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Poll: D_Cide Traumerei the Animation Episode 1 Discussion

Jul 10, 10:12 PM
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the animation is fine
if you pause a shot it is almost indistinguishable from 2d. We're just in the final stage before 3d CG and 2d animation become practically interchangeable.

but the plot and characters are very generic. At least it's not as rushed as Scarlet Nexus, but the monster concepts are similarly shit and there is far less character development. I have no faith in this show. I haven't seen a single good anime that has "XYZ Name: the animation" as its title. That is always a bad first sign.
it's being produced alongside a mobile game so that should immediately give you warning bells.

if you aren't already familiar with why video game anime adaptations suck, I'll give you several reasons. 1. a video game producer does not have the same concepts and goals as an anime producer does when it comes to making a good show, 2. (especially with CG anime) there is a lot of reused assets from the game that ruin the consistency of the animation - often game animations are used as well, 3. a story optimised for a videogame will usually poorly transition into linear, non-interactive anime storytelling, and 4. whenever you try and produce two different media types with the same pipeline things will inevitably get messed up.

as far as I'm concerned, the odds are stacked against this show. It'll be a miracle if the rest of the series is even coherent.
Jul 10, 10:19 PM

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OneAndDone said:
Too many purists on MAL, that's why. Don't want to acknowledge when CG is done well.

I watched it and thought the CG was really good. Compared to something like CESTVS (last season) it seems to be done much better but it still has a weird robot feel going on. I just think of how out of place CG monsters in Fate Zero looked.

I'm guessing the story is going to be corny though, so my chances of watching the whole series is pretty low.
There's no need for all this tension.
Jul 11, 2:27 AM

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Another blend 3d animation this season. Well this better if they didn't make it 3d they just ruining it acually or just lack of budget to make, It's seems interesting and well done from Soundtracks, VA, Characters, and Animation.

This very generic but who knows this might surprise us in the future.

Atleast this is not bad as hell like Ex-Arm i guess.

Jul 11, 2:27 AM

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the CGI animation looks surprisingly pretty good for this anime but too bad I don't like the MC, he is somewhat generic and boring
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Jul 11, 10:09 AM
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So worse boring anime time waste
All good review is paid i think
Don't waste your time matching it
Jul 11, 10:35 AM
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Not awful, but not very good either.

CGI is serviceable and fight scenes are ok but I find little about it compelling.

Jul 11, 1:32 PM

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eh, dropped. I was tempted by the childhood friend character but she's the only thing I like so it's not worth it. the animation isn't horrible but I can't find it in me to not dislike it
Jul 11, 5:51 PM
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I will take time to get used to the CGI lol But I really like the 3D in BanG Dream and D4DJ, so hopefully this one will be good too!

But the episode was a fun introduction, i'm curious of more! Also it has two of my favorite seiyuus as protagonists, Aoi Yuuki and Itou Ayasa, so i'm expecting good things lol Also Rondo as ending
Jul 12, 4:59 AM

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Trailer looked a bit interesting, but this episode was just not good at all.
Even without the CG it would just be middling. I had expected it to be a game adaptation the way the enemies feel a bit like Persona, but it's actually an anime original.
Jul 12, 12:49 PM

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  • An opening song that doesn't fit at all
  • An ending song that should be the opening
  • Creepy CG
  • Interesting plot
  • Awesome girl with a machine gun

I don't know. Let's apply the "3 ep rule" for now.
Jul 13, 5:39 AM

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Couldn't help but laugh at "Knocker-Up."
Jul 13, 7:13 AM

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Ok, I confess: I actually liked it.
Skipped op and ed, no comment here.
What really bought me is graphics - it's stupid, but I like how the protagonist looks, others are not bad either, and CG is decent enough for me here.
Somewhat disappointed by the fights, but that's mostly original sin of the format, little can be done to improve.
The plot is generic mostly, but fine, whatever. Also, they up the stakes by permanent consequences instead of "defeat the monster and everyone is back to normal", this spices up the things a bit.

Got suspicious the second the monsters showed up, checked on web - yes, the whole thing is just a promotional material for a game. Maybe I liked it because I'm just starved for games in that style.
Alas, it'll be only for Japan, both region locked and without translation. Whatever, I guess.
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Jul 13, 11:54 AM
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Hmmm... The animation was pretty decent for CGI in my opinion, and the start isn't that promising, but there is something that is kinda calling me into it. Will use the three chapters rule to see it.
Jul 13, 4:04 PM
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I actually really enjoyed it, it remembered me of solo leveling kind of, I feel it has a lot of potential, let’s just hope it remains good
Jul 14, 1:55 AM
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Another standard game show with jargon deluge.
Sanzigen brought the good character models quality like BangDream, and very cool fight vfx, weird bot enemies also decent. But straight into action, leaving characterizations quite weak.
Why Rena sounds & looks like the same twintail Arisa (bandori)? oh same va lol.
Liking ice skate boy style & Aoi Yuuki & Matsuoka are here.
Top rage player becomes monster boss has potential as a fun game mechanic.

Jul 14, 3:01 AM

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I really cant like this weird weapons fight anime, but for Aoi Yuuki and Arisa I'll watch it.
Jul 14, 10:59 AM

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The CGI was "ok" but if you are going full CGI you must use it all out with the maximum of dynamics shots that are hard to make with traditional hand animation.

Feels like your generic game adaptation but I will give it a try because of Yuuki Aoi!
Jul 16, 2:35 AM

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CG was pretty good during the fights although there were a lot of speedlines. Character designs were pretty cool. The plot and the characters feel generic so far. Hopefully, these things will step up in the future episodes. Between Scarlet Nexus and this coming out this season, this is definitely better.
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Jul 18, 6:58 PM

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It was not that bad, it was decent to watch actually. This anime is made by the studiuo behind the D4DJ: First Mix adaptation so I have high hopes for this anime, and also one of my favorite VAs (Aoi Yuuki) is in this. Good but kinda confusing first episode, I'm gonna continue watching this anime.
Jul 25, 4:24 AM

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Interesting first episode. The CG was fine, But i have a bad feeling about this anime
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Sep 5, 2:20 PM

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Honestly surprised by Sanzigen. Can't remember the last time I watched a cg show that looked half decent (I don't watch that many, tbh).

I'll have to see where the upcoming eps will take this show, but it was at least an interesting start.