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Jun 21, 2:16 PM
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We've seen Full Metal Alchemist get redone as FMA: Brotherhood. Fruit Baskets was redone. Maybe it's time to have a redo? There was so many story arcs that weren't done. Let's not forget the wedding.
Jun 21, 2:41 PM

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As much as I love this series I've been told that the ending's trash (I haven't read it yet so there's a chance the bastards lied to me) so maybe it's better this way.
If they ever decide to reboot or remake the series I would like them to bring the original voice cast back because these guys were awesome.
Jun 21, 2:43 PM
Joined: May 2019
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Can't disagree with the VAs. I will say the ending was not as strong as when the manga started, but I would still like to see it animated.