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Poll: Peach Boy Riverside Episode 2 Discussion

Jul 8, 6:28 AM

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Mod Note: This episode thread is for the second televised episode of the anime.

PSA: PLEASE TAKE NOTE that the episode that came out today is Episode 2 "ON AIR" version
(but Episode 3 chronologically).

ED song just feels fine. Nothing that impressive.

Sally (against walrus Oni Sett) and Mikoto (against sendo Oni Carrot) going at it with their Momotaro counterparts against the demons' revenge, and Mikoto's just as powerful of a demon slayer, as is Sally being unharmed by all that power at the close expense of her life. But remove their demonic influences, and they're no different from a typical human.

Of course, Hawthorn and Frau questioning Sally of how she managed to slay the walrus Oni Sett, and it's all a mystery to the girl herself. But regardless, Oni are still a threat to humanity even if they have their demonic powers removed and must be executed without command, and the captured Oni Carrot punching Frau without her demonic powers is kinda funny. Surely, Sally and Frau wouldn't take this to kind, so escorting Carrot out of jail is the only way in the midst of all that trouble...

...only except that more powerful Onis are on the way to thwart humanity, and a kingdom eradicated just like that.

Well, shit is hitting the fan sooner than later.
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Jul 8, 7:53 AM

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I think I've finnally understand how the episodes are going...

Well, not bad, two wins
The dog talks, what the hell, I wasn't expecting that hahahh

A new companion for the adventure, although she is no longer dangerous
It's getting quite interesting 0.0
Jul 8, 7:59 AM

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This show is so wild and fresh man.

Mikoto is such a bad ass, loved seeing him just toy around with the ogre before taking out her power. I wonder what he and Sally’s backstory is and why he wouldn’t visit her.

What’s up with the meta of people getting wiped out with canons though, lol?

That oni we saw walking towards the kingdom looks like it’s going to be a big problem
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Jul 8, 8:21 AM

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Pretty decent, but i feel like manga was so much more impactful. And again same as with 1st/2nd?! episode, some transitions are so weird ...

Was waiting for that ending.
Jul 8, 8:28 AM

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Damn, Sally and Mikoto are so goddamn crazy! It's a good thing Mikoto spared that oni, and now, she's officially in Sally's party. That ending was quite interesting.
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Jul 8, 8:54 AM

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Of course, the only remotely interesting part gotta happen at the end.
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Jul 8, 9:03 AM

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This anime soo nice mikoto is so strong and so crazy, sally has. also destroy this demon but mikoto don’t kill her he just removed her demon abilities.

The Ed is fine and i love it so far this anime.
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Jul 8, 9:42 AM

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Rip odokawa.
He should have never turned to the life of crime
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Jul 8, 10:35 AM

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Why talking wolves are always cool? And on the top the wolf have a backpack. What good boy.

Next episode we will see that was Pain resurrected that destroyed the kingdom.

Jul 8, 10:53 AM

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Mikoto is on the screen! Finally, really wanted to see him amd damn his personality is amazing. He's even waiting for his enemy to recover just to slice her down lol.
The conversation with the dog was pretty funny lol.

I guess the yellow haired guy was Saltorine's brother or something.

Well, They captured Sally but Frau and Saltorine escaped with her and thanks to that they're alive. We could see a high-ogre coming to the Kingdom and damn he blasted it away in an instant.

when the the guy and horse got blasted away in an instant,I laughed way too hard xD

Also, if you're confused with the order of the episodes just read Kanlen's thread
TV, Funi & CR ---- Chronological
Episode 1 ---- Episode 2
Episode 2 ---- Episode 3
Episode 3 ---- Episode 4
Episode 4 ---- Episode 1

-> if you just read this, you'll understand.

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Jul 8, 11:05 AM
Water Hashira

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Quite the ending there 😅
Jul 8, 2:25 PM
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It was fine, a bit better than the first episode. I like the show but it’s still missing that hook to keep me invested. I’m interested in what happens further down the line though.
Jul 8, 2:47 PM
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Yeah this is confusing. Other shows have done this before (Haruhi being a prime example). Just list the episodes how they aired. Anyways, great episode. Shocked that people are already giving it poor ratings so early on.
Jul 8, 6:52 PM

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Yo someone straight up Thanos snapped that Kingdom!!! WTF!!! I did not expect that at all. My jaw was actually on the floor. Because we went from something silly and funny to straight fucking carnage.

God damn what a start!
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Jul 8, 8:09 PM

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Now an ogre joined them huh? I wasn't expecting that but she's cute so I got no issues lol.

I have no idea who this guy is but hopefully I'll get introduced to him once the first episode (chronologically) airs
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Jul 8, 11:50 PM

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I think we should have just followed the airing order with the threads, this is just more confusing.

Holy shit that ending, just when Sally and Frau is finally getting some recognition, the whole kingdom got fucking obliterated lmao, my mouth was wide open when that happened, Hawthorn is lucky as fuck. Really enjoying the show a lot, can't believe it's from the same author as Dragon Maid, the whiplash lmao.

Mikoto's fucking cool, also cool that Touyama Nao is voicing him. Thank you Mikoto for sparing Oni girl, now she can join the Sally team. I was wondering how Hawthorn was gonna join their travels, welp that explains a whole lot. It's definitely that ogre that was approaching the kingdom that did that. Really looking forward to the next episode.
Jul 9, 12:18 AM

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The ogre girl is joining them... well she has no powers anymore so she shouldn't be a threat, but the ogre kill trap was sure though, I didn't expect the WHOLE castle to get disintegrated with that ultimate beam, I still want to understand who they are and why they have powers
Jul 9, 12:59 AM

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I'm in agreement that we should just have the episode number for the thread match the episode that aired. Have this thread be episode 2 not 3, and last week's be episode 1 not 2, and so on.

Anyway, that was quite the cliffhanger. Hawthorn is lucky he was just a step or two back or he would have been clapped too.
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Jul 9, 3:40 PM

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well now they got me looking forward to another season full of "fuyukai desu." hopefully they won't disappoint.
Jul 10, 12:35 PM
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Jul 11, 7:45 AM

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Is Sally retarded? She finds a human-hating Oni who blew up gates + part of the town + killed dozens of people, but the said Oni is CUTE so let's break her out of prison and save her; because, being cute is all that matters!

This show is more dumb than "Kanojo mo Kanojo", yet this has much higher score in comparison...
Jul 11, 9:40 AM
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Sally is very tolerant of all being
Jul 11, 6:36 PM

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landofthekwt said:
Sally is very tolerant of all being

Expect for that ugly looking oni. Everything can be forgiven if one is just a cute girl. I sure wish I could have been born as cute girl so my life would have been so much easier. It would be so nice to have jail free card when doing genocide etc.
Jul 13, 7:25 PM
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Sigmar-Unberogen said:
Is Sally stupid? She finds a human-hating Oni who blew up gates + part of the town + killed dozens of people, but the said Oni is CUTE so let's break her out of prison and save her; because, being cute is all that matters!

This show is more dumb than "Kanojo mo Kanojo", yet this has much higher score in comparison...

Yeah I didn't get that, unless she was really mad at those two boys for sexually harassing her.
Jul 16, 3:31 PM
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so no one gonna talk about how the talking wolf just popped outta nowhere
Jul 19, 6:56 AM
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Am I the only one a bit confused how a demon ogre thing that just destroyed half your town with a giant fuck off laser beam can just be let off the hook (especially by the captain of the guard). Thats like the worst case of terrorism ever and you're sympathising with her???
Jul 22, 2:03 PM

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Why the fck is the girl keep saying that Mikoto has black hair? It's clearly dark purple.
Annoys the hell out of me.
Jul 24, 10:04 AM
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Just... The scene with the Oni girl is so retarded, I thought Mikoto was gonna kill her because he's an interesting character but Nope. M'okay maybe he had a reason with his past etc. THEN Sally thinks it's horrible to execute an oni terrorist even though she literally KILLED an oni not even a day before that. M'okay maybe she is just actually crazy and that's a foreshadowing or smth BUT WHEN HAWTHORN AGREED WITH HER that was the limit, LIKE WTF THEY KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE BEFORE YOUR EYES AND SOME WERE YOUR SUBORDINATES WHAT THE FUCK ?? If you want a waifu in your show that's fine, but at least justify it. Hawthorn should've said something like "I really want to kill her for what she's done, but I have to know why they attacked the city so this doesn't happen again, so i can't execute her now" but NOPE he was like "FUCK my men she's cute".

So yeah i'm dropping this one.
Jul 28, 1:59 AM

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I think some of you guys are taking this too seriously
Sep 11, 5:42 AM
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Dari visual, story dan karakter, gua rasa ini "Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken x SHIROBAKO". Kecuali Frau, mengingatkan gua pada Carrot (One Piece), episode 1 juga gua masih ga abis fikir kalau Frau itu lebih OKEY!!! Jika ada rambut gitu. :) bener, kan?.

Setidaknya gua mahu liat Frau cosplay yang lain. Kawaii nek!.

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