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Jul 18, 9:10 PM
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For me I personally felt it a bit overrated ,the ending arc was bit rushed ,I would rate it 6.5/10 overall

Just my opinion
Jul 18, 9:15 PM

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Understandable have a nice day.
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Jul 18, 9:16 PM

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Every single Japanese cartoon and comic is overrated.

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Jul 19, 12:09 AM
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Not really chainsawman manga is just really crazy unique fun and the story is really good and the art style and the way the characters movements is unique and crazy at same time..............

for me chapter 1-50 was 8/10

Chapter 50 until the end was 9/10
Jul 19, 12:11 AM

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All I got from this is you enjoyed the manga cool.
Jul 19, 12:24 AM

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Understandable have a nice day.

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Jul 19, 1:03 AM

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it is,it's probably the most overrated+praised manga of all time,i don't understand how that thing is rated 8.57 and had one of the most awful writing and the fights are tedious with the storyline and characters are written by idiots,it's basically attack on titan but even more worse like 100% worse,better watch it(aot) instead atleast the mystery and the storyline executed nicely despite some of the characters and theatrics unlike csm which is rushed, dumb, and cringe.
Jul 19, 1:22 AM

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Yeah, it is overrated and overhyped. I don't understand why people are freaking out. Well, to each his own. I rated it a 7.5/10.
Jul 19, 1:24 AM

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Yes it's really overhyped.
Cant say about overrated.
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Jul 19, 2:47 AM
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Overhyped yes but not definitely deserves the praise
Jul 19, 3:29 AM
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It's only the best comic of the last 10 years you know
Jul 19, 3:47 AM

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Ok...thanks for the info i guess
Jul 19, 3:49 AM

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Rudycoder said:
For me I personally felt it a bit overrated ,the ending arc was bit rushed ,I would rate it 6.5/10 overall

Just my opinion

Underrated would more like be over praising it far beyond what its actual merits are

maybe theirs some degree of that but for the most part I think that comes from your own personal taste in what you want from a manga

I think theirs some CriTIC for the manga when it comes to stuff left unexplained or maybe being fast paced but this is usually just a personal preference thing

but i can understand the frustration from when something fails to fill the box of expectations in the way YOU imagined it to be from all the praise

I usually believe that this comes from fans vaguely praising the series without giving a clear summary or good synopsis on a series and not elaborating enough

those praises are funneled into readers or watchers that haven't seen the series yet and they sizzle with their expectations being cooked to the perfect medium rare but when they cut into the show they get a overcooked special they didn't know they were getting and feel the anime failed to be what they were expecting it to be
Jul 19, 4:29 AM

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Overrated is debatable. Overhyped? Yeah, I suppose so but it is the most popular upcoming anime that isn't a sequel, prequel, or spinoff. It's probably safe to say Chainsaw Man is gonna be the next big shounen everyone goes crazy over.

I thought it wasn't great or bad. It's fine. It's okay. It was so hyped that I did expect more from it tbh. I can see why it's so popular, but it just didn't wow me. Even though Denji is the MC, I feel he's the least interesting character. He's extremely simple, and I don't mean his intelligence or mindset. Yeah, the last arc definitely felt rushed. Also, the whole woof woof thing the fans are doing is pretty cringe.
Jul 19, 6:08 AM

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Even though I didn't like the manga I don't care where it is rated and am happy for anyone who found something they enjoyed as well as all the success the mangaka has received.

Sure the series is being hyped to kingdom come but that I'd say is a great thing for the anime/manga industry in general ESPECIALLY if the anime pops off as expected. This could very well be the next anime that ropes in non anime fans.
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Jul 19, 7:10 AM
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It’s a bit overhyped and ppl are treating it like the next coming of Jesus but it’s still a 10/10 for me
Jul 19, 7:25 AM

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Just a little bit imo.
Jul 19, 8:09 AM
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