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reading manga > watching anime or vice versa?

Jul 21, 2:45 PM
Joined: Oct 2020
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Do you prefer reading or watching? And why?
Jul 21, 2:50 PM

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Both mediums have their own strengths and weaknesses, and I enjoy both, but generally, I prefer animation. This preference is probably primarily for the auditory experience it offers, of which manga has no equivalent but also because I think animation is more complex and interesting, and when done well, a scene in motion offers superior conveyance than a still.
Jul 21, 2:52 PM

Joined: Apr 2021
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Manga. I hate most voice actors. Manga takes less time to consume. The manga is always superior to the anime adaptation with only a few exceptions.
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Jul 21, 2:56 PM

Joined: Feb 2020
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Manga by a long way. Have always been a reader so maybe that's why.
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Jul 21, 2:58 PM

Joined: Sep 2020
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i think both are equal, but i prefer animation since there's so much more added to it than manga.
Jul 21, 3:14 PM

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definitely going with anime, you have voice actors, OST, and SFX which definitely isn’t prevalent in manga
Jul 21, 3:24 PM
Joined: Jan 2020
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Anime. It’s easier to consume. Besides, I don’t want to read manga.
Jul 21, 3:25 PM

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I have watched a lot more anime and i'm new to reading manga, but honestly I like manga more than anime in general.
Jul 21, 3:31 PM

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i vote anime since i have an easier time watching stuff than reading, plus manga is a lot more expensive in my case bc i find i almost always get distracted if i try read one on my phone or on my laptop so i defo need a hardcopy and those can get pretty pricy here if they're out of print
Jul 21, 3:33 PM

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Anime because of OST, voice actors, animation etc. It's more enjoyable IMO.
Jul 21, 3:39 PM

Joined: Jun 2020
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Light novel > anime > manga
Both anime and light novels are good, I just don’t like manga very much. Hard to get invested and makes my fingers sore from too much scrolling.
Jul 21, 3:54 PM

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I prefer watching anime but I also love reading manga but I don’t really have time to read manga because I’m usually watching anime. whenever I do have time to read im usually rereading manga.

Jul 21, 3:58 PM
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I usually read the manga and then sometimes watch the anime, but mostly it's manga for me.
Jul 21, 4:06 PM
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Well what about reading anime and watching manga then? I prefer those.
Jul 21, 4:13 PM

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Both are great but prefer a lot more watching anime. VAs, OST, animation, etc. The good thing about manga is that probably most of them are finished or will finish so I'll get to know eventually the ending of the series.

Jul 21, 4:26 PM

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I usually prefer watching anime over reading manga. It's just much easier for me to consume in a shorter period of time. The only times I read is if I want to follow-up on an incomplete series or if I want to see the differences in writing between the anime and manga for a series.
Jul 21, 4:33 PM
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Depends on the quality of the adaptation.
Jul 21, 4:51 PM
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I like anime more, but the story being cut, anime not existing, anime being significantly worse, etc. usually makes me read manga.
Jul 21, 4:57 PM

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I like watching anime because it's more than just pictures and words on a page. At least that's what anime is supposed to be.
Jul 21, 4:58 PM

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depends. sometimes i prefer reading manga than watching anime
Jul 21, 5:01 PM
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reading is more fast for those that have short attention span like me, if only all manga is in full color i would read more than watch anime for sure
Jul 21, 6:18 PM

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reading manga and light novels more so these days.
Jul 21, 6:52 PM

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I like both but I prefer anime. I just don't like reading as much as watching it. The little differences in manga are neat but I would only read a manga if the anime was really good.
Jul 21, 6:54 PM

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It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I prefer manga, sometimes anime.

Jul 21, 8:46 PM

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I prefer watching. I find it more immersive and enjoyable for the most part
I love One Piece and Gintama
Jul 21, 8:57 PM

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I prefer Anime because when I try to read manga, I read like 10 chapters and I get tired, with anime I watch 10 episodes and I can continue moving on easily.
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Jul 21, 8:59 PM

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I usually prefer the doujins even before the source material.
Jul 21, 9:08 PM

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If you watch subbed I don't really see the difference other than do you like animated color images? Or do you like reading backwards black and white line drawings? I'd say you can't watch anime if there's a power outage but smart phones, tablets, batteries, and USB chargers in cars exist.

I guess if you buy enough manga you could make a fire or a piñata, so... that could be a bonus.
Jul 21, 9:58 PM

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Well the only manga I read is tower of god and it technically isn’t a manga, it’s a manwha
But I enjoy tower of god better than any anime I’ve seen, one reason is that there’s so much more detail in tower of god compared to all the anime I’ve seen. Also, tower of god has a great story and characters, etc