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May 20, 1:10 PM
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I always see people say that this art style is much better than that of dbs. I think that it's good but not great because for example Goku sometimes looks like he has no muscles anymore (Scene on the mountain with Piccolo Vegeta and Goku). I just like the more detailed style that's also I why prefer Takahashi over shintani.
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May 20, 1:18 PM
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if you care about sakuga or well animated scenes then yes it is that good because the simple character design means its animation friendly or the animators can draw it easily
May 20, 1:22 PM

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Art style is subjective but I personally prefer the broly movie look to the DBS look.
It's the first time I liked a digital dragon ball anime's character designs as much as I liked the old cel era designs.
May 20, 1:27 PM
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If comparing dbs and the movie then I think the movie is much better in terms of art
May 20, 1:39 PM
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Posts: 23 thats the scene I mean
May 20, 1:41 PM

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Well we all like different stuff but I found the broly art to look super clean and visually pleasing to look at from the very start all the way to the very end. For that alone, I would say that I liked the broly.
I love One Piece and Gintama
May 20, 1:43 PM
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Better than shiny rigid hair if anything.
May 20, 2:02 PM
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thats a Naoki Tate sakuga scene/cut if im right he is not known as animator that is good at details


ye its Naoki Tate alright here is the whole scene
May 20, 2:06 PM

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There were only very places where Super looked good, and they were pretty exclusively from the Tournament of Power.

The art in the Broly movie is way better (also obviously because it's a movie made for the big screen and not a long-running weekly show). The lack of big muscles on the characters is something started in Dragon Ball Super, lol. If anything blame that, not the movie that came afterwards. Big muscles in anime aren't in anymore, so you'll hardly see them anywhere in modern anime (or at least not on the main cast).
May 20, 2:17 PM

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Yeah I loved the different look for it, definitely better than in the show.
May 20, 2:24 PM

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That’s not exactly the main reason.
But everyone has muscles and looks the same. In the manga.
It’s just Toei and their dumb decisions for Super to make everything more cartoonish and no blood and stuff. That’s not the movie’s fault per se.
The art style in DBS is fine, there’s nothing wrong with it but Broly movie decided the OG for very specific reasons:
1-) Nostalgic: It’s the one everyone loves.
2-) Real reason: Minimalistic; Less detail design in order to abuse the budget for fluent animation.
That’s basically why nobody complains about the movie.
Nothing is static, everything flows more natural and organic.
Sure, DBS visually is much more appealing but aside from the Tournament of Power animation is lackluster.
May 20, 4:03 PM
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I love the artstyle!!!!! It’s much more authentic to the early dragon ball z art style that I love as well!!! I love the big eyes and the bouncy hair, and the vibrant, yet satisfying color scheme.
May 21, 6:34 AM
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I like the movie's art more because it's just kinda good to look at you know
Jun 12, 4:38 AM
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wait this thing had an artstyle? here i was thinking it was just disgusting cg trash