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Poll: Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life: Isekai ni Tsukurou Drugstore Episode 1 Discussion

Jul 9, 6:41 PM

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Hmmmm,nice start,but isn't that Kazuma?
I'm sure it's Kazuma!
It is Kazuma isn't it?
Maybe it's Kazuma!
That ghost is cute,so's Noela,but I'm damn sure thats Kazuma!

Kazuma Desu!

"Even ghosts should wear wool panties"

Kazuma - " STEAL!!!!"

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Jul 9, 9:40 PM
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I really really wanted to like this anime. I told myself that it would get better. I gave up halfway through the first episode. I am not a fan of screaming anime characters who spend a minute screaming the same thing..... and then spend another minute crying about their screaming. Sorry Anime were meant for a younger audience than me. It's best we both part now while we can still nod to each other as we pass on the street. I won't tell anyone that I dated you and you can just forget all about me.
Jul 9, 11:08 PM
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I just finished and I cant say I'm disappointed. The characters and animation are very cute. Although I was very confused starting off due to the fact that the character was isekai'd before episode one began. Setting all of that aside, I don't watch to actually get into it but I enjoyed episode one and definitely will be watching further once released.
Jul 10, 12:28 AM
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Anime makes you feel like you're watching something for kids, nothing that makes you attracted to it, just a waste of time
Join the trash list
Jul 10, 7:38 AM

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old dude got some roid rage at the end
Slice of Life Anime about the everyday life of a German Philosopher: Nietzschijou.
Jul 10, 9:47 AM
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Very underwhelming first EP, and usually a show’s first EP has a lot of effort put into it to get people hooked. Guy just shows up in the isekai world, no backstory, no Truck-kun scene. And his loli assistants are already on duty. It’s like the whole first volume was just skipped LOL. Now on to the plot, wow nothing too exciting here, pretty average and bland.

I’ve see enough. I rarely drop a show after 1 ep but I might here. Or I might give it another week if I feel merciful.
Jul 10, 10:28 AM

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Cute start. I am loving it

Jul 10, 4:53 PM
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I'm waiting now for someone to do Noela's woof compilation on Youtube
Jul 12, 2:30 AM

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It's weird to hear Kazuma's seiyuu voicing character that isn't scum or moron.
Jul 13, 9:53 AM

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for me, the anime is ok at best, but the only reason i'll (probably) keep watching is for Noelle/Noela/Noera(?)
this amount of cuteness should be illegal lol

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Jul 14, 11:21 AM

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And that's how this show begins, being thrown into this series without context. Who needs proper character introductions anyway...

I think I'm going crazy. I could hear wind sounds during the dialogue scenes in the drugstore.

So this is the chill show of the season. It holds up but does not look great at all.

Tea is what the lady needed. She was gonna stab him, and all she needed was tea. Lol.
Jul 15, 3:08 AM
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It's amusing to me how everyone treats Noela like a talking pet. Even the crazy lady who goes ballistic whenever she sees other girls near her bf doesn't mind her.
Jul 15, 4:19 AM
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Ah the Taoshite sequel, oh wait. There's no Slow Life here, fast intro cards, skipping the whole isekai origin to make it irrelevant, rushing disjointed scenes where it feels like a 4-koma short instead of, surprise, LN adaptation.
Still funny tho with Kazuma, Noela adorbs, could turnaround like emt's Kuma.
Jul 15, 5:52 AM

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I like it. found my cute, relaxing, and fluffy slice-of-life anime this season.
Jul 21, 5:29 PM
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Bbqbear said:
They skipped 5 chapters worth of introduction and world-building.

Ahhh, that explains a lot. I was wondering if I accidentally skipped an episode or clicked onto the wrong series; I was not expecting a cold open into an already-isekai'd protagonist with almost no introductions to his secondary characters lmao.

I guess we'll see how this goes, because that's a very risky maneuver... it's like being a third wheel to a group of friends who already know each other very well, but you're just meeting them for the first time, and none of them really introduced themselves.. or something like that lol
Jul 29, 9:37 AM

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I mean, it's not bad, but it's still one of the most disappointing LN adaptations I've seen. So much is skipped, and judging by the characters seen in the OP/ED, a lot more likely will be. Not only that, but based on the content actually shown in the first episode, it feels like it will mostly focus on the silliest parts of the LN, exactly the ones that also drag down my opinion of the otherwise quite nice LN. I hope I'll be proven wrong, but the start at least does not give me much hope for this adaptation...
Jul 31, 4:57 AM
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As soon as i saw this i was sold, without even starting it yet.
I started it yesterday and wow... after the first episode i fell in love with this. This is the type of stuff i love. The characters are great, cute, simple and easy to like. The storys not to hard to understand either. Ive seen people say this is for kids but honestly i dont think it is. The art style is beautiful too.

This is my opinion, dont come for me or anything. I know not everyone is gonna like this anime, everyone has different tastes.

Overall 9/10
I love it <3
Sep 9, 1:09 AM

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So I should say I found out about this light novel/anime/manga when I was working on errr my web novel and was like, "Oh GDI, I need to make sure my story isn't the same as this" because the premise is similar. So I ended up reading a bit of the manga so I could make sure I wasn't copying it... and so now as I watch the anime it feels like some of the content is just a liiittle different perhaps not in a good way either.

They took out a lot of the introduction-- not that the introduction in the manga was all that great either. I'm going to comment as if I never read the first few chapters and say like yo they really should have made more of an introduction. Like who is this guy? How'd he end up in another world? Was his life in the other world better or worse than his life in this other world? Who they heck is our MC? They kinda just threw us into our first potion hijinks to see what the rest of our journey was going to be pretty much. Not that that's bad, but suddenly you kinda realize, "Oh... this is it. This might be all there is to it." If it's not all there is to it, we have no indication as to what else could possibly be coming.

We'll see what they end up emphasizing in this anime. So far it just feels like we're going to get a bunch of potion making hijinks or maybe potion mishaps, but perhaps it's also good to have something else going too? There are only so many hijinks you can think of with potions within the world you create, after all.

It's even worse if this particular potion hijinks didn't resonate. I watch this whole weird girl with knife fiasco happening, see that their solution was just to calm her down, and it's just like... oh... kay...? Like, that sounds like a lot more than needing to calm down and the anime really downplays although they really played it up-- like did you see how much time we spent on the girl freaking out and being creepy/possessive? That's more than just her needing to calm down. It's a comedy, but the fun about comedy is the truth in it. So seeing the solution being just... for her to calm down just really doesn't hit for me at all. I made the same mistake though.

Nonetheless, I'll be continuing to watch.

Enjoy your anime!
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Sep 23, 5:48 AM

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Weird to be thrown in the middle of the story hence why the isekai aspect feels kinda pointless to me but other than that this seems quite cute, funny and overall lighthearted series so far. Seeing Kirio headpatting adorable Noela gives me joy.
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Sep 28, 5:27 AM

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meh shameless harem isekai

Yesterday, 10:35 AM
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This was shit honestly. Tried to be too cute which ironically is kinda nauseating. And it skipped everything regarding the character development and everything seems to be established already before the episode started. Not to mention nothing interesting happened in the episode either. Not even fun slice of life. Well, underwhelming doesn't even begin to describe this.
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