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Poll: Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (2020) Episode 39 Discussion

Jul 9, 5:59 PM

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Well that escalated quickly.

Not everyday you get to see a fortress like that take on such a form. This conflict has turned into a hell of a war. Crazy really.
Jul 9, 6:19 PM

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After a very rushed episode, Toei now give us a quite slow-pace ep, even slower than I expect lol (3 chapters and some pages that episode 38 cut out last week). Many fans thought that they would keep fast pace to reach fighting parts quickly this week but NOPE! So what's the purpose of rushing episode 38??? FOR NOTHING! lol
The pace of this Holy Sword Arc is definitely not good:

An average episode this week. Next week will be muchhh better
Jul 9, 7:42 PM
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A literal moving castle, how do you fight such a thing. It seems unbeatable after what we just saw, those tanks did nothing. I knew that King with his so called mighty weapons would be all talk when facing a literal moving castle. That's crazy to even just say, sovereign rock castle is a formidable weapon to have. Mystvearn is already the toughest general to attack the heroes. He's the least we know about at this point but other than Zaboera he's the only one left to defeat. Definitely having a seiyuu such as Koyasu its known the character will be important but now Mystvearn is coming into the spotlight. This giant monster castle had my jaw on the floor the entire episode. Its insane trying to fight something like that. Luckily my boy comes back next episode to help them out.
Jul 9, 7:56 PM

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Episode felt very slow compared to how fast last week episode went by. Still some great moments today like Poppy’s family realising how much he’d grown up. Got pretty emotional seeing that. Nice set up for the Mystvearn castle fight for next week, hopefully Dai will have his new weapon forged soon too.
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Jul 9, 8:41 PM
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Lon Beruk is literally giving birth, like woman in labor, to Dai's new sword. And he want Dai to congrats to his child, or more like the child between them. And this is a beautiful symbolism.

But Hyunckel will be back in the next episode! I'm wondering if he has anything to do with the next episode's name...

I miss Baran already!
Jul 9, 8:51 PM

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Main character with his harem lmao XD

Edit: and as expected OP has changed Leona's new outfit but ED hasn't. I guess they will change Hyunckel's outfit too next ep XD

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Jul 10, 12:30 AM

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WTF Mystvearn's castle looks great but at the same time having a "mecha" castle like that to fight isn't safe at all xD I can't wait for the assault against him next time, it seems pretty interesting, especially after a slow episode like this one.
Jul 10, 12:33 AM

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Dai, be patience for once. Your sword will be ready. Don't be so hasty...
Tank, or i shall call it as a cannon army from Bengarna actually looked awesome with the design. Too bad, i think even the modern tank can't scratch those mecha walking fortress. Good thing that at least their commander still alive. Well, idk how Hyunckel get rid those giant robot, and its driver. Hopefully it will get some good fights again, because i think i miss Hyunckel appearance so much by now. So, yeah, lets see next!
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Jul 10, 1:05 AM

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I'm hype for Dai getting his sword, it almost feel like hes awaiting the birth of his baby. I bet he's going to one-shot that monster fortress like butter.

Love the world building by meeting Pops family and the passionate swordsmith.

The solider that crocodile saved, I wonder if he adds any value of the story beyond this arc? I can feel the furry bromance vibes from this.
Jul 10, 1:36 AM

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Next week will be full of action. I can't wait !!!!

Jul 10, 1:56 AM

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DragonKnight92 said:

Edit: and as expected OP has changed Leona's new outfit but ED hasn't. I guess they will change Hyunckel's outfit too next ep XD

I don't think they will. We barely see that full outfit because he's often either in armor, either doing a Shiryu of Saint Seiya, but Hyunkel won't change outfit.
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Jul 10, 4:08 AM

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Now this is the best gundam we could ask for
Jul 10, 5:07 AM

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oh nice Crocodine got an upgraded weapon!
damn! one of the most powerful characters MYSTVERN!!!
looks like its up to Popp for the defense while Dai is being held back by that blacksmith!
awaiting for Hyunckel reinforcement!

Jul 10, 7:55 AM

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Crocodine level up! Waiting for next episode.
Jul 10, 9:34 AM

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So Mystvearn begins his attack on Papnica in his Rock Castle fortress gundam style. They tried firing canons at it, but it did no damage and redirect its attack towards them. Popp and the others raced back to Papnica to defend it along with Crocodine while Dai stayed behind to wait for his new to be made by Lon Beruk. Mystvearn has sentenced everyone in Papnica to death with no order of surrender given to then. Next week is going to be a showdown between Mystvearn and Hyunkel, Master vs. Apprentice.
Jul 10, 11:07 AM
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the new sword of Dai will have a soul eh

Hyunckel will fight Mystvearn his master next episode
Jul 10, 4:23 PM

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They finally chilled a bit with the pace. I was afraid they'd rush the moment with Popp's parents and Bengarna's attack on Kiganjou
Jul 10, 4:32 PM

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a lot of good things in the episode like in the end it really was amazing that castle on the coast of that great monster episode.
Jul 12, 2:40 PM

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Attack on Papnica! Damn Princess leona is starting to look more and more how to say? Voluptuous, all this fighting and war has made her ripe asf.

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Sep 8, 6:30 AM
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lmao King Bengarna is a fool...

look fake heroes is back, they give me a Pilaf Gang clown vibes lol

why somehow i feel like the pacing is back to slow again, i thought they gonna rushed this arc.
so what's the point they did that in last episode?

Sovereign Rock Castle's true form is freaking Megazord.
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