Really good anime, really bad last episode. All that effort for nothing,,,,

Well i have no matter of score this with a 9/10
Dec 26, 2015 9:08 PM

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Had a lot of fun with this anime. Very funny at times.
Dec 28, 2015 8:00 AM

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What a great ride. i didn't expect to be this funny. Overall i like the ending even though it was predictable. And from the series, i like the summoned being was things , it was pretty fun things to do. the soundtrack was meh...., the animation was good enough i guess, just focused on the important character and ignore the unnecessary character, like just they only drew the body not the face, that was a good plan for saving the budget. not bad Silver Link. I think i will give it 9/10. i really enjoy it, it was funny and entertaining, time for the second season :D.
Dec 28, 2015 8:04 AM

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Lucasloco91 said:
Shit show and a waste of time.

Poor you ............
Feb 1, 2016 7:10 PM

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When he pulled out the Striker Sigma V hahaha
Aug 1, 2016 9:52 PM
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VanishingKira said:
This show fucking sucked.

It wasn't the slightest bit funny or interesting,feel like I'm overrating it by giving it a 4/10.

Poor you . . . . . . . .
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