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Jun 29, 10:48 PM

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I personally don't understand the idea of there being the 'worst fandom' to ever exist in the anime sphere. Every fandom has their decent respectable fans and their atrocious fans that shit on every other anime in the name of boosting their beloved show. The ratio of good to bad fans is pretty much similar to every other anime. Since FMAB is one of the most popular shows, we call FMAB the worst fandom because there are more atrocious fans. But when looking at percentage, FMAB would be very similar to any other show's toxic to good fans ratio. So, when I see 'AOT is the worst fandom, I'm happy 'x small anime' is not toxic' or 'FMAB is so toxic compared to x anime.' it is such a false comparison to make. It's like you are comparing apples to oranges. If your x anime was as big as any of the top shounen, I'm sure your fanbase will be called a 'toxic cesspools.'

This is why there is a saying of as x show becomes more popular, the more toxic it will get.

Edit: Do note that I have not watched FMAB or Fruits Basket, so there better not be calling me out for being biased.
Jun 29, 10:56 PM

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All people can't help from being toxic whatsoever. Every fanbases have greediness and disrespectful atittude towards other animes so there's nothing can do about it.
Salute to FMAB. Give hearts to Attack on Titan. Allign the time for Steins;Gate, Love Fruits Basket. Unleash swords to Gintama.
Jun 29, 11:01 PM

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BUT, FMAB and AoT can't be topped. No one even comes close.
Jun 29, 11:06 PM

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Either FMAB and AOT, they love spamming bots.
Jun 29, 11:08 PM

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All fandoms have toxic fans but FmaB and AoT is just too much. CSM fandom will also become toxic and annoying (woof woof memes) once the anime is released.

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Jun 29, 11:11 PM
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30 character limit...........
Jun 29, 11:15 PM

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I'm not the type to compare fandoms or base my interest in an anime off of the behavior of one. But I've experienced toxicity within some of the fandoms I'm a part of, such as Black Clover and Naruto. In the Naruto fandom, there's always arguments between fans of Sakura and fans of Hinata over which one is better. I'm personally not a fan of Sakura. But my reasons for not liking her is simply because I don't like her personality. Not because I think she's useless. But people are always making comparisons over which one accomplished more in comparison to the other which is pretty annoying.

As for the Black Clover fandom, they're very toxic in their hate for certain characters, such as Yuno for instance. I had the outcome of the Zenon vs Golden Dawn fight spoiled for me way before it even got adapted into the anime. Yuno and Golden Dawn haters thought it was funny meming spoilers about the outcome of it.
Jun 29, 11:17 PM
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Shoutout to FMAB fans. My favorite fandom
Jun 29, 11:21 PM

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I know only one fandom that creates thousands of bots to downvote anime and upvote their fav
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Jun 29, 11:21 PM

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Honestly I’ve never seen another anime fandom even come close to the train wreck Hetalia was back in the day. I think the worst Fandom I’ve seen overall is the new voltron fandom but that’s not an anime.
Jun 29, 11:33 PM

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Eden's Zero, FMAB and AoT fandoms are just the worst.
Jun 30, 12:00 AM

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Fruits Basket: The Final dropped fast from first place yesterday...I smell FMAB and AOT downvoters.
Jun 30, 12:08 AM

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Well atleast fmab fans don't send death threats.
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Jun 30, 12:13 AM

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Aot, FMAB, and MHA are the absolute worst for me.
Jun 30, 12:14 AM
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Every high rated show ever I think
For an example rate hxh a 6 or 7 they will get triggered and will probably through shit at you
Jun 30, 12:18 AM
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I don't know whuch fandom is the worst. But im damn sure the jojo fandom is the most wholesome one out there if you remove those fake jojo fans
Jun 30, 12:24 AM
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Honestly the fairy tail, dxd, kakegurui, darling in the franx 20 y old virgins are the worst, fma and aot are bad too tbh.
Jun 30, 12:28 AM

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But still AOT and FMAB fandom can't be topped in terms of toxicity even if its a small group.

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Jun 30, 12:33 AM
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Game of thrones fandom is probably the most toxic
Jun 30, 12:53 AM

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Every fandom in true sense. From Star Wars to Chainsaw Man. Every fandom has toxic takes, yaoi-yuri fetish and the 'deathbattle' rants.
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Jun 30, 1:06 AM

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TLDR: Some people are toxic. It just so happens that they like certain anime.

Anime was it's best 20000 years ago, when cavemen drew art with real depth.
Modern anime is all garbage. I miss great old days of anime.
Jun 30, 1:28 AM

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I agree with you OP.

There are only two answers you're going to get from a question like "which is the worst fandom ever":

A) Every fandom is toxic


I'll go with A but only when you talk negatively about their show. That's the one and only time a fandom goes berserk. If you wanted to, even the calmest fanbases can go to shit.

Take Houseki no Kuni for example. In a hypothetical situation, let's say you slandered the show. Think, how many fans take it personally? A lot I'd imagine. The show isn't as popular as the other "toxic ones" but if it were a mainstream show I guarantee you it would not be a pretty sight to witness.

So the toxicity of the fandom is directly related to popularity. Black Clover was calm back in the day, now look at them. Same can be said about any other popular animanga.

Jun 30, 1:49 AM
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The worst fandom is basically the same people but they not stay in their anime and these people so loud in the comment section, in first place they watch anime because of SAO and insanely Toxic, and moving to AOT and then Tokyo Ghoul and AOT again and MHA And Demon slayer and Jujutsu kaisen and now they ended up in Tokyo Revengers i'm pretty sure they all same guy and in the next season they will ruin the chainsaw man, since they didn't satisfied with record of ragnarok.
Jun 30, 2:07 AM
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Jojo is the worst fandom you clearly haven't experienced how fucking annoying they are.............

Well honestly i agree with you
Jun 30, 2:12 AM

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fmab and aot toxic af. jojo fanbase isn't toxic but annoying
Jun 30, 2:16 AM
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